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Epcot from around in a whirlwind tour of the First whole Future area and world area because it was the first tourist、It's enjoyed the attraction、Is bad blog to unity that it is it。I might try to introduce one by one from the attraction of the First Future area that。

Although supplement、The method I'll do each attraction from around the whole since the arrival in the evening was considerably better。Because、That it is not necessary to line up enough to slow down if late(Lol)Practical、We did not line up at all other than "test track" and the popular attraction "Soarin"。

To introduce in this article are four of "Spaceship Earth," "project Tomorrow", "Universe of Energy," "mouse gear (shop)"!

So the first. Spaceship Earth! !


Spaceship Earth (Spaceship Earth)

This golf ball look into the entrance attraction Tteyuu "Spaceship Earth"。

Flower beds in that before。”Thank you for celebration with us!”Apart from their own、I do not celebrate 😆

I tried to come in front。It is understood that is an aggregate of the unevenness of the triangle and well look good。

Crowd of people even before fountain。After all, it's the golf ball shooting point。

Just monorail was running。It will go to the Magic Kingdom in this monorail。Fare is also free。

There ordinary lane and fast-path-only lane to attraction。Fastpass You can get also from the app、You can also ticketing kiosk in the Disney World。Since most prior to the survey did not have enough、What attraction does not ticketing because you did not even know the popular。I wonder if salvation was not crowded so much because it was Monday? so、It is Soarin and test tracks for the better which had been absolute discovered in this fast-path。

and、I wonder if time riding on the attraction was around 19 o'clock? It exudes a good atmosphere just sphere is steeped in sunset。

Rude have blurred a little image。Congestion of the time this is a visit I actually attraction。Yes、When I Toka zero-latency Did 😮 Monday 18 o'clock we have become possible over a stretch a total of whirlwind because almost no line up over

Internal to the invasion success! Funny picture has been drawn something。Is it the future of image。

Once again shake to have examples。Attraction start riding for such a truck like a。The present invention is not limited to this attraction、It does not somehow from being asked me "What people?" Towards the staff? ? Thats can be seen Nante alone! ! 🙁

It helped ...... Since the mid-do Guggu 😕 rolled another shake dark


It as the content is the attraction that over the near future of science laboratories while riding from is moving scientists mannequin is something in the truck (?)。

Me fortune of his own in the future based on the last input information。By the way, Japanese correspondence。

so、...... After you have found the future of their own”Welcome to your Future”Well、Without even especially physical strength ThatLookLikeThis、It is round and round over attraction aboard the truck。Elderly-friendly too!

Now、Of the next attraction to introduce。


Project Tomorrow (Project Tomorrow)

I mean the next attraction ...... Spaceship earth and building More。I I've been connected to the project Tomorrow it is the exit of the Spaceship Earth。

In a little dim。

Nde simple the game like a has been placed in strategic locations、I enjoyed the game lovers。I want around all、Tearfully through because there is no spare time playing this time 😥

A basis what has been a projection on the floor went stepped foot earn score guy。

And quite widely、Since the game is also a lot may enjoy over if the time spend in one day Epcot tourism。Venerable next to the attraction!


Universe of Energy (Universe of Energy)

Entrance is good brackets。The duration is up good is better to have a margin to in some of that 45-minute time of attraction。Well wonder what the such?

Indeed object Tteyuu near future。

Guided to the hall Once inside。What is starting well Wakaran。Although there were some people sitting on the wall of the chair。


Program began to flow on the screen and are waiting for a while。I think inaudible little if there is no confidence in English because quite twisters that。Briefly、Tteyuu modern people suddenly to time slip to the dinosaur era。

When the earlier of the program is completed、Is instructed to sit in the seat is guided in another hall。The hall itself is has become want to see gondola、Concept explore the dinosaur era。Since frequently English of the announcement to enter、Also still wonder if not enjoy English force unless。

45Since such a minute attraction、It might be better to give priority to there if there are things you want to look around to the other。I It is a lot to the other if the system of attraction around in gondola。Now、The end of this article will Shimekukuro in the shop!


Mouse gear (Mouse Gear)

Mouse Gear。Although it is indescribably good named、Although just a shop 🙂 because Disney official shop types are often higher you also price。And、The store is wide! Price is also high! (Second time)

Unlike Tokyo Disneyland it thinks a thing is not so much as to be aligned in the shop。Basically, because Florida's Disney World Keru rose also customers in its own way because the scale is big。

The Tteyuu such theme parks shops、Guests Toka I often purchased as memories of theme parks than the goods themselves。So、Such as memorable、Such as to leave a good memories、It seems to run in the concept, such as to want to visit again


Also continued Future area next time!

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