Numazu tourism Mizuno Sea Paradise and Osamu Dazai Yukari Yasudaya inn

Since it terrible enjoyed the scenery and the length Izaki junior high school after。Romp since way back downhill。The mind that laughter foot and or down over a period of riding in tone。Or come bus to the bus stop of happened heavy mandatory、Let's take the bus if the bus is or come to further the bus stop of miraculously happened length Izaki junior high school。Since the beginning as well as return on foot root only return the way you came by bus and do not get lost on the road。Just walk along the coast。

By the way, I will tell the strange below the root and the walking route search from the long Izaki junior high school to Mizuno Sea Paradise in the smartphone, but、Let's stop people are not confident in the direction。I do not know even getting lost。

After riding the Tokai bus and wonder if will be off at this bus stop。It will not be so much trouble Well, because it is about two to one hour。When asked I Sea Paradise majority of people is I think that the image of the Sea Paradise Hakkeijima、This is the Sea Paradise Mizuno unfortunately。Not 's "Mito" is "Mizuno"!

Such a distance from the bus stop Mizuno to Sea Paradise。For the time being or let's go to the inlet。

After all, like with children often。I do not have a dad is a little care 😀

It is interesting to me ♂ and ♀ mark of toilet。Kana seems Speaking seems aquarium?

Suddenly branch enters the inlet? ! The right side is re-admission entrance、Left is the first admission inlet。It seems plans to put any number of times in a day。

Exhibition of the sea otter is! I have gone out is a place of admission on the screen、Children 1,100 yen at 2,200 yen for adults。If you think a little highShipara set ticketsAlso because the people who are trying to Otozureyo from Mishima Station direction would be good to consider things that。bus、Electric train、Since Mizuno of 2,280 yen Sea Paradise of the entrance fee is a set I'm 580 yen cheaper than buy in common。

Hey I have out there was no room in the money 😆 common When one of the objects are in the entrance。I wonder who is to commemorate shooting there were many。

Is a bus stop here as well。And Love Live Sunshine paint specification。This is not a Tokai bus of the previous orange bus stop、When will I be able to get on and off here using the previous Shipara set ticket when coming from Mishima direction because the Izu Hakone bus。

It's also good to move to the Awashima riding on the bus、Let's take a walk to the Awashima direction so much trouble that。Immediately appear in the left-hand side is the Shotokan。People shalt be prepared to stay because it is quite a luxury inn。

But it was well-established, which has continued since the Meiji。No wonder even the high of。Actually、I know I was there is that you have a meal in the Shotokan、I do not remember almost too much memory when small。I wonder was it a waste 😥

Yasudaya inn that has been seen on the right side to walk a little! Osamu Dazai is famous Dazai Yukari Ryokan that stayed when he wrote the "sunset"。Natural hot springs of the day I can be over。

Panoramic view is like this。Good for resting in the photo wonder if this angle。Ah、In fact, it becomes a lot now profusely Guests me this Yasudaya inn、Toka because of me the reason has been introduced in love live Sunshine。Moreover, large-appointed that is set to hero home of the model of!

Rates are less than half compared with the previous Shotokan、Maybe more likely because rates of about 1,080 yen in 50 minutes (of November 2017) with respect to day。

Awashima and Mount Fuji、And collaboration with the boat! Parents and children playing in the beach there were many。Go to or over from here to Osezaki。

A little zoom。It's a good scenery

I looked a little closer to the boat landing。It is a long Izaki is the other side of the bulged peninsula of this boat。

Private car discovery of Yasudaya inn! I guess not included in the parking fee in the room charge because seems to 500 yen a day。Parking violation is careful because the fine 30,000 yen!

Ah、Like me come and become shuttle bus discovery 😛 Apparently 15 people or more organizations to pick up Izu-Nagaoka Station。

A lot of car to Seven-Eleven。We as equivalent thriving can see the image。I wonder if the location is the good because there is almost no convenience store me around here? It was there is still love live Sunshine-related corner also in the shop。Had been decorated to your carefully sign colored paper addressed to the Seven-Eleven。

I think had seen a two previous image、Immediately in front of the bus stop of Seven-Eleven parking lot。Mizuno to Sea Paradise those who come from Mishima direction in Izu Hakone bus would be good to get off at this bus stop。Well this next bus stop is I'm front of the Mizuno Sea Paradise。

The opposite side of the landscape and Seven-Eleven seen from the sea。Something or large inn is enshrined。Location where they are only to be to have quite a price? It had been pasted lot of Yara anime posters in shops around here。You will not longer support the animation in the town costume (use?)。There was also a place that has placed life-size Haribote of animated characters in some places。

It looks like the view of the sea。There in front of the eye is a peninsula that had been visited earlier (?)。The building that looks towards the upper right would be long Izaki junior high school。It is seen that there is a distance in its own way up there when viewed from here。To bypass the sea all round from the left、Subtly great mountain road that followed。20 minutes Maybe brisk walking、Or normal walking distance of about 35 minutes Do the。

Divine shining the Shotokan in such a feeling by the time。Truly luxury inn 🙂

Ah、Yes Yes。I had to skip on the way to come here from the long Izaki junior high school、All means Along the way in Nagahama is better with time because of me Joshi。Around here is there is also that Mr. Hojo had ruled、The castle also has become a castle of Hojo Yukari。I came up in Mr. Hojo but、But a little away from here、Minamoto no Yoritomo and Masako Hojo Tteyuu Hill Kojima is there is a place that lived around the Wakakari to Nirayama。I do not have any big deal to Well tiny、It should be dying to history lovers。Please by in passing when visiting Toka reflection furnace Toka Egawa House。

Replace the story ...... Awashima this is viewed from the Seven-Eleven。We tree-ish plant palm me exudes a tropical atmosphere。Why the uncle that the fishing is seen in the fishing port rather than a tropical Once in the photo is near。

Enlarged view by using a telephoto lens。Unfortunately Awashima Marine Park that it from this side is not visible。Has become a picture in the good feeling Mount Fuji is visible towards the top right corner!

Such a car in front of me I thought it Hikikaeso is! It seems Tteyuu movement Aquarium。Probably Mizuno Sea Paradise that is to mobilize such a car for the sake of publicity and advertising。This time does not seem to do because there are no driver。Well certainly it'll bother there is no need to publish a mobile aquarium here。I mean walking to I mean there is a Mizuno Sea Paradise in a few minutes(Lol)。

Aquarium Tteyuu this Mizuno Sea Paradise、It's famous that was performed for the first time the breeding of sea otters in Japan。Please give come to see in the deep sea aquarium and set in the Numazu Port。

After a little break to buy a juice at Seven-Eleven、It is Shogetsu and walk to Awashima side。Here also I wonder if was the scene of the anime?


Well next is I guess is the Marine Park Awashima

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