~ To Numazu tourism - Jodo Raikoji

From the last gun fulfillment Council to Raikoji。Raikoji Numazu City against gun fulfillment Council Izunokuni。About 7km in the distance When you look at the car navigation system。And the crosses mountains through the middle of Nagaoka Onsen。

The entire route。

Destination enlargement because it was a little hard to understand! Raikoji looks exactly per the back side of Shogetsu。Previously it introduced the positional relationship between the Yasudaya inn。Destination of the temple is there on the slopes。

You'll never get lost since the previous follow the road map as come with a sign written me "Raikoji" look。Here is not a parking lot in the direction of the arrow remains of the car。

It will advance the narrow streets of like this。

A little rise and parking。Perhaps a little more climb Because this is for 氣多 shrine。

We arrived at the branch。Parking is left、Raikoji the right。Place the car this branch to the right。

What Chala hiking trails。Advance this further narrow road。

Awashima Anna far! Scenery is good in what mind。

For? Temple gate I saw。Here is gonna be the destination Raikoji?

Still dubious, because there is no tag。Here it is really wonder of Raikoji。Bow to the precincts in front of the temple gate。

Cozy and temple's。Considerable scale is smaller than the gun fulfillment Institute。

Light Mountain。If you think ...... or not it here、The official name of this temple is that of a "light irradiation mountain Mamorunen'in Raikoji"。Ah ~、Mitsuteruyama Do and the mountain。It should be noted、This is like a temple of the Jodo sect。

that? Offertory key was suffering also because there is no trying to open I think I wonder if in the back of the door。Mystery temple。The time being hands in prayer together both hands。Namuamidabutsu。

To after the main shrine with at Son。

Here 's a priest's house。It was bowed since it was issued a little face。

This is kana cemetery。

Overlooking the view point to Uchiura! Awashima and Mount Fuji of collaboration!

Zen meditation image。After all, there was no offertory。5 yen Naa to have been prepared ball 😥

It is it is the length Izaki of protruding from the left to the Suruga Bay。It looks a long Izaki junior high school also Chan from here。

Jizo。Bell next to it。

Well neither does it do you return soon。

Apparently this landscape animation、It seems to have been depicted in Love live Sunshine。That's pretty high places。

Yasudaya inn If all goes to the left as it is straight saying。But we are facing in the parking lot。

It also looked Mount Fuji from here but I did not notice a while ago。It is good to weather comes to good day!


Temples around the end in this。Next time TBD!

Numazu tourism - Izu-Nagaoka Station and gun fulfillment Council -

To a little country since continued to overseas posts。I'm writing I Numazu tourism in the title Izunagaoka but is not a Numazu because Izunokuni。

Since the unending people who come to Numazu in response to the fact that the second season of Love live Sunshine has started、Try to go around the stage for myself work。Separately from this time to 2 times、Want towards the home of the popular character Kunikida Hanamaru of Love live Sunshine。

Once around want two places in the fact that a variety of so consideration had been rife gun fulfillment Temple and Raikoji is rich on the Internet。

This time of the start Izu-Nagaoka Station。So from cancer fulfillment temple near Izu-Nagaoka Station。It is to Izu-Nagaoka Station and transfer to Izuhakone Railway from Mishima 8 station th。Get off at the next station of Nirayama。

The appearance of the Izu-Nagaoka Station。People who have taken the ...... station building which is steeped in Love live than the Numazu Station if you look only station building there were many。

Also waiting bus of Love live Sunshine Paint。Will to move in front of the station and time to become。

We tried wraps around to the front。I think the paint is different is that than the one running the Numazu。

Now、Straight out of the Izu-Nagaoka Station、Turn right which is the beginning of the main street Shimoda Road。Here along the road about 1.5km。

That the return will go straight to where you turn left at the d spot that appears to 🙁 that left had a little too far。

It will not be originally go too far because the sign of Cancer fulfillment Institute has come out。Except、Although I do is narrow road。

OK visited by car because there is a parking lot

Cancer fulfillment Council mark is next to the parking lot。Also Azuma mirror it was built in the Kamakura era in the venerable temple of the more there is a description, but will be burned down by the era of Hōjō Sōun、It seems then Hojo ShiSada in the Edo era that was reconstructed current gun fulfillment Institute。This is now trace the children playground。

Entrance。Let's enter into the。

In the temple of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism、And the mountain of I tower kun mountain, which is written in the tag is。Omid looks towards the back。

A lot of slate is immediately to the left and entered in the。As the world humanity will be peace。

6 preciousness of Buddha statue。To the left seems to be the tomb of Tokimasa Hojo but let's visit after the main hall。

There was something at the feet of Buddha。Dharma? For what……

The other to be taken because it was interesting because many of was equipped with 😆

Stone statue imitating a person is on the right side。

Statue of Kobo Daishi。A little out of focus

Similar Dharma and earlier also at the feet of Kobo Daishi。

zoom! ! ! ! ! I do different is often seen when the whole face。Manually Kana。

We arrived at Omid。

Tada like incense is。Depression offertory put on the left side of the wooden box in which incense is on。Of course yacht devoted single incense。

Ah、The one a little while ago of the Dharma had been sold here。It seems Tteyuu fortune Dharma。I guess ready for the favorite location of the precincts to buy it here。

There it seems the work of Unkei is what national treasure is in Omid。There is need to pay the admission fee。Since the shooting ban not be put unfortunately on the blog。Kana was certainly one adult 500 yen。That's organization 100 yen discount。

The beginning of the branch toward the inlet to the right。

Here seems the main hall in cancer fulfillment Institute。Ah、So what just now was the name I Omid。Omid is a relatively new thing in the pattern which was built in 1955。I wonder if transferred the image of the Unkei from the main temple at that time。

Space extending in front of the main hall。Somehow lonely without anything。

What a dry landscape。It's what is says、I wonder if scale is small and still compared to those of the Temple of the Peaceful Dragon。

Tomb of Ashikagachachamaru the strikes and advance the path next to the right in the main hall at the back (Chacha round)。The I this Ashikagachachamaru is、It is the second son of the Muromachi Shogunate 6 Shogun Yoshinori Ashikaga (Yoshinori) children of Masatomo Ashikaga (Masatomo)。Like have been suicide is cornered by Hōjō Sōun。It should also wrote how to read just in case so many difficult reading I Ashikaga house!

Image that mimics the people to grave of Ashikagachachamaru dono。


Great number of images so as to surround the tower on top of the stairs。

Ah、Kokkara the general cemetery。Off-limits because it is not a party。

Fatsia Japonica found next to the main hall!

I This is the real。

Since the toilet features do not worry。Ah、Out-of-focus ......

Now、You across the street and through the front of the main hall to Tokimasa Hojo of grave。Bell there as I say always in temple。Bell of New Year 's Eve。By the way, you can play the general public also freely。N your ーーー!

Tokimasa Hojo tomb of。In deeper and is Masako Hojo father of Minamoto no Yoritomo、It is more famous as the Kamakura shogunate founder ruling。Would not those who do not know this person and I'm studying Japanese history。Whether there has been a grave in a place like this。It was played by Nenji Kobayashi is a drama Yoshitsune。

By changing the little angle。Grave markers next to。

Zoom the grave。Was Kke seen the crest of the Hojo family。

Stele。Hey not read too little Tappitsu。It is understood to me something about the Tokimasa。

Well do you want to after the grave of Tokimasa's。

When you go home from the gun fulfillment Institute、I decided to go because Torii looked toward the back。

Moriyama Hachiman。I never heard、Something spectacular image and hear me Hachiman。

Yoritomo raising an army monument of。I wonder even more in front of the war than the battle of Fujikawa。You mean the、This Hachiman Shrine is that enshrined the Yoritomo?

It seems handrail has been dedicated to climb easily in 1978。

This is the main shrine? A little lonely softening。Offertory boxes lonely。

go home、Discover the stairs towards the back I thought I。This is Nagewa。

Stairs of the number of stages roughly 160。Taken climb!

Koch also Hachiman。I wonder if here is the main hall?

Lonely in the description is something handwriting。

Garden also lonely ......

Yokumi Tara Shoji is it vacant one place。Let Nozoko the middle。

Well。I did not even mean there is nothing apart from。I guess had been moved your Buddha somewhere。

Hose storage box。Please be guessed、It's such that mean there is nothing to take。

Because it was higher visible only thinks and trees whether Sazoya good landscape can be seen ......

Do you get off because no ginger。Even so, it is amazing the number of stages。I met the people who come to climb when you go down。Naa above this person would do fall know the facts I An'nani lonely。

We arrived at the gun fulfillment Council Horizontal。Hose storage box ver2。Contact、Approaching someone on a bicycle from across the street? !

Oversized stuffed Pooh bear! ! If you take a look to match a picture of the beginning of the gun fulfillment Institute marks、Girl and dress that was playing in the way of the back was the same。Will I went back to the house to pick up the stuffed animal in the middle that we are admission。


The time being gun fulfillment Institute is the end of it。Very happy and can kill time than expected。Next let's facing towards the Mizuno。Home of the favorite of the following Kunikida Hanamaru、It is Raikoji。

Numazu tourism - Izunokuni World Heritage Nirayama reflection furnace -

Long-awaited、It may stop by the Nirayama reflection furnace If it has come to Izunokuni。Thus is the world's heritage that represents Japan。

Location is about 2km from the Izu-Nagaoka Station。1 an hour also has come out bath, but the day only。Also It is a distance that can be walked as missed the bus、There is a car if Free Parking。

Bus stop here is matter of。As it can be seen if you look at the timetable、101 an hour is the number at up to o'clock time table to 15。Again I wonder if demand is low because those who visit in the automotive and sightseeing tours is the main?

This is a taxi stand。850 yen from Izu-Nagaoka Station fee is approximate、Mishima Station from the north exit yen 3,890。Contact、Toll-free exerted from a mobile phone is convenient -。Number of persons to be cheaper than the bus get together、Maybe after all the demand of the bus is subtle。Richman, please come from Mishima Station!

Welcome to the Shizuoka Prefecture! Welcome to the reflection furnace!

Here is the free parking Nirayama reflection furnace。As the distance from the reflecting furnace visit。It is very close。Also stop here towards the bike。

The person who came by bicycle is parked in here hanger。Nirayama walk to the reflection furnace、bicycle、Auto bike、Automobile、bus、It is that I can be accessed by taxi。

Hmm、what's this? Nirayama reflection furnace Guidance Center。At least two years ago it was like this for no。Over which we have built building from the lucrative! It will made with something like glue?

Admission 500 yen! ! Feel like it was free nowadays Wow great value up is ...... By the way, I visited the elementary school。Then up value to 100 yen、300It becomes a circle、2It seems to have ended up with 500 yen in the previous year。Who never came yet Nirayama reflection furnace Hurry! We are going up more and more value!

It should be noted、It seems common set ticket deals with Egawa House。Nirayama reflection furnace and a Egawa House buy tickets separately and each 500 yen。That is gonna be 300 yen deals because it set ticket's and 700 yen。There is a distance of about 3.3km from the reflection furnace in this Egawa of I Mansion and locations inhabited I Tarozaemon Egawa English dragon related to the construction of Nirayama reflection furnace。

Contact、Bicycle pit。Consideration to those who visit by bicycle

Apparently like this guidance what Chara has become the entrance to the Nirayama reflection furnace。Here Toka to purchase tickets。Sedge、There Nante automatic ticket vending machines。Although previously it was purchased from the uncle of the ticket office。

There is also a break space。There is also a toilet。There are exhibitions and video space in the entrance gate、It is that we are the hotel's corner to learn the history of the Nirayama reflection furnace。

Well、Hut an old admission ticket sales office and the entrance of this brown。It is you closed now。Please carefully sign that you can not enter from here。

In addition to running through Wi-Fi。It is English correspondence。I'll convenient for foreign guests。

Number of visitors amazing。I'm more at a stretch visitor becomes a World Heritage Site。2Impossible now it was can also look through the middle because until a year ago was Chikayore close to the fence。Please, pay the entrance fee if you want the reflection furnace tour and firmly! Now、If a little description of this facility here at。

Nirayama reflection furnace which is designated as "Japan's industrial revolution heritage group Meiji"。Are classified in Category I World Cultural Heritage。Since much Tteyuu heritage group configuration heritage is more than 20。One of which is why I this reflection furnace。Named reflection furnace is derived from the way of the melting of iron。To reflect heat to a portion of the ceiling of the dome iron concentrates one point by a mechanism that melted。It is what was often considered。

Because much Tteyuu Industrial Revolution heritage group they have become the aggregate、Be classified in more detail "iron and steel", "shipbuilding", "coal industry"。Since the reflection furnace is a melting furnace of iron cannon、Classification to the famous Yawata Works is also the same category "iron and steel"。It should be noted、Ebisu months nose shipyard trace of Hagi in "shipbuilding"、Be mentioned as such Hashima coal mine is an example, which is known by the nickname of the Nagasaki warship Island in the "coal"。

Now、The following is across the bridge to the reflection furnace product building。The so-called souvenir shop。

For? Statue discovery of the strange uncle!

The pedestal is written I Egawa 担庵。Yes、Is that of Tarozaemon Egawa British Dragon。Here Nirayama so some people call me "Mr. Tannan"。Shooting point that the reflection furnace can be to shoot Tannan's in the background。


Among the product exhibition。Well is an ordinary souvenir shop。

The amount of whats 😆 Even so amazing spent bowl because there was a tasting of tea。It means the more often people。

Beer garden, which is the hotel to product building。I wonder if not many people to drink from the daytime? It's a beer garden seems difficult for me because it is likely to tourists and private cars is the main come here。Mau become a drunk driving 😥

Reverberatory furnace Biya! ! ! It seems going to make local brands。

Skewers of deer meat。Thats rare meat ......

Next to the big favorite observation deck!

Go to the right side of this reflection furnace Biya。And the tea-picking challenge packed thanks!

Smoking area。Let 's Sucking here tobacco。


After 150m。It seems advanced 50m since the first billboard was 200m

Advertising of tea-picking experience。Outfits with souvenirs。

This is the entrance of the I tea-picking。It is is impossible participation because it is packed thanks today。

Mars has been gradually approaching the observatory

Lookout is look in the upper right。A little after! Tea plantation're spread in front of the eyes is。

Innovation by tea is useless it is picking

A description of the tea knob。Nikki knob only there at the bright yellow-green is has become a sprout。I'm leaving a dark green part dull little to screen middle et al strange。Just like being picked around here of tea。

What bean paste restaurant in such a place。Yes Moreover lunch。

Arrive at the Lookout! Uncle or Mister、Is Mount Fuji photographed by the camera。

Superb view points that can be reflected furnace and a shooting Mount Fuji

Pretty high! About 200m from where the bus that appears to that under。And Mount Fuji far beyond the reflection furnace!

Taken to expand the reflection furnace。I kid I thought that there is quite a height、Kke was so small When I become now? I would think。Of as much as much as the private house of the three-story ne height softening。Even fellow that toured the that reflection furnace、Mai Nikki expect to have been taken photos with telephoto No way from far away。

Click here to tea knob experience who is。I'm a thing of this looking I cosplay was written a while ago。And this guys also Mai No way I think is that their have been taken 😮

Tea plantation is has spread behind the observatory。Family was here and there playing contained in the。

Here is the roof cultivation。It's grown in various cultivation methods

Family to wait at the taxi stand when I toward the parking lot and after the observatory。In just as the taxi came。that? Do not amusing is in the softening taxi?

Oh ...... rainy day Love live Sunshine wrapping taxi。There seems to be hit in this car and ask a taxi between Apparently Nirayama reflection furnace-Izu-Nagaoka Station。


This is in Nirayama reflection furnace tourism end!

- to London sightseeing - midnight of central London

Finally Now in this is also midnight in London。This time, Piccadilly Circus、Leicester Square、Trafalgar Square、Once run through the famous tourist destination of Covent Garden and London!

Start point is Buckingham Palace before the article last。From there through the The Mall Regent Street St James Street (Regent Street Saint James's Street) Piccadilly Circus via、Leicester Square、Trafalgar Square、And finally directed to the Covent Garden Route。

The Mall Turn left some in the place where went up to the top Edward VII Memorial Statue (Edward VII Memorial Statue)。Born in Buckingham Palace、It died at Buckingham Palace、House of Windsor of the former king, which was buried in Windsor Castle。Straight on this street。

Suddenly bright lights come an increasing number of cars has been illuminated。so、This is the entrance of Piccadilly Circus is London's largest open space!

Anyway London bus there were many。Congestion congestion congestion ...... photo to these midnight we have taken at the timing at which the car is low。

I guess is the preparation of the Christmas illuminations? Another London is Christmas mode。I wish a still November。

The Lion King! It's lead to Oxford Circus and proceed along the Regent Street、Nde this time toward the opposite direction Leicester Square。

The middle of a souvenir shop towards the Leicester Square (Souvenir Shop)。Already Christmas mode。

Piccadilly Circus from Leicester Square side。

The Book of Mormon. Do not why I thought matrix to bookstore is a ......。Musical This was the Book of Mormon and the subject。By scriptures of the Mormon Church and the Book of Mormon、I wonder if the image I a little religion tic musical。

It has close to Leicester Square。I Piccadilly Circus car was bustling、Here it is bustling with people。

London Chinatown is on the north side of Leicester Square。Because not still delicious I British If you want to eat in the safe is to Chinatown。

m&m’s World. Cause I thought to come to the smell of chocolate was Colle。Design that stands out in colorful。

None tasting unfortunately。m during the&Fun just looking at because the m goods are sold 😮

Lego Shop。m&Right in front of the m。Be that had been closed because the entrance was closed。m&m is midnight:00It is here against're open until 22:00It seems to。I wish still many people。

Leicester Square finally arrived。Is that of the square of the square of I Square。By the way, circular Square、Called me Piccadilly Circus Toka Oxford Circus only want Circus。

Christmas Market Once you do that and thought something event things。It seems Hilton organizers。This is also from the like in the outside they've done already only enjoy the Illumination。

Even so, there are many people though it is night。It's everyone is enjoying London。

Let's across the street from it helped towards Leicester Square Station。

Casino will spread around Leicester Square。that? I wonder if the old days there was so many casino?

casino、casino、casino。In particular, the Hippodrome (HIPPODROME CASINO) is famous as the largest casino UK。Since the casino of course open 24 hours a day。However, even the more than 21-year-old has limited the admission Allowed。Even so, there are many people。It has also fallen a little rain。

Quickly arrived at the Leicester Square station。It's 1 station in Piccadilly line from Piccadilly Circus Station、We arrived immediately because the scenery is fun。

Shall we head to Trafalgar Square and south of the Charing Cross Road (Charing Cross Rd) and south from here。

We arrived at the National Gallery。A large scale at the National Museum of Art。Also、The entrance is hard to understand a little but there is also the me this back in the National Portrait Gallery。The I portrait is that of a portrait、Socci it has become a Fine portrait only。

Trafalgar Square is spread in front of the National Gallery。Those made to pray for victory of the Battle of Trafalgar。The past, there is also that William IV was a navy born、It seems to have called me William IV Square。Daytime but few people because the night attracts so many people。Because it was the first time came at night、Naa silence full of sense of Trafalgar Square is also a quaint。

The famous Trafalgar Square wonder if this lion image? So as to surround the Nelson's pillar is located four animals。When Why say whether Lion、Toka because the symbol of the British Empire at the time was a lion。

Soon arrived at the Covent Garden and north again from Trafalgar Square。Already Christmas mood here too。

During the day, it spreads stalls full as I have not come out already shop。by the way、It is here that Sara was going to shopping in the famous World Masterpiece Theater "Princess Sarah"。

Let's take a little entered because as placed in。

Covent Garden was deserted that what(Lol)Handmade antiques and the Apple market that the ornaments are opened。It was a valuable experience because I think that it is not seen medium-s is the density of the small apple market so far 😀

Also I wonder if you have closed restaurants? We're reducing the people at night compared to the Leicester Square。

Indeed Where to go from here does not go。I was wanted to see also the British Museum of the night to security also evil likely this time will return from here to Heathrow Airport。


Now、London tourism in this is the end。The following are either Germany or Russia。Sure you either?

Pickpocket in London of London tourist-night (fraud?) To tangle the story -

Is also slow is night、Shall we go to the London Eye from here Tower of London。Exactly, but it was a metro and bus stop recommended the bus than the subway。

It's this route、Nor such a distance from the Tower of London to the London Eye walked because it is a single by bus。From the Tower of London and took us from the bus stop in the neighborhood at the end of the previous article to the London Eye without a transfer if ride a bus to Covent Garden flights Tteyuu RV1。Ah、London city bus is mandatory Oyster Card。Beware that you can not buy tickets in cash。

It should put photos in just in case。There is a bus stop on the other side of the metro station。RV1 is not in London bus of the double-decker ordinary bus。The getting-off station”Royal Festival Hall”Or”London Eye”。Whether there is no possibility that wrong in the big get off so I think Ferris wheel is visible location Although the。

30Minute as swinging is to arrive at the Royal Festival Hall。I see the London Eye on the other side。

Toward the River Thames。11Soon wonder if time has also started preparing for Christmas illuminations I'm a month。

Softening Kke seen strange statue 😀

Around here there are many pedestrian traffic in spite of the night。Truly the heart of London!

Lined with small stalls。It souvenir shop。

Well Would you cross the bridge。Royal Festival Hall Square looked down from the top。

Illumination is beautiful Ya ne

Hanger field Bridge。That it from this side is obstructed by the railway bridge to sneak on the opposite side because the London Eye and Big Ben that Elizabeth tower is not visible beautiful。

Here is the London Eye side hanger field Bridge。London Eye and Big Ben looks!

It is a beautiful night view。Photographers brought tripod to around here has had encamped some。It is a shooting point。

Get off the bridge to end Burke instrument Station。Sir Joseph Bazalgette Memorial photograph which is just under the bridge (Joseph Bazarugetto Monument)。A great one who this person is, which is also called the father of the London sewer、London city, which has been plagued by bad odor and cholera at the time sewer、Toka was solved by enhance the sewer network。

so、It was entangled in here with a funny 😐

Strange old man when I walk the road was stopped by suddenly Police when I was corresponding to that come over voice like a "Where are you from?" Or "You came what was to?"><

Because was told, "Show me your passport?" After being showed police notebook、It passed with next to the old man。It is returned, respectively after flipping through fluent contents。The following words as "to have much cash?"。

No no no、Probably Obviously funny。I passport does not come anyway heard usually Nante or have much cash(Lol)

But、Released next to the old man are you showed a lot of pounds bill。And the next is my turn。At this time, really cash was persistently "There is no money," Nde did not carry。Soshitara because it was said that "I did what came not have cash?" Answering to the "in I can cash in the credit card."。"Neither because And then was asked," Do not even dollar or Japanese yen, if not pounds? "。Cash is a principle that does not have "the answer。Was comeback with all NO but then came a strange question。10Finally released long after the minute。What Kore。

I guess it was probably two sets of pickpocket of the old man and the fake police that have been multiplied by the voice at the beginning。Police notebook also been show to Wakaran those of the United Kingdom Nante whether genuine、I was not good was handed a passport to the beginning。It was out If you have been running away over there was only interested in Fortunately cash。Around midnight of the middle of the night certainly time。It does not good security even in such a center the city is 🙁

Tourism start again to waste such a such a time。Will you down to the River Thames。

As soon as Big Ben appeared! Imposing impressed with the Do's great people who work the ground again at such a car as often。

UK Parliament from Westminster Bridge。I landscape often seen in photos。It's landscape very become picture、The people are careful to visit because around here the security is not Regards。

The opposite side of London symbol "London Eye"。Sparkling blue bridge hanger field bridge one looks beyond。We see that there is a reasonable distance from the hanger field Bridge to Westminster Bridge。Ah、The other side of the hanger field Bridge I was was Waterloo Bridge wonder if hard to understand and hear me ...... Waterloo that I forgot to take photos。It is familiar deeper pronunciation I Waterloo in history?

Midnight of Parliament Square。In the opposite Mars ...... from here to Buckingham Palace、The middle of the road heading to Buckingham Palace was Tsu very afraid at the shortest distance from here。I was even more anxiety also a pitch-dark in that the car has been entangled in the strange little while ago ......'m not running at all

Pedestrian traffic was also seen approached I found the lights along the car as nothing to do Horse Guards Road also (Horse Guards Rd)。This thing called Guards Division War Memorial。That honor guard who fought in the First World War and the Second World War。This production costs seems to £ 22,000。Surprisingly it was cheap?

Midnight of Buckingham Palace and then turn left to go straight strikes to The Mall。The car Okere etc. person is zero(Lol)During the day and let's say Well good because taste a different atmosphere。

Next time you head to Piccadilly Circus!