Numazu tourism - Awashima Marine Park -

Had not gone in fact I Ah ...... I wrote me Awashima Marine Park in the title。Disagreeable、I was was going to really go、Ken bus round-trip ticket from Awashima Marine Park admission tickets just before a Numazu Station to Awashima as a set、that name as well"Awashima Marine packI'm got to know that people who bought "is that deals。So'm cheap as 900 yen and come in 😡 set tickets did not go on the island because it was something annoyance ......

Now、Going back to。In addition to return to the Numazu area from Mizuno Sea Paradise。

Uchiura fishery direct management of the "cage Ya"。The other where you can buy fresh fish here、Also because the restaurant also OK to eat in here

Past and preserve will come gradually Awashima is seen largely。Surprisingly far for you but it seems to close from here。

The building, which is hidden on the other side of the left side of the boat is Awashima Marine Park Hotel。A little later if you come up here。Let's proceed further walk。

Would you arrived ~ 🙂 Well admission to the destination! !

Bus as soon as the Awashima hotel Upon arrival had stopped in front of the eye。By the can ride only Hotel's who in the shuttle bus。Previously, I'd heard it was only from the Izu-Nagaoka Station、Toka and depart only from the north exit of Mishima Station now。It might have to improve the convenience for the customer to come by Shinkansen、Hagunununu ...... as Numazu citizens

Soon the ticket office and toward the island side cut through the parking lot。Like the entire Awashima is in private property (?)、You need a ticket to go to the island。The entrance fee will be much quite high as 1,800 yen (certainly I was a little before wanted the Ya-up ...... price, such as it was 1,600 yen)。What person who also bought a set ticket thinking is because it deals、May buy the alleged "Awashima Marine pack" in Toka Numazu office of Tokai bus Those who plan to go into the islandis。By the way, seems to parking fee 500 yen here。Uncle our parking induction membered It had been hired about four people、I Nikki was quite prosperous。

so、Boat landing is here.。You can not swim across unfortunately。If you want to go to Awashima Let obediently to buy a ticket。I mean、Darrow we do not need so much space Nante because've got to depart as soon as taxi。

This Awashima is、Awashima Marine Park (aquarium) and Awashima but hotel is famous、Other maritime restaurants and frogs Museum、There is such Awashima Shrine。

Marine restaurant is named Iso cuisine residence、You can enjoy a meal overlooking the sea in the scenery outstanding Awashima coast。Moreover, in this restaurantThat with me also cooked fish caught by yourself!

Like frogs Hall boasts a frog exhibition number of Japan。2016By all means from July 1, year when admission is that we stopped on the island so as to become free。

so、I personally island most of the attractions is the Shrine Awashima (Hey I wanted to go to here)。Story that is looking at the Izu Peninsula from the observatory that was fully climb a long staircase。Without that I have actually seen but I've seen on TV。I want to go someday。I wonder I wonder not go Maybe the time being But(Lol)

that? There is a building here。I wonder what。

Ah、Did you mean Awashima Hotel? ? I thought if only there that the guy in Awashima I Awashima Hotel、It seems there was also the land side of the Izu Peninsula。This is the first time knew。Price is also when I look I think I ...... I wonder if is cheaper here here seems to accept the hotel。To stop the car here、GO After finishing his acceptance in the pick-up ship! I gonna be。Such lavish building only for the reception? ? It's too big for it to do but I knew in the Internet information I have been used in the dressing room。I wonder are used to nothing else。

Without necessarily over the island、Love live Sunshine something matrix came out ...... if we go home run out of things to see anymore since turned round and round the narrow site。Uchiura、Is not it rolled to capitalize on anime or over! Will Moreover, the paint on the absolute uncle of the clerk does not know somehow(Lol)。It is also to eat to buy here Once reduced is because there is no shop me around here Kobara。Of course the price its own way。Ah、I wonder if again Awashima hotel shuttle bus to later in the photo is what units in all ......。

Famous for its luxury hotel is introduced here was Awashima hotel, but in between the locals。I wonder if it was indeed the entire room suite? But I just want you to all means to stay in Awashima hotel if there is room in the money、Please there for those who want to save because there is also such as the inn of rest near。

The following'm where you want to say Numazu Port ......、Let's stop by the Imperial Villa Memorial Park on the way! 😛

Numazu tourism Mizuno Sea Paradise and Osamu Dazai Yukari Yasudaya inn

Since it terrible enjoyed the scenery and the length Izaki junior high school after。Romp since way back downhill。The mind that laughter foot and or down over a period of riding in tone。Or come bus to the bus stop of happened heavy mandatory、Let's take the bus if the bus is or come to further the bus stop of miraculously happened length Izaki junior high school。Since the beginning as well as return on foot root only return the way you came by bus and do not get lost on the road。Just walk along the coast。

By the way, I will tell the strange below the root and the walking route search from the long Izaki junior high school to Mizuno Sea Paradise in the smartphone, but、Let's stop people are not confident in the direction。I do not know even getting lost。

After riding the Tokai bus and wonder if will be off at this bus stop。It will not be so much trouble Well, because it is about two to one hour。When asked I Sea Paradise majority of people is I think that the image of the Sea Paradise Hakkeijima、This is the Sea Paradise Mizuno unfortunately。Not 's "Mito" is "Mizuno"!

Such a distance from the bus stop Mizuno to Sea Paradise。For the time being or let's go to the inlet。

After all, like with children often。I do not have a dad is a little care 😀

It is interesting to me ♂ and ♀ mark of toilet。Kana seems Speaking seems aquarium?

Suddenly branch enters the inlet? ! The right side is re-admission entrance、Left is the first admission inlet。It seems plans to put any number of times in a day。

Exhibition of the sea otter is! I have gone out is a place of admission on the screen、Children 1,100 yen at 2,200 yen for adults。If you think a little highShipara set ticketsAlso because the people who are trying to Otozureyo from Mishima Station direction would be good to consider things that。bus、Electric train、Since Mizuno of 2,280 yen Sea Paradise of the entrance fee is a set I'm 580 yen cheaper than buy in common。

Hey I have out there was no room in the money 😆 common When one of the objects are in the entrance。I wonder who is to commemorate shooting there were many。

Is a bus stop here as well。And Love Live Sunshine paint specification。This is not a Tokai bus of the previous orange bus stop、When will I be able to get on and off here using the previous Shipara set ticket when coming from Mishima direction because the Izu Hakone bus。

It's also good to move to the Awashima riding on the bus、Let's take a walk to the Awashima direction so much trouble that。Immediately appear in the left-hand side is the Shotokan。People shalt be prepared to stay because it is quite a luxury inn。

But it was well-established, which has continued since the Meiji。No wonder even the high of。Actually、I know I was there is that you have a meal in the Shotokan、I do not remember almost too much memory when small。I wonder was it a waste 😥

Yasudaya inn that has been seen on the right side to walk a little! Osamu Dazai is famous Dazai Yukari Ryokan that stayed when he wrote the "sunset"。Natural hot springs of the day I can be over。

Panoramic view is like this。Good for resting in the photo wonder if this angle。Ah、In fact, it becomes a lot now profusely Guests me this Yasudaya inn、Toka because of me the reason has been introduced in love live Sunshine。Moreover, large-appointed that is set to hero home of the model of!

Rates are less than half compared with the previous Shotokan、Maybe more likely because rates of about 1,080 yen in 50 minutes (of November 2017) with respect to day。

Awashima and Mount Fuji、And collaboration with the boat! Parents and children playing in the beach there were many。Go to or over from here to Osezaki。

A little zoom。It's a good scenery

I looked a little closer to the boat landing。It is a long Izaki is the other side of the bulged peninsula of this boat。

Private car discovery of Yasudaya inn! I guess not included in the parking fee in the room charge because seems to 500 yen a day。Parking violation is careful because the fine 30,000 yen!

Ah、Like me come and become shuttle bus discovery 😛 Apparently 15 people or more organizations to pick up Izu-Nagaoka Station。

A lot of car to Seven-Eleven。We as equivalent thriving can see the image。I wonder if the location is the good because there is almost no convenience store me around here? It was there is still love live Sunshine-related corner also in the shop。Had been decorated to your carefully sign colored paper addressed to the Seven-Eleven。

I think had seen a two previous image、Immediately in front of the bus stop of Seven-Eleven parking lot。Mizuno to Sea Paradise those who come from Mishima direction in Izu Hakone bus would be good to get off at this bus stop。Well this next bus stop is I'm front of the Mizuno Sea Paradise。

The opposite side of the landscape and Seven-Eleven seen from the sea。Something or large inn is enshrined。Location where they are only to be to have quite a price? It had been pasted lot of Yara anime posters in shops around here。You will not longer support the animation in the town costume (use?)。There was also a place that has placed life-size Haribote of animated characters in some places。

It looks like the view of the sea。There in front of the eye is a peninsula that had been visited earlier (?)。The building that looks towards the upper right would be long Izaki junior high school。It is seen that there is a distance in its own way up there when viewed from here。To bypass the sea all round from the left、Subtly great mountain road that followed。20 minutes Maybe brisk walking、Or normal walking distance of about 35 minutes Do the。

Divine shining the Shotokan in such a feeling by the time。Truly luxury inn 🙂

Ah、Yes Yes。I had to skip on the way to come here from the long Izaki junior high school、All means Along the way in Nagahama is better with time because of me Joshi。Around here is there is also that Mr. Hojo had ruled、The castle also has become a castle of Hojo Yukari。I came up in Mr. Hojo but、But a little away from here、Minamoto no Yoritomo and Masako Hojo Tteyuu Hill Kojima is there is a place that lived around the Wakakari to Nirayama。I do not have any big deal to Well tiny、It should be dying to history lovers。Please by in passing when visiting Toka reflection furnace Toka Egawa House。

Replace the story ...... Awashima this is viewed from the Seven-Eleven。We tree-ish plant palm me exudes a tropical atmosphere。Why the uncle that the fishing is seen in the fishing port rather than a tropical Once in the photo is near。

Enlarged view by using a telephoto lens。Unfortunately Awashima Marine Park that it from this side is not visible。Has become a picture in the good feeling Mount Fuji is visible towards the top right corner!

Such a car in front of me I thought it Hikikaeso is! It seems Tteyuu movement Aquarium。Probably Mizuno Sea Paradise that is to mobilize such a car for the sake of publicity and advertising。This time does not seem to do because there are no driver。Well certainly it'll bother there is no need to publish a mobile aquarium here。I mean walking to I mean there is a Mizuno Sea Paradise in a few minutes(Lol)。

Aquarium Tteyuu this Mizuno Sea Paradise、It's famous that was performed for the first time the breeding of sea otters in Japan。Please give come to see in the deep sea aquarium and set in the Numazu Port。

After a little break to buy a juice at Seven-Eleven、It is Shogetsu and walk to Awashima side。Here also I wonder if was the scene of the anime?


Well next is I guess is the Marine Park Awashima

Numazu tourism Nagahama castle ruins - Hojo of naval bases -

Numazu attractions there from the heavy mandatory just a short walk to the Numazu direction has also become a designated cultural assets of the country Tteyuu Nagahama Castle。Because such as historic development has been completed in 2015 enough to walk because the stop of one destination by bus。

It should be noted、This article was written in November 2017, but、Post date and time from the judgment that it is better to put in between the location to length Izaki junior high school and Mitsu Sea Paradise of the article we have with the March 2017。


The length Izaki junior high school、Ju須 bus stop、Nagahama Castle、The positional relationship between the Mizuno Sea Paradise。Among them with English notation does might English corresponding。Length Izaki red route from the junior high school is recommended。I think that it is about 15 minutes walk。Of course exits the tunnel from around the peninsula Kimake (Noriaki) side OK。

Let If turn left a rather long Izaki from the side of the per middle of this photo if you came in the car where it is written I "fishing pond" is the front because the parking lot entrance of Nagahama Castle pathway walk。By the way, parking is free of charge。

Here is a parking lot。There is also a space in front of the photo。A total of about 10 units of whether be stopped。

Fishing pond of the price list 🙂 admission fee for adults 420 yen、To pay a fee depending on the fish caught in the 210 yen Children、Well it's a typical fishing pond。

Dejima like a of a fishing pond that is reflected in the photograph。I have caught some。Mount Fuji and Awashima is visible from here。The climb to Nagahama Castle must have a more beautiful scenery seen!

Wooden building toilet in the back。You can go down the stairs to the right of this torii in Nagahama Castle。

Nationally designated historic site Nagahama Castle。Hojo house with family crest。Originally I know Castle, which is a base for naval forces of the Hojo clan because this Nagahama Castle。Only the development of historic sites has been completed in 2015、Thing called Nagahama Castle Hojo naval festival have been made。

that? Do whether the shake a little photo? Here it is that I enjoy to read actually visited and Explanation of Nagahama Castle is written!

This is kana model。Those that reproduces a state at the time of the naval force。

Well whether you soon climb because there is no way even if the story just history 😉

Top up is about 5 minutes。Perfectly is a cinch because the road has also been developed 😆

Irresistible to history lovers since the middle here and there there is a description sign of such a history!

Oh ...... I am torn crest ......

Also firmly guide display Yes at the branch point。The time being I come to go to the I fourth songs wheel of the left (Kuruwa)! !

I found it! Find all because I'm sure that should be up to the first Kuruwa Charuwa!

Landscape seen from the fourth Kuruwa is here.。Not open views because the bottom still 😥

Go to the top advances such road。Summer 's a note to insects

The following is the third Kuruwa!

Way、Do not go if you climb the stairs to the third Kuruwa。

Yes second defeat! Remain after the only two!

Shrine in the third Kuruwa。The time being I put offertory (1 yen Charin

Oar's tower! Here at once landscape will open!

First Kuruwa discovery! that? The second song wheel? ?

It climbed to the tower。The second song wheels there towards the bottom left of the of the back in the first Kuruwa。Already defeated the second song ring in less notice (small fish)

Ah、This will be in that you have won the four major Kuruwa。You did it! 😮

Summit arrived! ! Sugge view is good! It Ja likely to be used in the shooting of Toka something drama? Once upon a time guess I had built a castle here。It It certainly higher than such other place is oriented to the fortification。It is a translation in the Hojo army was fighting here in the distant past。

Or keep watching Kuruwa again before descent。

Now directed towards the lower。So boring even back the came way around the Nagahama all round Chaimasu

The length Izaki junior high school as seen from here。There is kana gymnasium? To the left in order to because there was a way branching toward the heavy 須方 surface。

In such a place and walk for a while。Somehow or try to go's a long-awaited but dead-end-ish。

...... What is Kenhori? Try to return because well I do not know。

Mountain side of Uchiura。Peaceful Ya ne

I This is a atakebune (Atakebune)。I can at the time of warship。It easy to understand the magnitude from just sitting people。I do Shimoyama completed duck that。

Description of the ship was O'written on the wall。It looks like 5 minutes until the top is also climbing from here。

Nagahama Castle bus stop。It is next to the bus stop of the heavy mandatory。Although this one from here to Mizuno Sea Paradise、Walk also went I think that it is about 10 minutes。

Shops that were close to the bus stop。It is full of love live Sunshine As can be seen if you look at the photo doing Well this(Lol)If there are love live Sunshine goods corner to Chan and store、Moreover, without the price tag。Open price? ?

Funny cute oranges of character discovery! Yuru-Chara I something of Uchiura? ?


Now、Next, let's go to the Mizuno Sea Paradise!

~ To Numazu tourism length Izaki junior high school ~ Love live Sunshine of the Holy Land

For Numazu of the bus is in a pay-as-you-go、How to pay the money according to the distance riding in when you get off。Caution is people who are familiar with the bus, so especially in Tokyo。By the way, about 47 stops from Numazu Station to Mizuno Sea Paradise。Up to a length Izaki junior high school will ride very well because about 50 station。

It seems so、I forgot to say one。Length Izaki it's there to there is also a direct bus to junior high school、Since there is only in the early morning To evening of the school or school who use a heavy mandatory (Omosu) is I is highly convenient 🙂

And take the bus for a while the city of Numazu landscape。Photo was taken toward the Numazu Station from Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ of South Exit Numazu Station。Good feeling the weather is not sunny!

To arrive in a few minutes ride to the bus Onaribashi。Contact、Just orange Tokai bus is running。here、It also may become the stage of drama。Pretty clean is lit up in blue at night。Prototype for this bridge was completed in 1876。Then until 1900 around Toka it had taken a toll。From 1937 it became the current form。Then or are neatly painted or with a variety of reconstruction is performed by light。

It's good anyhow、Once upon a time is that many elementary school students to climb the arch、Also there were actually children that had doggie crying on the bridge。Frequently I failed that is no longer down I was able to climb。

The left side of the landscape as seen from Onaribashi。It is beautiful。Unfortunately, Fuji is not visible because towards the left。What is reflected in the image is the most new ones in the bridge rests on the Kano River of Numazu city called "Ayumi Bridge"。Heisei pedestrian bridge, which was completed in 11 years。But in the Wikipedia it is written me access commenting to the city hall from Numazu Station side、Very grateful bridge access to the Numazu Station got better for the people who live on the other side of the river。

This bridge for some time (half-hearted) is from the past countryside is followed。Small shop Toka like such the are arranged along the road。And、And I went digs into the green after a while、Get to town Tteyuu Shizuura proceeds for a while。

Forward and appear sea straight a more monotonous landscape、I see some such gibberish small cave。

We arrived at the Kano River Floodway!

Naa name knew the first time I Kuchino Bridge。Looking at the nearby around the time of pretty scared elementary school children had to hide their eyes every time passing through here in the car。

Well photo that it from in the car did not take 😥 Well Let it turn right at the signal at the spillway as good。

Awashima is so big!

so、Past the side of the Awashima、Past the Mizuno Sea Paradise (is ...... later around here'm sorry even with rough description write in detail)。

Such a landscape is a little more to heavy mandatory when you see。Awashima looks a little far away to behind the Mount Fuji。By the way, small mountain that looks to the left is Ushibuseyama。

...... that fishing uncle had captured

Heavy mandatory just before If this landscape is visible。The soon ready to press the button of the bus。

Arrival to the heavy mandatory! Walk as it is along the prefectural road 17 Route to the direction that was going the bus Once you get off。

Turn right immediately before because the tunnel is visible and walk a little。

A little expansion。Turn right here。

After that we will proceed along the road。

Curve to the large left and walk for a while。

You up the uphill of the left-hand side。Well come and I think that it will not get lost because the junior high school of name also come normally out the signs up around here。

A little side trip before you go up the hill ......。The nearest bus stop this is a long Izaki junior high school。Hard a little to find because it is hidden in the vending machine。

Hereabouts landscape also pretty good! Now、Would you return to the previous hill。

However、If the slope is try to measure the distance in a pretty very ...... smartphone display with 500 m。Junior high school students running through here think that you are going back and forth this very hill every day and amazing ......

arrived! Quite a blink because the scenery was good。Although this is the length Izaki junior high school、It seems to be a relatively new junior high school。Because、It was there originally Uchiura junior high school and junior high school Nishiura、Toka changed the current length Izaki junior high school and the name to integrate the two junior high school in the low birth rate problem。But it called one Kurasu each grade in the current。I There is a good that can not be seen in the city there is a flavor that a small number of schools in the idyllic nature。

Come here evils of the things that have not seen the anime。I do not know what to do take a Dokora sides、Looking at the gate think Let's enter into the time being

staff only!I wonder What a fine person visited Looking at the are you calling attention purposely wrote the name of the animation to the left side。

It does compete Once you become a trespassing、I decided to hang around this neighborhood at that。I something when you're the elementary and junior high school students、Because normally uncle aunt during the holiday there was a time that was a walk in the grounds to take children、That for the first time knew that different Once freedom or the thought of entering into me City(Lol)

Suruga Bay views from the south side of the junior high school。What mandarin orange groves of the underlying? Very much and hear me Uchiura Toka Nishiura would associate the mandarin orange locals of sex (Saga)。Mount Fuji Although I'm clean is clean have reflected towards the upper right corner。

Personally, I like here of the landscape! Very good view but is under a cloud in Mt. Fuji a little! It looks mon good once in a while even come to such a place after all away from the city。

No other in this and saying eye pot arbitrary ones。I do not know if they were photographed in what kind of wind in the anime、Maybe there are people that sort of is you are together、To be changed by the fact that。I am Once there was a Sure enough animation scene and photo comparison summary site of take a look from the back。

Get to the bus stop I incidentally came around all round the peninsula of Nagai Saki without having to go back on the road and tree negative entrance。It is located just above that passed through the tunnel, which seemed at the time to come in just length Izaki junior high school。

There is the tunnel。Passing over there and arrival to the heavy mandatory。

The length Izaki junior high school as seen from the tree negative side。White building at the top of that mountain。It it can be seen that even looked up this climb a pretty hill。


What's next is try closer to the Nagahama Castle before going to Sea Paradise ...... Mizuno。

From Numazu tourism - the starting point Numazu Station to Uchiura! ~

Recently、And was like a local Numazu became the filming location of the famous anime、I want to Numazu Special from this time also serves as the local support。In the title because the animation is that love live Sunshine、Recently is something like the ones that the Holy Land pilgrimage that has become a hot topic。As long as the as the locals would like to contribute to regional revitalization is grateful 😛

To tell the truth、Since I had never been to my own Mizuno Sea Paradise and Awashima I thought also that it is just a good opportunity。That often the case because not go to local attractions as the local people。Where ...... I length Izaki junior high school? ? 🙂 was start from a place called

Building image that Isuwa' a bang before the south exit Numazu Station。At the entrance it was written with the Sunshine Cafe。I became aware in are in Numazu many months up to now、I will not stand out and be conscious of doing this 😉

Apparently it became the stage of anime and until the Numazu Port from Numazu Station、The fact that the main from Awashima a considerable distance from there to the length Izaki junior high school。Red circle in the range shown in the figure below seems to be the main。If you are wrong and I pointed out please!

Tokyo and Nagoya、Kyoto、Root around by bus from Mishima Station is a stopping station of the bullet train might be useful if you come from the Osaka area。But、Here, since a much trouble is and the route from Numazu Station、I would like to introduce the tourist point in the vicinity of the filming locations。

Since originally near Numazu there are many tourists from Tokyo、And we have day high-speed bus from Shinjuku and Tokyo Station。It does not matter Shinkansen If you are in a hurry、Fujikyu City BusIt is recommended because it is easier because it is coming with no transfer to Numazu if。Moreover, "if it is a weekdayWeekdays obtained da value tickets"It is round-trip 3,000 yen if the use of the。

It is a good idea from Shinjuku If you want to come cheaply by train from Tokyo area to use the Odakyu line (※ image route search service Yahoo)。Use the Odakyu line from Shinjuku to Odawara、From Odawara to Numazu is how to use the slow train of the Tokaido Line。This way if there is a trick、Since the ticket shop in the vicinity of Shinjuku "Odakyu shareholders ride certificate" is sold at around 600 yen、It is about one-way total of 1,300 yen and use it! The location of the ticket shop will come out a lot when you search for "Shinjuku Chikettoya" in the Internet。This is the route he was indebted to the time of the students to save money。

As a side note before the touristThat you check the time table beforehand!Since the small number of bus in comparison with the urban one for basically 30 minutes。You may also receive the not come only once an hour, depending on the time zone。You can efficiently tourism in that you put a timetable on the head。

Now、I for Directions from Numazu Station Nagai 埼中 to school、Bus from number 8 hall of the south exit Numazu Station "Kimake, Eli Cape Ose flights"You boarded the。First of all go straight to the south from the south exit Numazu Station。

The right side of is Yasushi Inoue of the literary monument。But is a strong Yasushi Inoue of Hokkaido image、School days there was a time that has been spent in Numazu。Shizuoka Prefectural Numazu junior high school that had been through at that time、The current Numazu Higashi High School。"If there is one more than the power of the nuclear power it's the power of love" for this mother and child image it has been engraved poem in the sense of。And the middle of the、It is a monument that marks the history of Numazu institutions District。Is the driving wheel and its smoke door of the steam locomotive C58230 are on display。

2018Free EV bus from the previous from October 10 year of this literary monument to Numazu Port has been test runs。Detail is"Ride chance is only now! Numazu Station of free EV bus - Numazu between during the test operationAt "。

One more than the bus station down the street。There are bus of Numazu harbor bound to 1 bus stop、In fact, give more of there If their time so that out also free bus is your。By the way, note that the stop of the free bus is away from here。

Although slightly deviates talk is on the way、If you want to go to Numazu Port、Let's proceed to the right side to the rotary along Once out of the Numazu Station。Because just there is a pink flag around that curve to the left、There are free bus stop。Seems to have become not free bus is now。However、Free EV bus were runs test in October 2018 as described above。

Now、Let's return the story。Further more than one street from the No. 1 bus stop will appear in front of Sunshine Cafe。

It is located in the interesting bus stop in the shop。There seems to be anime-related goods and coffee shop in the。Love live Sunshine for those fans is the time looks good location in the crush of until the bus comes。Photograph is the one that has been taken aimed at when less people but、In fact it was quite prosperous。It seems management is magnificent group is performing。

This magnificent group of that is quite famous and shell head office or company that has a variety of business development, such as natural foods restaurant in Numazu。Is a brilliant management skills to open as soon as this kind of cafe riding the animation of the boom。

Proceeding to the left along the bus rotary Once out in front cafe、There are 8 bus stop towards the back。I was surprised ...... is to have been to paint。The location is heavy mandatory or tree negative east exit to get off。While those from the tree negative east exit is it closes the distance specific to the junior high school、Those who get off at the heavy mandatory might be good because it is looking at the landscape of Awashima in the uplink path of the way to junior high school。Ride time is about 45 minutes。Fee is 850 yen one-way in the 2017 currentis。This time, describes the directions when I got off the heavy mandatory。

Time tableTokai bus HPYou can see more。30Minute to wonder if much one。The ride to those of Nishiura Line but is largely okay、I think I may tell the destination to the driver of the bus just in case。

Next time is the length Izaki junior high school。

Moscow tourism - Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts from the summer Hen Cathedral of Christ the Savior

The cathedral seen from the southern end of the Kremlin。Next destination is over there。

Can’t go straight、It seems that there is no choice but to detour from the right or from the left。The people ahead were going to the left, so I went there。

Immediately I came under the guard passing under the road、Turn right there。Go straight south along the main street。

The building you saw on the left side on the way。Is it already in ruins? And the road is congested。Moscow seems to be a city with heavy traffic、It's really crowded。I don't want to drive I don't want to drive。

After walking for a few minutes, a gate will appear on the right side.。I will enter here。I think it ’s a tourist because several other people came in together.。

A cathedral that suddenly appears when you go through the trees! The sun is just setting and it creates a nice contrast.。

By the way (as I learned later), this is called the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.、It is a Russian Orthodox church。Khristos is the Russian reading of Christ。The height of this cathedral is 103 m、It's the highest among the Orthodox churches in the world!

It began to be erected back to the Napoleonic Wars of 1812.、Built with the intention of mourning the victory and the war dead。after that、1917Although it was once destroyed by the Russian Revolution of the year、1990Reconstruction activities started around the year 2000 and became the current form in 2000.。

Another statue on the hill in front of the cathedral。I really like statues in this country。Probably some kind of hero ... If this is the Savior Harristos? ??

Scenery overlooking from the statue。Juice and light meal stalls are popping up。It ’s already time, so it ’s a quiet old bird.、I think there are quite a few people coming to buy during the day.。

This is the entrance to the cathedral。Of course it's closed, right?。As soon as you climb the stairs in this image, you will find a subway station。It should be a place to come by subway。

I knew there was the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts near here so I didn't take the subway、Escape from the other side of the cathedral。Immediately there was a main street、Return north to the Kremlin again。

By the way, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts is the second largest museum in Russia after the Hermitage Museum.。The collection of the works of art is over 100,000! As a famous place、Van Gogh、Picasso、Renoir、Monet、Degas、Cezanne、Boucher、Gauguin, etc ... It's such a great museum that you can't give it up.。

Gauguin, etc ... It's such a great museum that you can't give it up.。Gauguin, etc ... It's such a great museum that you can't give it up.。Do you mean that you have completed your natural life?。

A building like that on the left side in less than a minute on foot。I'm trying to cross the road, but ... I can't! ??

It's an amazing fact that there are no traffic lights even though the car is on the main road. According to the Russian traffic rules, pedestrians seem to be prioritized, and cars need to stop at places with pedestrian crossings, so it seems that you should take a step。But、That step is scary 😥

When I live in Japan, traffic lights are commonplace。

There was a Russian who just crossed the road, so when I saw that person advanced, I was also Let's Go! Of course I tried to hide in the shadow of that person、Car gradually brakes。I managed to cross over 😛

so、I managed to cross over 😛。I managed to cross over 😛。I managed to cross over 😛、It's closed and I can't help it, so I'm about to return to the airport.、I crossed the pedestrian crossing and headed north。


Somehow a nice gate。Guard?

It seems that it was past the closing time, so if you take a picture of the inside from the entrance next to it。Oh、Is this the Pushkin Museum of Art?、And then convinced。And then convinced。And then convinced

And then convinced。

And then convinced。And then convinced、For some reason it is displayed as 40 rubles。Even if you press the return button, only 40 rubles will come out。I don't have any cash anymore... so I walked about 8 km without knowing the way from here。


Moscow Sightseeing-Summer Edition Changing of the Guard and Alexander Garden

Leaving GUM department store、Go through the Voskresenskiye Gate again and go to Manege Square。yet、I don't think it's a waste to go back to the airport because the sun wasn't setting、I went in the direction of the Kremlin hill。

When you pass through the gate of Manege Square

what do you want、This crowd。When you share the crowd

Something is increasing! Was it a person after all?。I was impressed that I was trained so much without making such a slight movement。

This event seems to be a changing of the guard ceremony、It seems to be done about once a week。From the name, the person who guards the Kremlin will change.。

Many people are taking pictures、It ’s like a specialty of Manege Square.。Of course, I don't know that this day is the Changing of the Guard ceremony today.、I was lucky to visit this day!

By the way, this is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a place to mourn the soldiers who died in World War II.。

The ceremony ended in about 10 minutes and people went away。Let's chase after the guards! I think、Go south from Manege Square。

Almost no one is chasing so far。On the way, the guards got inside the Kremlin。

If you take a break and look around。

Somehow the landscape has changed。This is called Alexander Garden、It seems to be located in the south of Manege Square。I wonder if the number of people has decreased a little。

Discover the information about the ticket office of the Kremlin History Museum! Written in English without having to bother reading Russian。Probably there are many tourists。

Yes、It was closed as expected。It seems that Kremlin tickets are also sold here, and there seems to be a line every day to buy tickets.。Especially in the arsenal 4 a day、It seems that there is only a time zone where you can enter only 5 times、You can't get a ticket unless you come in the morning。It's a good idea to come early in the morning so that you don't have to come to Moscow and not be in the arsenal.。

There is also a statue in Alexander Garden。Various statues are erected around the Kremlin。Does it mean that you can protect yourself by surrounding it with a statue of a hero?。Basically, the people around me are couples and families, so I got a little floating.(Lol)

Is it an object related to battle?。There are many such objects in the garden here。As expected, military power Russia!

If you go south as it is, you will finally reach the end point。Cross the main street and proceed to the other side。I found something like a church with a strange roof in the distance, so I decided to go there。

Kremlin taken from the other side of the street。The sky is a little reddish。

Next is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior。

Moscow Tourism-Summer Edition-Red Square

After passing through the Voskresenskiye Gate ...

Red Square! Certainly a square! !! By the way, I often watch the building in the middle on TV!

I realized for the first time that this was the true Red Square ...

The left of the photo is GUM Department Store、Lenin's Mausoleum on the right、And the characteristic building in the middle is St. Vasily's Basilica。For comparison、At this time, only GUM department store knew the name(Lol)

People are sparse in the photo, but there are quite a few.。I took a picture aiming at the time when there are few people。


Looking back, this is another red building。The State Historical Museum of Russia, where I found the entrance before going through the Voskresenskiye Gate.。When I see windows here and there、You may be able to overlook the Red Square from inside the museum.。

And、The square

Cut through

Cut through!

Cut through! !!

Arrive at St. Vasily Cathedral!

This cathedral is commonly referred to as St. Vasily's Cathedral、The official name is the long name of the Hori no Seijinjo Asylum Cathedral.。It was built in the 16th century to celebrate Ivan the Terrible's victory over Khanate of Kazan.。By the way, Khanate of Kazan is now the Republic of Tatarstan.、The capital there is Kazan。I'm heading tomorrow。

There are no buildings around、Moreover, the view is good because it is in a high place.。The city of Moscow spreads out on the other side of the cathedral, and it's a pretty spectacular view.、Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture ...

so、A scary old man was watching the entrance when I thought about entering、10 business hours on the information board hung on the fence:00~19:00When。Apparently summer is this time zone and winter is 11:00~17:00That of the。

Hmm sorry。It should be noted、Admission seems to be 250 rubles。And camera shooting and video shooting are taken at an additional charge、Surely the camera was 160 rubles and the video was 180? Please refer to those who go here。

You can also turn around from the back of the square and turn back.、I haven't visited GUM department store yet。Make a U-turn and head to the department store on the right hand side of the cathedral。

This is the entrance。There are many entrances in Gum Shopping Street、You can enter from any direction of the building。This is the entrance on the Red Square side。

There is a security gate before entering the department store。Here, you can open the contents of the bag and check it, so let's leave strange things at the hotel before coming.。

Department stores are fairly crowded。Fashionable with a fountain。This is famous as a luxury department store, so it seems that celebrities will come。

The first floor looks like this。

This is the second floor。Most luxury stores are on the 1st floor、2nd floor、I felt that the number of popular shops increased as I went up to the 3rd floor.。It seems that there are hundreds of stores in all。There were not only clothing but also groceries and drug stores.。Except、Even though it's a grocery store, it's a luxury grocery store! It's like selling caviar。

By the way, it seems like I've never been to the bathroom。Toilets are basically charged in Moscow、This GUM department store can be rented for free。It seems that it may be crowded depending on the time of day, but it is rattling at such time。For comparison、This department store also has a pay toilet。And ...

The most beautiful toilet in the world

Somehow called。Admission costs 150 rubles、As a commoner, I used the free one。If I think about it now, I should have taken a picture。

Now in、Time is also time, what to do after this。