Numazu tourism - Izu-Nagaoka Station and gun fulfillment Council -

To a little country since continued to overseas posts。I'm writing I Numazu tourism in the title Izunagaoka but is not a Numazu because Izunokuni。

Since the unending people who come to Numazu in response to the fact that the second season of Love live Sunshine has started、Try to go around the stage for myself work。Separately from this time to 2 times、Want towards the home of the popular character Kunikida Hanamaru of Love live Sunshine。

Once around want two places in the fact that a variety of so consideration had been rife gun fulfillment Temple and Raikoji is rich on the Internet。

This time of the start Izu-Nagaoka Station。So from cancer fulfillment temple near Izu-Nagaoka Station。It is to Izu-Nagaoka Station and transfer to Izuhakone Railway from Mishima 8 station th。Get off at the next station of Nirayama。

The appearance of the Izu-Nagaoka Station。People who have taken the ...... station building which is steeped in Love live than the Numazu Station if you look only station building there were many。

Also waiting bus of Love live Sunshine Paint。Will to move in front of the station and time to become。

We tried wraps around to the front。I think the paint is different is that than the one running the Numazu。

Now、Straight out of the Izu-Nagaoka Station、Turn right which is the beginning of the main street Shimoda Road。Here along the road about 1.5km。

That the return will go straight to where you turn left at the d spot that appears to 🙁 that left had a little too far。

It will not be originally go too far because the sign of Cancer fulfillment Institute has come out。Except、Although I do is narrow road。

OK visited by car because there is a parking lot

Cancer fulfillment Council mark is next to the parking lot。Also Azuma mirror it was built in the Kamakura era in the venerable temple of the more there is a description, but will be burned down by the era of Hōjō Sōun、It seems then Hojo ShiSada in the Edo era that was reconstructed current gun fulfillment Institute。This is now trace the children playground。

Entrance。Let's enter into the。

In the temple of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism、And the mountain of I tower kun mountain, which is written in the tag is。Omid looks towards the back。

A lot of slate is immediately to the left and entered in the。As the world humanity will be peace。

6 preciousness of Buddha statue。To the left seems to be the tomb of Tokimasa Hojo but let's visit after the main hall。

There was something at the feet of Buddha。Dharma? For what……

The other to be taken because it was interesting because many of was equipped with 😆

Stone statue imitating a person is on the right side。

Statue of Kobo Daishi。A little out of focus

Similar Dharma and earlier also at the feet of Kobo Daishi。

zoom! ! ! ! ! I do different is often seen when the whole face。Manually Kana。

We arrived at Omid。

Tada like incense is。Depression offertory put on the left side of the wooden box in which incense is on。Of course yacht devoted single incense。

Ah、The one a little while ago of the Dharma had been sold here。It seems Tteyuu fortune Dharma。I guess ready for the favorite location of the precincts to buy it here。

There it seems the work of Unkei is what national treasure is in Omid。There is need to pay the admission fee。Since the shooting ban not be put unfortunately on the blog。Kana was certainly one adult 500 yen。That's organization 100 yen discount。

The beginning of the branch toward the inlet to the right。

Here seems the main hall in cancer fulfillment Institute。Ah、So what just now was the name I Omid。Omid is a relatively new thing in the pattern which was built in 1955。I wonder if transferred the image of the Unkei from the main temple at that time。

Space extending in front of the main hall。Somehow lonely without anything。

What a dry landscape。It's what is says、I wonder if scale is small and still compared to those of the Temple of the Peaceful Dragon。

Tomb of Ashikagachachamaru the strikes and advance the path next to the right in the main hall at the back (Chacha round)。The I this Ashikagachachamaru is、It is the second son of the Muromachi Shogunate 6 Shogun Yoshinori Ashikaga (Yoshinori) children of Masatomo Ashikaga (Masatomo)。Like have been suicide is cornered by Hōjō Sōun。It should also wrote how to read just in case so many difficult reading I Ashikaga house!

Image that mimics the people to grave of Ashikagachachamaru dono。


Great number of images so as to surround the tower on top of the stairs。

Ah、Kokkara the general cemetery。Off-limits because it is not a party。

Fatsia Japonica found next to the main hall!

I This is the real。

Since the toilet features do not worry。Ah、Out-of-focus ......

Now、You across the street and through the front of the main hall to Tokimasa Hojo of grave。Bell there as I say always in temple。Bell of New Year 's Eve。By the way, you can play the general public also freely。N your ーーー!

Tokimasa Hojo tomb of。In deeper and is Masako Hojo father of Minamoto no Yoritomo、It is more famous as the Kamakura shogunate founder ruling。Would not those who do not know this person and I'm studying Japanese history。Whether there has been a grave in a place like this。It was played by Nenji Kobayashi is a drama Yoshitsune。

By changing the little angle。Grave markers next to。

Zoom the grave。Was Kke seen the crest of the Hojo family。

Stele。Hey not read too little Tappitsu。It is understood to me something about the Tokimasa。

Well do you want to after the grave of Tokimasa's。

When you go home from the gun fulfillment Institute、I decided to go because Torii looked toward the back。

Moriyama Hachiman。I never heard、Something spectacular image and hear me Hachiman。

Yoritomo raising an army monument of。I wonder even more in front of the war than the battle of Fujikawa。You mean the、This Hachiman Shrine is that enshrined the Yoritomo?

It seems handrail has been dedicated to climb easily in 1978。

This is the main shrine? A little lonely softening。Offertory boxes lonely。

go home、Discover the stairs towards the back I thought I。This is Nagewa。

Stairs of the number of stages roughly 160。Taken climb!

Koch also Hachiman。I wonder if here is the main hall?

Lonely in the description is something handwriting。

Garden also lonely ......

Yokumi Tara Shoji is it vacant one place。Let Nozoko the middle。

Well。I did not even mean there is nothing apart from。I guess had been moved your Buddha somewhere。

Hose storage box。Please be guessed、It's such that mean there is nothing to take。

Because it was higher visible only thinks and trees whether Sazoya good landscape can be seen ......

Do you get off because no ginger。Even so, it is amazing the number of stages。I met the people who come to climb when you go down。Naa above this person would do fall know the facts I An'nani lonely。

We arrived at the gun fulfillment Council Horizontal。Hose storage box ver2。Contact、Approaching someone on a bicycle from across the street? !

Oversized stuffed Pooh bear! ! If you take a look to match a picture of the beginning of the gun fulfillment Institute marks、Girl and dress that was playing in the way of the back was the same。Will I went back to the house to pick up the stuffed animal in the middle that we are admission。


The time being gun fulfillment Institute is the end of it。Very happy and can kill time than expected。Next let's facing towards the Mizuno。Home of the favorite of the following Kunikida Hanamaru、It is Raikoji。

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