Try walking Numazu night scene ② ~ along the Kano River in the ultra-sensitive camera -

Numazu Port next to the Kano River。Building to be little I Numazu、Night is because the lights disappear a place where night view is seen beautiful limited to early。There also would especially become the night can not be seen Mount Fuji specialties、We have a lot of people who would return to tourism only during the day。In fact to tour pattern is often due to the Numazu only noon。

so、We want to tell along the good Kano River of the best in my Numazu city, a local Numazu people night atmosphere to everyone。before"Introduced once the Numazu night view! Of ~ fireworks the day before the calm before the storm -Even though there are those similar to the scenery that were introduced in "、D series of Nikon time was used in the。Please let originated the Numazu of splendor using the α7sⅡ of Sony this time!


Shooting location "Kano"

Range of over the History Bridge from Numazu night view is roughly the Perpetual Bridge to look beautiful of。I would like around and look at the night view in the center of the Onaribashi while, so head to the Bridge History from Eitai Bridge。


Seen from the Perpetual Bridge side Onaribashi from a distance

Daytime was good sunny evening but was cloudy。Of the previous article has become the same composition is、Again I wonder'm such because the scenery was the best。Tidbit also people who are jogging along the riverbed。

I'd say'm Japan is really peace but to go out there resistance alone at this time of the day that's overseas。

A little zoom。Change from the focal length of 16 to 25。Tokyo Electric Power Company of up to red and white tower is visible range of people from Shizuoka newspaper SBS white building to the right of the left is kana attractions。

Is too late and regret if I was not taken with this when ISO100 is better to funneled a star by increasing sensitivity not it that looked pretty。When to introduce the next Numazu night view of the Kano River with starry sky。

It was to approach to Onaribashi! After all, the leading role of the Kano River is probably this! ! It leaves powerful when viewed from the bottom。Anime "Love live there after the bridge! Sunshine!!Has become the Holy Land in the "Numazu Riverside hotel (Numazu River Side Hotel)。I did not cage the person who is the Holy Land pilgrimage is to truly this time(Lol)


From Onaribashi to Ayumi Bridge

Bent under the Onaribashi is to Ayumi Bridge side。We moved quickly to take jogging and so as not to disturb you people are immediately。

Finally from the History Bridge。To the ever brighter with a slightly different atmosphere。Although it seems divided likes and dislikes have only light。At the time of the day before the shooting of the last of the fireworks this time I'm handrail side was off-limits approached the river。I hope also Onaribashi see from Eitai Bridge side、It is also good from the History Bridge side


...... even in Oran 陀館 on the way back

I wonder if I will introduce in Oran 陀館 because the article has become too short。Cafeteria is in the acclaimed crowded with animation effect。「Numazu tourism ~ ~ to Watanabe, the day of the parents' home Oran 陀館It's made to close for another year since the introduction even "。The early The time has passed……


Even so, of closed just before 21:00Hey it is still great I have stopped three and three bikes car in spite of the。

From the top of the embankment。This It is also the same composition as the last shot。Even so, a person does not pass at all。Deserted to have Oran 陀館 😀

Another 21:00So it is closed。I return so tired soon because went from evening to Numazu Port today。


Next time you go to the Numazu NEOPASA Suruga Bay!

Numazu of night view taken with ultra-sensitive camera ① ~ Shipping Accessories Contact & port city eighty-three address -

before"Numazu tourism - Shipping Accessories All-harbor entrance park -In the article、I introduced the sunset and night view of Byuo.、I couldn't take very beautiful pictures because I used a point-and-shoot at that time.。so、「Introduced once the Numazu night view! Of ~ fireworks the day before the calm before the storm -I tried to take full advantage of the point-and-shoot, but I managed to take a beautiful picture.、After all it was a result that I was not satisfied with。

And、This time I will keep waiting from the evening at the shooting revenge、Finally, I was able to shoot something that I was satisfied with, so I would like to introduce it! !!


Filming location "Byuo" & "83 Port Town"

Byuo has both sides, the Minatoguchi Park side and the fish market side.、This time I took a picture from the fish market。Thinking from the place where the sun sets in this March、Because the sunset looks more beautiful on this side。

so、Eighty-three port towns were shot aiming for weekday nights when people were gone。Because the store closes at midnight、I wanted to take a picture of it shining brightly before it closed。


The setting sun behind the zoo、And the night view

I caught the moment when the sun was shining through the gap under the zoo。Succeeded in shooting sunlight by changing the settings several times。Search for the best position by changing places several times from here until the sun sets。

Go a little forward and get closer to Byuo。This time, the main characters are Byuo and the sun。When you look at it like this, the boobs look big and you feel like a last boss 😆 I don't care、The sunset is dazzling and I feel very bad for my eyes 😥

Change the white balance to make it look blue overall。I wonder why the image color of Byuo is (probably) blue.。

The sun is hiding in the clouds, so the glare has eased.。

The buoy was gradually lit up shortly before the sun set.。Byuo has many variations of light-up colors、Or blue、Or orange、It's blue & orange ... It looks like blue this time。

The wind is getting stronger and my body is getting colder。But I can't get rid of it from here。

The sun has completely set。However, the sky is slightly dyed orange by the light from the horizon.。From here, the sky turns blue toward the twilight time! !! The place is already fixed here。I keep looking into the finder while enduring the cold 🙂

The moment when the color of the streetlight, the color of the stool and the color of the sky are just right。Finally get a night view photo that you can be satisfied with!! After this、I took some pictures、It went black without being able to take good pictures.。It's difficult to have a limited time limit after the setting sun and before the sky is completely dark.。Moreover, I have no choice but to give up when it is raining or cloudy.。


The night face of the lively "83, Minatomachi" in the daytime

Visited 83, aiming before the store closed。There are many people in the daytime、It is difficult to see such a quiet figure。If it's too late at night, the surrounding lights will go out.、This time is the best because the atmosphere will disappear.。Although、Weekdays are better because there are many people until night for some reason on holidays。

Focusing on the lanterns of Numazu Port。Hama Grilled Shin-chan、Lively circle、And the Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium "Coelacanth Museum" is all in one!

I think that few people visit Byuoto Minatomachi 83 at night.、You can enjoy a different atmosphere from daytime。Please visit if you have the opportunity 🙂


Next time, I will introduce the night view along the Kano River centering on Onari Bridge!

Love live is very popular in the still Numazu! Also introduced Nakamise manhole second edition!

Regularly 27 articles Me at this time what continues to introduce the local Numazu! Love live Sunshine also there above all does not seem to wane also the momentum of the Holy Land visitors in the theater version published this year 😆

Also、Previously introduce the article "Local Numazu people is over the love live manhole in the shortest route! Sum many kilometers? ?Although Love live Sunshine of manhole wrote a post if it is updated in "、Fear it's that only the article volume becomes slightly、Collectively we will introduce this time! !


Numazu Port map

※ copyright of the character image "Project Love Live! Sunshine!!It belongs to "

I tried using the Love live Sunshine of the icon because it pains。Because for some reason there is a popular character Kunikida Hanamaru corner of Love live Sunshine in Numazu fresh Museum、If anime fans do not miss!


Kunikida Hanamaru corner in Numazu Minato fresh Museum

First Numazu Minato fresh Museum。Today's weekday Friday afternoon 16:30Since time does not descend most of the other tourists。Rattle also store。If you know the holiday of the degree of congestion、It is unbelievably the same place 🙂

It is very floated by one stroke of fresh Museum。Horizontal fully animated state of the restaurant called the round intuition。...... Oh this Brown is the character of the name to say that Kunikida Hanamaru! Kunikida character of the "circle" of Hanamaru is it with the "circle" of the round intuition Karaka。The same pattern car somewhere Matsuura shops and Watanabe shopping

Margin because such a picture is not taken, but no one in the evening on weekdays because the holiday of full of people! That has got steeped in Kunikida Hanamaru up towards the ceiling 😆


...... in the window glass of Numazu Port of pleasure boat "Chidori Maru"?

Kunikida from the Numazu port side outlet at the Hanamaru corner to get out at anchor several ferry If you take a look at the right-hand side。Was to look closely try and best the left side of the window has been something paint! ! That atmosphere is I Darrow Love live Sunshine、Looking closer to the close while I think that。

Ferry Kudan is here.。One because there was your Shipping Accessories in the background Pashari 📷

Love live Sunshine! Ohara from left Kiku莉、Kurosawa diamond、Kunikida Hanamaru、And Sakuranai Mariko! ! Will it have become to the level seen in character all the other live Sunshine 😆 maybe the rest of the characters on the reverse side is painted。


Devil's beautiful skin pudding "Milky Way"

Previously when I walked towards the Beppu you, there was not was the shop。I wonder what happened here? ? After a little thought I、Recall that I wonder there was a tourist office Speaking、Apparently tourist office of Numazu Port is it seems to have got transformed into the pudding shop!

Stuffed Nesoberi。Raburaiba is the guy that is attached to a good look。




If you look at Rakuten this magnitude is about 3000 yen。so……



lovelive! Sunshine!!Terra jumbo Nesoberi stuffed "Koumi Sen'uta”
price:157452Yen (tax included、Shipping by) (2019/3/23Point in time)



The I giant Terra jumbo whopping 160,000 yen! ? ! ? It is love live goods shalt fear ......


Now、Up to this point although I was the new thing in Numazu、Because in this blog is also to introduce the Numazu Port many times in the past by all means here "Numazu"Please browse than tag!

So location is changed to Nakamise、Want me to introduce Love live Sunshine manhole second edition。


Second edition manhole of Love live Sunshine! Ura star Jogakuin sophomore set

Re-use a map that was previously posted。Of three underThis manhole but to introduce this time。Let's north to immediately north Nakamise from the south!

...... image quality is not sorry down this far, I'm such was taken at a high-sensitivity single-lens reflex camera α7sⅡ of Sony、This is Kondeji IXY of Canon。




What is more than 200,000 😆 had been using cameras that usually care about is what Nikon but there is up to you to bring the night scene specialized camera because I wanted to shoot a really beautiful night view。And Do not if you can introduce this night view power in the next article。

Digress、I have taken photos just more of Raburaiba。Best to come to the south is Watanabe Sunday's Love Live Sunshine popular top class!

The color version of Watanabe Sunday manhole。Shout Street Yosoro only on Sunday、Background Numazu! Somehow or between the eyebrows is a little dirty? I guess become depressed because the manhole。Sorry 😥

The following is Sakuranai Mariko。Background oranges Uchiura!

And finally I love live Sunshine protagonist Koumi Sen'uta! Background, of course Uchiura oranges! ! that? You do not suffer with the Sakuranai Mariko? ?


the above、Also it has become Love live Sunshine of the article this time。Because in Numazu regularly love live Sunshine-related paint or the like is replaced、It is what I would like you to visit frequently to those who fans! It should be noted、Third grade set is "New area OPEN to the port city eighty-three address! Nakamise manhole also introduce third bullet!We have introduced in "。


Next time we will introduce the second edition night view of Numazu。Beppu your、Kano River、But even in per Oran 陀館。



Night view photographing the projection mapping of the Opera House! From Sydney Tower Eye to Circular Quay penetrate the Sydney heartland

Summer was not long in the Sydney Tower Eye for the day is slow sinking is。But why、On this day 21:00To see the projection mapping of the Sydney Opera House starting from 😥


Walking map "Opera House from Sydney Tower Eye"

The total travel distance is 2km。that? 2km ......? ? Tripod bearers while you are surprised to see the moving distance in so ran the one ...... now map 😮

Even so crowded by a distance that the was not scared at all even if run while hanging on the camera shoulder of truly Sydney。The best is it security!


Sydney city center night view

Sydney center of night。Although the night 20:45I wonder if it was time? Ah、If you see Exif information 20:49...... Christmas decorations will have shining and shiny was。However, because a hurry are not even if you are carefree to look at the kind of。Even so are impressed with us and the thing that was in time well to the projection mapping in 11 minutes from here。

Martin Place (Martin Place) station。Distinctive clock tower which is visible to the front。This one stop across Circular Quay station。But I've got a distance to what worry Opera House from Circular Quay Station。

Se t、It was not a case you are carefree shooting 😆

Sydney Museum (Museum of Sydney) before。Because there was an interesting Haribote had carelessly stopped 🙂

Circular Quay is right there if you come up here。Already shortness of breath state。Tripod is heavy ......


Projection mapping of the Sydney Opera House

Almost projection mapping at the same time to have arrived started。I was really can be taken without a loss because it was raised is ...... tripod was barely already set。There was a Kai was running at play 🙂

Go pattern is changed in a fairly fast pace。Not he be so visitors because, as has been done every day、Everyone felt that try to sit side by side on the floor。This photo we have taken from the side of the column。Since Upon exiting before more become to all of the way。Maybe manners violation of before blue like a clothes dressed person of I'm there sometimes of eyes。

It was good Okya and video shooting but it is too late 😥

Shooting off a person using a slower shutter speed。One that quite has skillfully taken。

Dark because just now was too little brightness。Be this is the most beautiful to take。

Strange dead tree starts to be projection。I wonder, but there is something theme、It is not possible to re-confirm it did not take a video unfortunately。

Even so, it was a blink of projection mapping。21:00It was a presentation of about 10 minutes at the start。It was only 10 minutes but I enjoyed very。It is to come to more If you want to see a full-fledged of the end of May Vivi de Sydney (Vivid Sydney)


Even in the night view of Circular Quay because it pains

Do you go home from the well in the night scene so came much trouble on the night of the opera house Do the。Despite at this time of the day、Nobody was difficult to shoot to not enter the field of view are many people。It was or drop shutter speed using Toka ND filter you were now、At this time, without any such skills。

In the dark a little。Out atmosphere of the opera house in here feel classy person of。It also looks Harbor Bridge towards the back when I look good。

Sydney city and Sydney Opera House。View buildings in Sydney and、Naa I came running out of there and Kangaibukaku。

Let around the Circular Quay all round。Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge!

Harbor Bridge from Circular Quay side。Please expect this because it also introduces night view from the other side of the river at the later of the article!

The city of Sydney。I Opera House also no Harbor Bridge、This kind of scenery but it may in Sydney。

Again Opera House。Under the restaurant Waiwaigayagaya。The next time you have a telephoto lens Koyotto。

Harbor Bridge and Opera House from the other side beyond the Circular Quay station。I think the wind is strong is can be seen from the movement of the flag、This day was hard to walk very wind nuclear strength。Isha lack of Shah because along the river 😆


Now、Although next time I just want to finally go to the Blue Mountains ......、Not please to introduce in local Numazu a little pause!

...... from the Sydney Tower Eye? ! This is the Southern Hemisphere the best night view!

A few minutes from it while overlooking the Sydney city while remember the anxiety and the weather is becoming suspicious、No wonder if it was the number enough。Wait while the camera toward the Darling Harbor district。Although the Sydney Tower Eye is not a tripod ban、It was felt that do not use if it is noted on the manners。So the camera is fixed to the gorilla pod waited intently day of the sink。Tripod NG But gorilla pod of location is often referred to as OK beans knowledge。



JOBY Flexible tripod Gorillapod 1K kit mirror-less single-lens corresponding 015039 [Domestic regular goods]
price:8281Yen (tax included、free shipping) (2019/3/21Point in time)



We bring those reasonably good because it was a single-lens reflex camera。In either will buy smartphone much corresponding Toka if 1000 yen、Because it was indeed the strength to anxiety。


Sydney town just after sunset as seen from the Sydney Tower Eye

Darling Harbor district has been gradually lights in buildings Tomo'。Town Hall this and Sydney Town Hall is the glowing pink that looks under the Citibank。Darling Harbor is hazy little clouds。I wonder if not or rain from now on ......

In front of the Darling Harbor with a slightly different angle。Very good view。Thing that there is worth waiting to here!

It also has been beautifully lit up St. Mary's Cathedral。Naval base is also surprisingly light many、It is cheers for good work until night 🙂

Wait for this remains Twilight time because there is no ...... how further fog is dense Once passed a little 🙁


Finally rush to Sydney Twilight time!

Day time period in which the sky is dyed blue dim sinking。Night view is now in the twilight time, which is also the moment the most beautiful look。It remains a little cloud、It will take also there may be flavor it also by the view。

It also looks shine of the Ferris wheel of Darling Harbor。It has become a good accent orange color of the road towards the left。

Barangaru district direction in the re-development of a slightly different angle。I guess is supposed to be more awesome even after a few years this night view。

Angle at which the Harbor Bridge enters the last minute。I No、It will and ...... turning to the more right

If you are 🙁 originally this white building comes in the way I wonder I wonder this Circular Quay direction becomes the most points of interest。Objects that are shining white immediately to the right of the building it's Sydney Opera House, but over over

Exit also another soon Twilight time。Finally Mrs. Makuarizu Chair & Navy side of the。This is line-of-sight far since there is no tall buildings。I think I Naa Sydney'm a port city and still try to look at doing this。It is not that there is no ship also from the top of the river until such time。


Day completely sink Sydney is the night to the time zone

Kings already fully day Once the camera toward the cross direction is not sinking、Sydney had become night。The night view is also in the direction that is not relatively prosperous。It Sydney is the city

Brighten the image by lowering the little shutter speed。The light in and become darker so far is difficult to shoot reflected in the glass。Since taking over the around the camera on the court in order to prevent the reflected light。

I went around until the first of the landscape of this article。At the bottom when I look goodHilton Hotel Sydney (Hilton Sydney Hotel)I will Mie。The Sydney Hilton five-star hotel。It It is the best location。

Shooting, including the sky up a little pitch。Daytime and evening、Landscape which is also a different atmosphere can enjoy the Twilight time。

I tried to raise the exposure a little。I wanted not really a little more slowly taken 😆 be a little too bright、The night of the day 21:00This at Tower tourist end because it was the fact that projection mapping is performed at the Sydney Opera House from。

By the way, fee for hotels around Sydney Tower Eye。You can see that the high considerable price in the world。Please try to stay by all means those who are considered ...... even a little high considering that it can monopolize this spectacular night view (laughs)


Regards because I would like to introduce a night view of Circular Quay and the next time!

Its height is the second in the southern hemisphere? ! Climb the Sydney Tower Eye!

Finally Sydney Tower Eye in the Sydney article 14 nails! I wonder what this circuitous feeling ......(Lol)Hey, I'm much a tourist destination good to be in Sydney's attractions Best 3。Well Introducing this kind of was a little shift the way is that the features of this blog!


Sydney Tower Eye of location (The Location of Sydney Tower Eye)

Sydney Tower Eye is located in central Sydney,。Right next to Hyde Park。But it's visible from anywhere in the Sydney also Well, not to introduce in such a map。

1970Construction began a year、Completed in 1981 after the then 11 years。The total construction cost is a whopping 36 million Australian dollars。Suge!!!!Sydney Opera House you might think I ...... is Tteyuu rests 120 million Australian dollars。I wish Anna Chikkoi。

By the way, Datte do the old days was the name I Sydney Tower。2011Name change to the current Sydney Tower Eye to change the management company year。It says even Butchakedo w


To the inlet of the Sydney Tower Eye

Re-use of the image, which was placed in a previous article。This is the Sydney Tower Eye。The time being opposite。

The entrance is I have a lot。The time being intrusion from here 🙂 I am a JP Morgan employee (lie)

Butchakedo doing or going to the entrance of the Sydney Tower Eye and Wakaran。Spree proceed for the time being。It's had arrived in suitably advanced results JP Morgan entrance in ......。To the people of acceptance "Sydney Tower Eye is here either!?" Had been pushed back I Once you asked me "different! 'S other side of the building down once!" 😥

Then readjust the gas-looking tower。There was a corridor next to the ZARA。Did a long time ago group I Speaking corridor Hashiritai。

Scenes from the corridor。look! people are like rubbish! !

There's also something in the food court After wandering arrival ~ ♪ Yayoi hotels such a place。Tenant fee High saw 😯

Christmas decoration。Or Sydney Tower Eye of the entrance where I'm ...... that

It is the number of over who sedge individual food court。Advance destination wade wade through people ~ ♪

Looked! ! The Way to Sydney Tower Eye Observation Deck! Straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally arrived at the ticket office。Hesitated huge amount。so、Since the ticket of the Sydney Tower eye to the human receptionist that day came I wanted to take ...... Actually night view that the "No" When asked if the climb again and again if you buy once Naa I'm troubled that it is it。I decided to climb from a little doing Pokemon because there is no place to go although the Well。

By the way, the best I can to crush Nde lead in this Sydney Tower Eye of the building within the Wi-Fi free time 😆


To the observation deck of the Sydney Tower Eye

To the observatory because you purchased a ticket。I got glasses for 4D cinema at the entrance。

Ticket fee is what ...... day different Tteyuu by day ticket is got to be 29 Australian dollars a relatively expensive (as of March 2019)。By the way, this advanceonlineIn idea to purchase will be 23.2 Australian dollar。In Advance Purchase If so rising day has been decided。But I think it is better to climb on a sunny day to see the worst Nde of the day the weather when I raining say rain and

after、Recommended because the attraction of hit it and one set of tickets of whether the introduction was I SEA LIFE and Big Bus Sydney also in the previous article is fairly discounted。

Go down the road was something pun。

It made me a strange 4D cinema before riding the elevator of Sydney Tower Eye。Admit content is not impressive enough do not remember most ......

so、Then to the elevator。Finally to the observation deck。


Sydney Tower Eye observation deck (Sydney Tower Eye Observation deck)

Well arrived! In what has become to what the wind is immediately middle of the scenery in front of ......。First souvenir shop。Amount of money you raise。Darling HarborThere is cheaper bought in。

Type is often。I still'm the sell shop of this kind of place but。Tourists rather than want souvenir itself、Have you ever heard or something buy a souvenir for the memories。

Snacks and Cafe There was also。Of course price accordingly。

It is a vending machine。But nobody bought。Souvenir Press is there on the right-hand side。2Guy I can be the print of the Sydney Tower eye on their money in Australian dollar。It is there some overseas。

Photo booth? ! This was fresh because not apparent so much 😯

The entrance of the famous SKYWALK of Sydney Tower Eye。Attraction that's me this skywalk walk Tekuteku while looking at the Sydney city in the under eyes out of the Sydney Tower Eye。It is a huge amount scary guy if say a word。

so、2019Pattern is the year of March which is to SKYWALK is canceled。It might have slipped Possibly if someone。scary scary……


View from Sydney Tower Eye

Your long-awaited。Is the view from Sydney Tower Eye! ! You can look down all of the building because it is the tallest tower in Sydney。Its height is 260m! ...... It's lower than the Tokyo Tower, let alone Tokyo Sky Tree I! !

Although the view is the best! This is King's Cross Station district。Hyde Park is spread under eyes。

See the Basilica of Saint Mary in the lower right。

Telephoto! ! Obviously the panoramic view we did not know from the bottom? !

Naval base and Mrs. Makuarizu Chair。I I've been around in circles over there, et al sides

Following this white'm disturbed Sydney specialty Operaha ...... at Circular Quay towards the building! ! Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge are not visible at all, thanks 😥 little - I please and construction read air

Give up Barangaru direction。I wonder walked at the foot of the triple building towards the left。

Darling Harbor。Here is without any unobstructed! I National Maritime Museum you will see clearly! !


And the day is sinking in ...... in the evening

Matta waiting。Earnestly waited。Round and round about even tired anymore observation deck。And it has been sunk at last day。Darling Harbor also we have been dyed orange。

The setting sun lit the city of Sydney from the clouds。It seems to be completely sink the day as much as after small one hour。

Also it feels like more and more people turned to dusk。I wait wait wait for the photo shoot。

that……? I do not have a little cloudy something? ?



Next time you take a night view from Sydney Tower Eye。Enjoy the 🙁

Chinatown from Sydney Central Station、And to Hyde Park

Also starts from the Central Station in the last continuation while have a why such famous 2 article in the place nor the tourist destinations are using or ...... such a thought。


Walking map "Sydney Central Station (Sydney Central Station)" near

Map was loaded in the previous article Manma。Scope of this article is to return to the Market City from Central Train Station、It will exit to the Hyde Park through the Chinatown from there。

En routeSupermarkets of me Coles wearing a。Since the cheap Toka Toka food drink、If you want a few days stay, it is a very good idea to stock up here。If you buy juice that's super I to about 400 yen per can is 4 liters apple juice of you or entered the hand at about 150 yen at convenience stores。


Sydney Central Station (Sydney Central Station)

First Entrance。Wide to visibly station。Such Central Station that's Europe I'm often pickpocket with poor security Sydney is safe。I walked around hanging a camera from the shoulder in the room。For the first time I knew look now photographs of the side-by-side ATM I do not care。

Wide Hey ......

Here in the Christmas tree also。Tourists are commemorative photo。Since the Information Center has also been installed in the middle Chaimashou heard When the trouble in transfer。Maybe something will be taken care of when you go to the Blue Mountains。

Here is the tourist office。There is a toilet next to this。I wonder if I there must be explained one by one because everywhere for him left to the toilet? Has started I think I。

Bronze statue of Father John Whitto of NSW railway。British-born railway engineer。Is a person who contributed to the laying of about 3500km。Black line that has been drawn on the map that Nokka' in the photograph Will a route that was his charge。

One also from Koch Pashari。That's sight is common in foreign countries to see the walking premises by bicycle。Overseas but is under regulation to bring the bike on the train in Japan is comparatively free。

Hey tried to enter the platform。Quite the train is stopped。However, in clean vehicle as Japan that contains the seasoned not。I Japan'm just beautiful too

Tram that light rail stop Once out of the station。Or've go to Market City from here。Light Rail is a beautiful。

Do not forget to tap on the machine that is always in this stop is when you get on and off the light rail。Because we do not have the machine in the car。It is the card reader looks per the middle of the pole that is written I Tap On Toka Tap Off in white on a red background in the photo above。

This is the north exit of the Sydney Central Station。It is nothing but wide station。

Here is the north exit side of the bus terminal。Electric train、Light Rail、It is going anywhere because the bus is all。If you put out even money。


It cuts through the Belmore Park (Belmore Park) to the Capitol area (Capitol)

There is a Belmore Park in front of the eye and exiting the Central Station。Until now because it was seen only artifacts feast for the eyes in the hereabouts 🙂

Calm because people are less。

Proceed Hay Street the (Hay Street) toward Capitol Square (Capitol Square)。It has become many people and leaving the park。

Proceed while keeping it straight and along the route of the light rail。Capitol Square station is probably there in front of the eye。so、The following Market City station。

There was a Seven-Eleven。A little detour。

Know you'll try if this price。500ml PET bottle juice whopping 4-5 Australian Dollar! ! Jerk and patience but the Japanese yen ...... throat it's a much 400 yen in the was thirsty。And you will immediately that this patience is rewarded ✌ it in the last of this article。

Bank of China。Evidence of Chinatown has become close。

Chinese has increased。

Catapult shot because there was something strange tree。


Sydney Chinatown (Sydney China Town)

Chinatown on the right side walk for a while。It is a gate that was visited in the previous article。This time you pass through without turning back!

Decoration above the intersection。Because perhaps the Christmas season it seems whether Illumination。

Interesting things found。Tama Toka Relax in the Kitty-chan and furniture。I Hello Kitty knew famous overseas Yomoya Relax far as is。

I guess is the exit of Chinatown。Well it was quite a blink or say what。

Big downhill and slip through the gate。

Signal waiting。

It had been someone's face is painted on the wall in the direction of Sakanoshita Speaking。Maybe I celebrity。

It finished over the previous intersection。It will go towards the Chinese Garden that was introduced in the previous article and go straight in this state。Turn right because there is no way even back。


Food procurement in the shopping center

Try to enter because the left is huge shopping center seemed to walk for a while。

There was this underground Coles。Very cheap! Here procure drink。Because it was hungry I had also bought croissants Toka various other。WoolWorths is more of Coles that it is personal impression but also cheap was cheap。WoolWorths guess I have left an impression that was a plastic bag got unlimited in self-checkout。

Hanging out in the center。Lazily I've been a little tired -

Walking without rest but。Then turn right out of the shopping center。

Museum Station (Museum Station) you will see on the left side and walk this along the road。Hyde Park arrived at there! This remains until the King's Cross Station Hotel and bounce so tired indeed。And to the Sydney Tower Eye After a little break。


Schedule of Sydney Tower Eye is the next。