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Numazu attractions there from the heavy mandatory just a short walk to the Numazu direction has also become a designated cultural assets of the country Tteyuu Nagahama Castle。Because such as historic development has been completed in 2015 enough to walk because the stop of one destination by bus。

It should be noted、This article was written in November 2017, but、Post date and time from the judgment that it is better to put in between the location to length Izaki junior high school and Mitsu Sea Paradise of the article we have with the March 2017。


The length Izaki junior high school、Ju須 bus stop、Nagahama Castle、The positional relationship between the Mizuno Sea Paradise。Among them with English notation does might English corresponding。Length Izaki red route from the junior high school is recommended。I think that it is about 15 minutes walk。Of course exits the tunnel from around the peninsula Kimake (Noriaki) side OK。

Let If turn left a rather long Izaki from the side of the per middle of this photo if you came in the car where it is written I "fishing pond" is the front because the parking lot entrance of Nagahama Castle pathway walk。By the way, parking is free of charge。

Here is a parking lot。There is also a space in front of the photo。A total of about 10 units of whether be stopped。

Fishing pond of the price list 🙂 admission fee for adults 420 yen、To pay a fee depending on the fish caught in the 210 yen Children、Well it's a typical fishing pond。

Dejima like a of a fishing pond that is reflected in the photograph。I have caught some。Mount Fuji and Awashima is visible from here。The climb to Nagahama Castle must have a more beautiful scenery seen!

Wooden building toilet in the back。You can go down the stairs to the right of this torii in Nagahama Castle。

Nationally designated historic site Nagahama Castle。Hojo house with family crest。Originally I know Castle, which is a base for naval forces of the Hojo clan because this Nagahama Castle。Only the development of historic sites has been completed in 2015、Thing called Nagahama Castle Hojo naval festival have been made。

that? Do whether the shake a little photo? Here it is that I enjoy to read actually visited and Explanation of Nagahama Castle is written!

This is kana model。Those that reproduces a state at the time of the naval force。

Well whether you soon climb because there is no way even if the story just history 😉

Top up is about 5 minutes。Perfectly is a cinch because the road has also been developed 😆

Irresistible to history lovers since the middle here and there there is a description sign of such a history!

Oh ...... I am torn crest ......

Also firmly guide display Yes at the branch point。The time being I come to go to the I fourth songs wheel of the left (Kuruwa)! !

I found it! Find all because I'm sure that should be up to the first Kuruwa Charuwa!

Landscape seen from the fourth Kuruwa is here.。Not open views because the bottom still 😥

Go to the top advances such road。Summer 's a note to insects

The following is the third Kuruwa!

Way、Do not go if you climb the stairs to the third Kuruwa。

Yes second defeat! Remain after the only two!

Shrine in the third Kuruwa。The time being I put offertory (1 yen Charin

Oar's tower! Here at once landscape will open!

First Kuruwa discovery! that? The second song wheel? ?

It climbed to the tower。The second song wheels there towards the bottom left of the of the back in the first Kuruwa。Already defeated the second song ring in less notice (small fish)

Ah、This will be in that you have won the four major Kuruwa。You did it! 😮

Summit arrived! ! Sugge view is good! It Ja likely to be used in the shooting of Toka something drama? Once upon a time guess I had built a castle here。It It certainly higher than such other place is oriented to the fortification。It is a translation in the Hojo army was fighting here in the distant past。

Or keep watching Kuruwa again before descent。

Now directed towards the lower。So boring even back the came way around the Nagahama all round Chaimasu

The length Izaki junior high school as seen from here。There is kana gymnasium? To the left in order to because there was a way branching toward the heavy 須方 surface。

In such a place and walk for a while。Somehow or try to go's a long-awaited but dead-end-ish。

...... What is Kenhori? Try to return because well I do not know。

Mountain side of Uchiura。Peaceful Ya ne

I This is a atakebune (Atakebune)。I can at the time of warship。It easy to understand the magnitude from just sitting people。I do Shimoyama completed duck that。

Description of the ship was O'written on the wall。It looks like 5 minutes until the top is also climbing from here。

Nagahama Castle bus stop。It is next to the bus stop of the heavy mandatory。Although this one from here to Mizuno Sea Paradise、Walk also went I think that it is about 10 minutes。

Shops that were close to the bus stop。It is full of love live Sunshine As can be seen if you look at the photo doing Well this(Lol)If there are love live Sunshine goods corner to Chan and store、Moreover, without the price tag。Open price? ?

Funny cute oranges of character discovery! Yuru-Chara I something of Uchiura? ?


Now、Next, let's go to the Mizuno Sea Paradise!

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