Chinatown from Sydney Central Station、And to Hyde Park

Also starts from the Central Station in the last continuation while have a why such famous 2 article in the place nor the tourist destinations are using or ...... such a thought。


Walking map "Sydney Central Station (Sydney Central Station)" near

Map was loaded in the previous article Manma。Scope of this article is to return to the Market City from Central Train Station、It will exit to the Hyde Park through the Chinatown from there。

En routeSupermarkets of me Coles wearing a。Since the cheap Toka Toka food drink、If you want a few days stay, it is a very good idea to stock up here。If you buy juice that's super I to about 400 yen per can is 4 liters apple juice of you or entered the hand at about 150 yen at convenience stores。


Sydney Central Station (Sydney Central Station)

First Entrance。Wide to visibly station。Such Central Station that's Europe I'm often pickpocket with poor security Sydney is safe。I walked around hanging a camera from the shoulder in the room。For the first time I knew look now photographs of the side-by-side ATM I do not care。

Wide Hey ......

Here in the Christmas tree also。Tourists are commemorative photo。Since the Information Center has also been installed in the middle Chaimashou heard When the trouble in transfer。Maybe something will be taken care of when you go to the Blue Mountains。

Here is the tourist office。There is a toilet next to this。I wonder if I there must be explained one by one because everywhere for him left to the toilet? Has started I think I。

Bronze statue of Father John Whitto of NSW railway。British-born railway engineer。Is a person who contributed to the laying of about 3500km。Black line that has been drawn on the map that Nokka' in the photograph Will a route that was his charge。

One also from Koch Pashari。That's sight is common in foreign countries to see the walking premises by bicycle。Overseas but is under regulation to bring the bike on the train in Japan is comparatively free。

Hey tried to enter the platform。Quite the train is stopped。However, in clean vehicle as Japan that contains the seasoned not。I Japan'm just beautiful too

Tram that light rail stop Once out of the station。Or've go to Market City from here。Light Rail is a beautiful。

Do not forget to tap on the machine that is always in this stop is when you get on and off the light rail。Because we do not have the machine in the car。It is the card reader looks per the middle of the pole that is written I Tap On Toka Tap Off in white on a red background in the photo above。

This is the north exit of the Sydney Central Station。It is nothing but wide station。

Here is the north exit side of the bus terminal。Electric train、Light Rail、It is going anywhere because the bus is all。If you put out even money。


It cuts through the Belmore Park (Belmore Park) to the Capitol area (Capitol)

There is a Belmore Park in front of the eye and exiting the Central Station。Until now because it was seen only artifacts feast for the eyes in the hereabouts 🙂

Calm because people are less。

Proceed Hay Street the (Hay Street) toward Capitol Square (Capitol Square)。It has become many people and leaving the park。

Proceed while keeping it straight and along the route of the light rail。Capitol Square station is probably there in front of the eye。so、The following Market City station。

There was a Seven-Eleven。A little detour。

Know you'll try if this price。500ml PET bottle juice whopping 4-5 Australian Dollar! ! Jerk and patience but the Japanese yen ...... throat it's a much 400 yen in the was thirsty。And you will immediately that this patience is rewarded ✌ it in the last of this article。

Bank of China。Evidence of Chinatown has become close。

Chinese has increased。

Catapult shot because there was something strange tree。


Sydney Chinatown (Sydney China Town)

Chinatown on the right side walk for a while。It is a gate that was visited in the previous article。This time you pass through without turning back!

Decoration above the intersection。Because perhaps the Christmas season it seems whether Illumination。

Interesting things found。Tama Toka Relax in the Kitty-chan and furniture。I Hello Kitty knew famous overseas Yomoya Relax far as is。

I guess is the exit of Chinatown。Well it was quite a blink or say what。

Big downhill and slip through the gate。

Signal waiting。

It had been someone's face is painted on the wall in the direction of Sakanoshita Speaking。Maybe I celebrity。

It finished over the previous intersection。It will go towards the Chinese Garden that was introduced in the previous article and go straight in this state。Turn right because there is no way even back。


Food procurement in the shopping center

Try to enter because the left is huge shopping center seemed to walk for a while。

There was this underground Coles。Very cheap! Here procure drink。Because it was hungry I had also bought croissants Toka various other。WoolWorths is more of Coles that it is personal impression but also cheap was cheap。WoolWorths guess I have left an impression that was a plastic bag got unlimited in self-checkout。

Hanging out in the center。Lazily I've been a little tired -

Walking without rest but。Then turn right out of the shopping center。

Museum Station (Museum Station) you will see on the left side and walk this along the road。Hyde Park arrived at there! This remains until the King's Cross Station Hotel and bounce so tired indeed。And to the Sydney Tower Eye After a little break。


Schedule of Sydney Tower Eye is the next。

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