Sydney maximum of traffic of the main to the "Sydney Central Station"! I tried to walk from Darling Harbor

The largest station is not even in the Circular Quay (Circular quay) even Town Hall (Town Hall) station in Sydney。It is Sydney's Central Station (Sydney Central Station)。Kingsford Smith Airport (Sydney (Would station through almost always the case from the Kingsford Smith Airport) towards the city。Also、Even if you go by train to the Blue Mountains will this station is the arrival and departure point。

but、That tourists visit and I wonder if likely to be positioned as much without last stopover。Although the Chinese would be different because there is a Chinatown in the vicinity。


Walking map "Darling Harbor to Sydney Central Station" Darling Harbour to Sydney Central Station

At once publish a route to introduce separately from this time to 2 times。Range from Chinese Garden next to which is in Darling Harbor to go through the Market City to Central Station is in this article。Sightseeing in Central Station in the next article、Go through to Hyde Park via the Chinatown。

It has around meaningless to round the map、In about 1km at the shortest distance we will arrive to the Central Station from the start point。

This is represented in the map。It is of so much there is no interesting is But as a tourist。I you may stop by is much Chinatown and the Market City if anyway。


First to Market City (Market City)!

Ready-to-Market City Once you've north I've written "to the Market City!" Nante around the streets of the road surface rail to the left had appeared to be heading。Look、You have written me Market City in the wall of that brown building?

Just tram came running。It is turning the only tourist destination when the moving means tram is important for the locals I think he does not notice say there would be a tram in Sydney。Opal card even you can take the easy if you have。

It goes into from here。Since the tram stops in front of the Market City entrance、Please get off here people riding one stop from the Central Station I do not want just to walk from the Central Train Station。


Local shopping center is located in the China Town "Market City"

Stairs as soon as the entrance'm。It was caught surprise!

Finish up the stairs and Information Center。Let around for the time being

I was doing something event in the middle of the hall。Anyway probably Christmas? ? Accustomed also another summer of Christmas

The so-called Food Court (Food Court)。There is a store that has been written me "Ramen" in Japanese is to the left back of the photo。It also eats ramen bother here because Sydney is high prices

From the upper floor of the center of Christmas decorations。This shopping center sounds like a certain Toka Food Court Toka apparel shop seen a little while ago like a department store。Atmosphere What local shopping center aligned the most part of things if you come here

Possibly travel agency of the Chinese on this side of the exit。Chinese travel agency only to one in Chinatown will do there is demand。


...... just a little bit in Chinatown

It came out the Market City。Is quite a lot of people。Maybe here is the main gate of the。Looking back a little towards the earlier of the entrance before proceeding。

Chinatown gate next to the Market City。Four Seas is a family in the Japanese "To see the people of the world like one of the family」。I do know is whether the same meaning for the Chinese。

Or try duck gate just a little bit because it pains。

Try to return not find anybody because in here 😎 that had been deserted surprising come back one more time after a stop by Central Station。


Central to the station

Just to the Market City at the exit of the location。Well I do not know the object on the sidewalk。Proceeding without plunged so much in this kind of。Straight on the road in front of the map。

While walking and Prince Center that Prince Center this and Taishi center。I see、I No center is center in Prince Prince。Here it is or would place such as a shopping center for Chinese。

WoolWorth on the other side of the intersection。It is the largest of the super Australia。Price was felt higher than the Coles。We will introduce the Coles of recommended super in the next article。

To find anybody not turn left at this intersection。

There has been a Decca have church Once you look towards the left。The church is the Anglican Church (Christ Church St Laurence)。It may of course receive a strong influence of the United Kingdom is considering the history of Australia。

It was also felt that I want to go to church, but go straight to put up with a jerk。

Korean has been looked after a while。It might be a South Korean city because around here is I saw a profusely Hangul characters。

The road has been opened!

Great man of few When you look at the reverse side 😯

It seems there is a bus terminal。

We arrived at the place I Railway Square。I guess I got to the central station at the time anymore such name is lucky。Still, it's ish tourists has increased at a stretch。It seems Guest to hereabouts side of the hotel。Because、It There 's no tourist destination near。

Railway Square round and round。During enjoy a number of after a long time of people 🙂

No number of cars also odd。

Another this right next to is the Central Station。


Finally arrived at the destination。Next time, let's tour of the Central Station。

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