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Continued Future area in the last。This time mission space (Mission Space)、Test track (Test Track)、Imagination (Imagination!)What。It would be especially better to set aside a fast path because the test track is a popular attraction among this。

Mission space (Mission Space)

And from the universe of Energy will walk towards a little bit of the back you will find a red sphere。Here is the mission space。You will see immediately because it is cool objects。

Front arrival。Appearance that the image of the solar system。Red one is the sun of the middle、Left Earth、Right it would place such as Mars。Is the attraction that journey aboard the spacecraft from Earth to Mars。

Or the relationship of this time time zone and day of the week (I heard on Monday)、It seems I did not line up at all usually there is a reasonable waiting time。So、If you do not want to waste the time it's a good idea to get the fast path。

It has become to be able to actually feel the gravity in this attraction。Please also peace of mind towards me "when told gravity motion sickness is ......"。Since here the attraction there is a green course and orange course、Settle for by selecting a relatively green course that gravity is not applied If you are anxious to get drunk。

It will be arranged in a separate lane because the entrance is different in the green course and orange juice。

Structure in the near future。Now、I wonder if you go to the Orange course so much trouble that。It seems generally towards the orange course popular。

To the back to the back in accordance with the induction。

I do not actually wear but there is a space suit。It is the director。

From here we will walk in Rashiki spacecraft made in four one set。It should be noted、3 people other than I like was all acquaintances。Softening mood hub was 😥

Spacecraft to the cockpit。World of completely SF。

Here is the cockpit。You steer the spacecraft and press the lever or button。Now、Here, the camera will not take unfortunately because it was instructed to put the foot luggage for safety。Purely enjoy the attraction!

Contents fly to Mars over the month in this spacecraft from Earth。It went sew interval of Toka Toka mountain rock on Mars、We got to arrive at the space station on Mars、Somehow safe I'm going to be likely to fall from the cliff become gudaguda landing to fail、Keep only very description was Zakkuri I。later、Please try to visit for yourself!

By the way lever Toka button is probably only put out atmosphere、Also free unlikely those that can be safely landing if successful maneuver。Last atmosphere。

When the attraction is finished to such a dark passage。Focus is blurred ......

I Common Future area is there this kind of game。It also common for there is a shop after leaving this area。Business good! !

Keep tentatively be put night view! Properly very likely to take a good picture if the shooting bring tripod!

Now、Next is to test track。

Test track (Test Track)

Right next to the test track of the mission space。This attraction is very popular attraction、Perhaps popular second place in the Future area。When the World area think that it is not in the attraction main、And enter or within the top three in the Epcot。

Fast path and the general lane is divided at the time of entry。I lot of people is more of something fast path?

Exhibition of Chevrolet vehicles Once inside the building。There is only entitled test track、Those on even car attraction。Well what kind of attraction of the Yara fun fun 😆

Proceed this kind of passage。No it is surprisingly crowded?

No was Pokemon GET from ...... helped with palm Chimai caught the speed sweet was ...... matrix to launch Pokemon Go。Thats can boast Nante Pokémon caught in Epcot? Actually was Epcot production Pikachu GET!

Ah、But I forgot to say until now、In Disney World will lead anywhere Wi-Fi。Watch out because there is also a connection difficult location by location to say the。

Whew、Finally have their own turn came around。Kana waited about roughly 20 minutes? Big deal would not compared with But Well Tokyo Disneyland if this much。It mon there Toka 2 hours waiting Toka 3 hours waiting that's Tokyo Disneyland。

When、It describes soon Here, the test track。

Attraction Tteyuu this test track was very interesting。Basically, I attraction in Epcot with each other in the various exhibition in the building it's what is often progresses slowly in the、This test track only has become the attraction you feel in the skin like a roller coaster of the amusement park。

Riding on the set-customized your own car、The concept of actually ran ascertain whether the out performance of the expected。At first, I've got to or drift in the building、Final test only going to jump out from the building。

Jumping out exits the door of the building and final test starts。Caution people suffering Toka hat because at once jump out like a roller coaster。Over this time period was clean by the time the sky is dyed red。Whether this attraction is not be removed absolutely。I would recommend!

You can see the Chevrolet exhibition of when the attraction is finished。It sponsors of here What a Chevrolet。There was no the other manufacturers。

Upon exiting to the outside exhibition of car wash (?)。Its name is COOL WASH!!

Finally, the night view。Since had quite crowded even Monday evening it seems that holiday lined daytime Toka equivalent。This all means recommend the acquisition of the fast path。

imagination! (Imagination!)

The following is Imagination。Pyramid it appear from the test track after crossing the main street。

Here is the entrance。Let's enter in!

More and more go to the back because nobody lined。

Attraction over the inside of the building to ride in such a go-kart。The contents of this attraction is the Dragon of character and scientists us variously describes the science。It might be pretty tough when the English do not know。But the Dragon and Dr. entanglement is fun just watching because、Be that a popular attraction, especially small children。

Now get off from the cart to the area that Imageworks。

Future area familiar game corner。And finally ends in shop。

Such atmosphere at night。

Pyramid and the fountain exudes a good atmosphere!


Next time finally be Future area last。It will be the introduction of the popular attraction "Soarin"。


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