the statue of Liberty

Sightseeing in New York ~ Day 2 Part 1 ~

Schedule for the second day、Statue of Liberty → Wall Street → World Trade Center Building → Chelsea Market → High Line → Intrepid → Intrepid Sea Aerospace Museum → American Natural History Museum → Dakota House → Carnegie Hall → Fifth Avenue → Radio City → St Patrick Cathedral → Rockefeller Center。

A fairly hard schedule that turns from south to north。Statue of Liberty in the morning 9:00It's admission from 8:30I tried to arrive at the nearest station, South Ferry。About 30 minutes from Times Square, so 7:50By leaving the hotel around that time、6 a.m. on the day:00I woke up and had breakfast at the hotel。

From Times Square use the red line to South Ferry bound for South Ferry。There is a change in the destination of the subway only once on the way、There was a transfer, but I arrived safely at South Ferry Station。Everyone goes down slowly, so when you follow the flow, you get to the ground、If you do not know the direction and proceed in the same direction as everyone, you can see the ticket office of the Statue of Liberty in about 5-10 minutes。Must be redeemed for a city pass and ticket、After getting the ticket, show your passport、Pass the security gate to the ferry。The time at that time is 8:45It was around the time, but I could not get on the first ferry 9:15I was able to board the second boat departing。9:00The next ship arrived soon after the ship left for、Immediately head to the observation seat。Few people were there yet、Position the person who can see the Statue of Liberty、I waited for the departure time while watching the seagulls。However、Later I realize that it was a failure to take up the Statue of Liberty side.。

Upon departure, the ferry heads counterclockwise to Liberty Island。The ferry is anchored to the right, so the Statue of Liberty is on the left side of the ferry。so、Going counterclockwise to the island、When approaching the Statue of Liberty, you will be on the other side of the ferry。I think it's hard to convey if it's just sentences、It means that the situation is as shown in the picture.。

Ferry Place2

It's a picture taken with my hands fully raised。In fact, my uncle's gray hair blocked most of my view.。Because I was in the middle of the ferry、It was also difficult to see the scenery of Manhattan Island behind。there、You should secure the following places。

Ferry Place

If you take the part surrounded by this red circle、You can see the Statue of Liberty、You can also see the scenery of Manhattan Island behind the ferry without obstruction。

And、When the ferry arrives on Liberty Island。Since there are many people on board the boat, you will have to wait a considerable amount of time before you get off if you are at the observatory ...。

After getting off the ferry, go straight ahead and you will find an audio guide building on your left。Supports many languages、There is also Japanese。It is nice to be able to experience a simple tour without prior knowledge。

Proceed a little and arrive at the entrance to the Statue of Liberty。I haven't booked this time so I can't enter、Gununu ... Liberty Island is within walking distance、After making one lap clockwise, it is finished。In front of the Statue of Liberty, many people were taking a commemorative photo of Pasha Pasha.。

The last is the souvenir shop。Even though the price is high, such places are included.。There was a special price key chain in the store so I bought only that and went to the ferry。

I wonder if the ferry will return to Manhattan Island、For some reason I proceeded in another direction and arrived at the unknown island well。If you listen carefully to the onboard broadcast, you will be heading to Ellis Island。I am grateful that there are more tourist spots, but I am okay with the time as there are many places to go on the second day. Landing on the new continent while having a trivial question。There was something that looked like a museum right away, so when I entered、Full of posters and old exhibits。Apparently it's a place where you can learn about American history。

Unfortunately there was no lofty hobby to learn American history、Take a short break on the bench until the ferry after 30 minutes。I'm going to walk in Oita, so I have to save my strength。

When you come back from Ellis Island and arrive at the ferry terminal on Manhattan Island、Is there a terrible line? !! How long will they wait。I'm glad I came first in the morning

Next was Wall Street。I headed for the shortest distance while listening to people who were waiting。Then、Once again the matrix。Looking ahead, there is a strange cow statue、For some reason everyone took a commemorative photo with the cow。When I examined the details later, it seemed that the cow was "charging bull" and it represented the energy, power and uncertainty of the stock market.、It is said to be the symbol of Wall Street.。Well、I didn't know it was so famous, so I didn't take a photo。Don't forget to take a photo the next time you visit。

Walking around Wall Street, light rain。

wall street

If you hurry through, the World Trade Center building appears in front of you。Before that, 9.11 Memorial Park。The names of the victims of September 11, 2001 were engraved on it.。

911memorialThere was a line in the Memorial Museum so、Citipass decided to go to Intrepid as originally planned、I headed to the station to reach my next destination, Chelsea Market。

Sightseeing in New York ~ Day 1 ~

Unexpected happening when making a sightseeing plan including specific visit time the day before travel。What、Most of New York's tourist attractions are closed at Christmas! Again、I reviewed the plan。Fortunately, the Empire State Building is also open for Christmas, so I sent it to Christmas on the last day (this will be a disappointing result later ...)。

10Finally arrived at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York after an hour-long flight journey。I got off the plane quickly because immigration is included。Then、Long line as expected。After waiting for a while, it was our turn, so the whole family went to the immigration officer.。

The questions asked were very orthodox: "What was your purpose?" "Have you been to America before?" "How many years ago?" "What is your relationship?"。There was no particular problem、Even though there was a long line, the immigration officers were talking with laughter, although I was a little angry.、To say something extra, the examination seemed to be strict, so I had to put up with it.。

I asked for a pick-up service from the airport to the hotel、Very smooth from the airport to the hotel。The driver of the minibus headed for a friendly conversation。I was asked about the plan for 3 days, so I would like to talk in detail.、I got some advice。You can't visit both the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Natural History Museum on the first day、Statue of Liberty should go first thing in the morning to avoid congestion、Such。That the、On the first day, I decided to go around the east of Manhattan Island、Introduction United Nations Headquarters、Metropolitan Museum of Art、Upper East、Wufan Street、Radio City、I decided to go to Top of the Rock。

When I was chatting, the number of cars increased、Looking around, there are many skyscrapers! It seems that he was already in Manhattan Island。Immediately caught in a traffic jam、Horn storm。Moreover, the driver got off from the car in front and approached the car next to him and started a quarrel.。New Yorkers are impatient ... Well, while getting into such troubles、After a while, I can see the scenery that I often see。so、It's Times Square! I was watching Minions on an airplane、I was finally able to actually see a scene from the movie!


It ’s a great amount of people.。Some are the Statue of Liberty and Mickey Mouse、Many people cosplayed as Minions。Then the driver said, "When I take a picture at Times Square,、Please be careful because strangely dressed people will come in and ask for money. "。I see、Do you mean these guys(Lol)。

Arrive at Marriott Marquis Times Square as soon as you pass Times Square。A good location less than a minute's walk from Times Square。After check-in、But when I walked around the large hotel, arrived at the room and left my luggage, I was ready for sightseeing.。The local guide who guided me to check-in gave me a metro card.。It looks like a prepaid subway ticket、It seems that you can also charge with a credit card。Take it to the Times Square subway station。

It's okay to leave the hotel and arrive at Times Square、I can't find the entrance to the subway ... There is no choice but to ask those who wait "Where is a station"?No one knows。Oh yeah、Should I ask subway?、That's why "Where is a subway"?Ask the same person again, "Oh, you mean a train station!"When、It seems that he finally understood this idea and immediately told me the location 🙂

To get to the United Nations from Times Square, take the purple line 7 and get off at Grand Central Station.。However、The distance from the subway entrance in the center of Times Square to the purple line is far ... Moreover, it is one station away by subway.、When I thought about it later, it was faster to walk。When I arrived at Grand Central Station, I didn't know the direction, so I asked people who went to the city "How to get to the United Nation"?I do n’t know, When I looked in the direction I was told, "I think ask her is better.", There was a policeman! Apparently it takes about 10 minutes on foot from Grand Central Station to the United Nations、Go straight east on 42nd road。If you walk a little beyond 2nd Avenue、I finally saw the familiar United Nations building。

When I tried to enter from a place like an entrance, the guards stopped me、The tourist entrance was said to be near 47th Street, further north than here。42Since it is 42nd Street that has passed from Grand Central Station to this point, do I have to go north for 5 blocks?。

so、As soon as you arrive, the line。When I was waiting in line at the end, a strange Chinese grandmother spoke in Chinese, but I arrived at the security gate in about 10 minutes.。When you give your passport、The leader was arbitrarily elected and received the badge。Apparently only the representative puts a badge on his chest。Then pass your luggage through the security gate just like at the airport、Remove the belt、After clearing the security check, I was finally able to enter the UN premises.。

Actually this United Nations。It's America, not America! It seems that extraterritoriality is applied on the premises。So I wonder if I need a passport。

Immediately after entering the site, I saw a statue of a gun, a symbol of peace.。The idea of ​​the United Nations that the tip of the gun is tied to make a peaceful world that does not shoot the gun is clearly expressed.。


Now、When you enter the building and proceed a little, you will see the faces of successive UN Secretary-Generals! They are lined up in order from the first Trygve Lie to the 8th Ban Ki-moon.。For comparison、Former Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Guterres has been appointed Secretary-General of the United Nations since January 2017.、There were no photos at the time of the visit。

Secretary General

You can enter and leave freely inside the United Nations up to the first floor。You have to take a tour to look around (I was told that non-staff people can't get on the elevator)。The tour is multilingual, but only English tours are held every 30 minutes (15 minutes depending on the time of day)。Unfortunately, the Japanese tour was not held on this day, so I participated in the English tour.。I was told that the tour after 5 minutes was full, so I had no choice but to buy a ticket for the tour after 20 minutes and sat on the bench and waited.。Price is $ 22 for adults、13$ 15 for students over 60 and seniors over 60、5 to 12 years old was $ 13。There are many sites that are said to be $ 8 or $ 10 according to online information, but as of December 2016, it is $ 22 for adults.。The price is rising every day。

Seniors were over 60 years old, so only my mother could get a discount。When purchasing a ticket、1 senior、I said two adults、It was a self-assessment system without being asked to confirm the age.。Well、I don't think there are any people in the United Nations who lie, so I think they're self-reporting ... It's an extraterritoriality.。

The tour is about 20 people and is accompanied by one UN staff member.。You can take pictures freely、It also takes time to shoot at that place。Security Council meeting place on tour、Economic and Social Board of Directors、Council of Trustees、I went around the general conference hall。The guide staff is interesting、He explained happily with occasional jokes.。The tour ended in about an hour。

Next we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art。Walk from the United Nations to 51-chome Station、From there I moved to 86th Street station by subway。It's a long way from the station to the museum、I went while asking the passers-by about the location of the museum。

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Exchange city pass immediately after arrival。In exchange for the pass, get an admission card (sticker) and put it on your chest。Since there is little time to close, I'm going to take a quick look at only the desired ones。

I was at a loss when I went around the museum properly ... I was tired of a long trip, so I had my parents rest on the bench and looked around.、In a situation where I do not know where I am trying to return。I managed to find it after walking around for a few minutes、I think it's better to remember the room number when you act differently。

Security guards will be placed at the entrance of each gallery as the closing time approaches.、Re-entry is no longer possible。I stayed for about an hour、Well, I wasn't so interested in works of art, so I'm satisfied.。And tiredness peaked、Today we are talking about going back to the hotel。I intended to walk on Fifth Avenue on the way back, but in the end I went directly to Times Square by subway。