Black history - of Tate Liverpool - triangular trade from Liverpool tourism International Slavery Museum

International Slavery Museum


And International Slavery Museum in the same building as the Merseyside Maritime Museum。Because admission is free、You may go incidentally even if there is no interest。

Location is diverted to the one used in the previous article。International Slavery Museum in the red circle。Located in the left side of the Merseyside Maritime Museum of the previous article。

The third floor of the building entrance。Solemn entrance of the dun。Pleasant mood is blown off 🙁

Here Liverpool is the famous world heritage as a maritime city, but、Very notorious city in the old triangular trade (poor say when the slave trade)。It's the old days was a very small fishing village、17It has rapidly evolved from century。The reason is triangular trade。

Weapons and liquor United Kingdom to Africa、Instead of sending the fiber product、Sold off to the United States the black slaves、United Kingdom that the sugar and cotton in the United Kingdom from the United States sent、Africa、Triangular trade because production countries between the United States are involved。Hey I merchant, such as easy money have appeared in the Tate like a sugar, which will be described later by this。

Museum internal。Posters were also exhibition of the things that had been used in the slave trade but I was wondering what the main。Here is mainly like exhibition of weapons were sent from England to Africa is the main。

The beginning of the history from here the slave trade。Or description Europe has been cited profit much by the slave trade。

Painting Toka exhibition of the slave ship and at the time state。It is written on the wall of the right of the cylinder”My hopes of returning home again is all over”Shocking that I。It is a grief that can not go back to the other again the motherland of Africa。

Contact、Photos of people came out。Ish African hero。

Nelson Mandela! ! It is also Martin Luther King, Jr.。What hero who was instrumental in the abolitionist movement。And many more of the people who do not know know their own ignorance。

Followed by a ponderous story。Slaves across the Atlantic Ocean、This means that African people who went to the Americas is how had been handled had been described in conjunction with photo。It had been represented by a model or picture that there are no more photos。

I just came back to the entrance to say the arrival ...... to exit。Exhibition is a small but、I think that it was the high-density museum Given the history。Which was to form the commandments of the modern that should not be repeated again things like the slave trade I thought it was the International Slavery Museum。


Tate Liverpool


Tate Liverpool、At the soon as you turn left so as to surround the Albert Dock proceed to merge side from the International Slavery Museum。

Red revolving door entrance。National Museum of Fine Arts network part of the "Tate" is here。Tate and formerly have been called me the Tate Gallery、Sir Henry Tate was Taisei in the sugar business in the old days、Opportunity that their own painting collection was trying donated to the National Gallery in 1889。

Tate is、There is honor to the artist famous that is also sponsored by the I "Turner Prize" in the UK。

Liverpool Museum is basically free, but is often the place where soliciting donations。For example, the Tate Liverpool is looking for a donation of £ 4、You do not have to be paid。It is nice and I'll put If you are satisfied。

Here is the fourth floor of the top floor exhibition。Pepper-kun will have a lot。In fact, in this Tate Liverpool hotel shooting ban、That of this 4 floor only OK。The other floors had paintings decorated but did not take。

Rather than feeling like a lot of want to see ordinary museum painting is decorated with Ba'、It was your elegant exhibition a little put a space in one single painting。

This is co-star of pepper you and the dog of the robot。It was the middle 's interesting exhibition and adjust them is pepper-kun to the movement of the dog 🙂


Shall we go, even to Piaheddo next time。

Liverpool tourism Merseyside glimpse into the Maritime Museum - Titanic and the Nazi history -

Most of the museum is free of Liverpool。Since therefore much trouble to have a museum tour the first issue of the Merseyside Maritime Museum。There is also that long ago Titanic in had stayed、It is so famous Titanic exhibition。After that it is also seen exhibition of Toka World War II。

Although I touched a little bit in the previous article、Location is north of the Albert Dock。There is a range which is visible from one bus station。

Before the museum's eyes。Ship here also will have on display。You can not possibly ride in this。

Should put once the entrance again, it's the same image as the previous article。OK well into from anywhere but a lot there is a door。Ah、Sodasoda、Note to business hours when the museum tour of Liverpool。Basically, 10:00~17:00So is the museum that could spin in one day is limited。

Why do not you enter the entrance was a great man of the amount。It might have encountered on tour。4-story that do it but the fourth floor restaurant。Merge from there - That's right can eat overlooking the river。

Now、Since the shop was crowded and admission to the museum and to postpone Mars。Ah、Since the same building as the Slavery Museum”Maritime Museum”Are You a

First to the top floor riding the elevator。Feel that the person who went Kudat from top to bottom Tokusuru to physically。Restaurant But the entrance of did me welcomed object of Navy military personnel。Here it is enough to have been selected in the Michelin Guide in 2010 restaurant。In its own way even price、Maybe better of the first floor of the snack restaurant at a reasonable price is the person you want to finish with snacks。I dare not say that over (monetary aspects that did not enter into the inside because the stomach is not heh 😳

From the first exhibition of the great people who made the ship。I am here because so much the ship is not familiar was around and Salah Ttomi。

View from the third floor。Model of the previous entrance before the ship。I wonder if weather permitting。Although it has a International Slavery Museum is in the third floor it will introduce in conjunction with the Tate Museum in the next article!

Titanic from here。”The untold story”。It seems the story is seen that is not apparently told。There is a history that the Titanic was starting from here Liverpool、Here replica of the Titanic has been a matter of course at the time of the photograph is attached。And it can be seen also Toka ship of state、That you can see the movie Titanic is fairly expressed in the form close to reality!

When asked me Mauritania might think of Africa countries、This is that at the time the world's largest, fastest boasts a British passenger liner Mauritania (aka Molly)。By Gochin of Lusitania's sister ship in the First World War、Toka was carried out mainly transport of soldiers at anchor here Liverpool。It is large after the war was used as a luxury liner、A little poor talk of subsequent ship had Saleh to scrap the last order came out one after another。

Exhibition of the White Star Line。Large companies of me White Star Line Company, which had held the Toka Titanic in the company of the shipping business。Now it runs a ship I Cunard Line, Inc. to change the name I Queen Mary Toka Queen Elizabeth Toka Queen Victoria (Naa likes queen)。

Exhibition of the Atlantic naval battle。GO to war history corner with Germany from here

Let Susumo to earlier because there is no time but there is a variety of exhibition。Perhaps、The history of the time would you have written the Zurazura。Another sentence was Miaki! !

Nazi Germany Flag。We talk of Liverpool where I think London Blitz is a famous called The Blitz and referred to in the United Kingdom and Germany related to the Second World War。Apparently was also quite hard and or angry is anti-Jewish riots here Liverpool。

At the time military personnel、The surgeon、It is a statue of a nurse。Maybe life-size。Indeed foreigner、Spent in was over

In front of the statue there is also space for ...... viewing as good。Unfortunately, this time without screening。You could use a break because nobody 😛

I wonder if this was the video corner。That's the story of the Lusitania。Mauritania's sister ship, which was described earlier。Submarine of the German Navy, "U-20"、United Kingdom of your ship, which had been destroyed by the so-called U-boat。It is possible to slide is going to try with in his life in a dim room。

Story around here is Mr. captain of。Dondake great captain also said to be proud corner to introduce what was in Liverpool!

Continue to captain corner。I was saying just a great captain、Tari was that of the Strait of maintenance More specifically say、Dattari achievement of captain in a storm。You can know such a thing。Well、Sure it is I guess personally I'm a great was interested in more of the Titanic and the Nazi story 😉


The following are introduced once the Slavery Museum and the Tate Museum!

Liverpool tourism Albert Dock - Maritime Mercantile City of the Waterfront -

I've been to Liverpool so far and finally came to Albert Dock 😉

This Albert Dock is on the Liverpool waterfront、Various attractions、Museum、Probably the number one tourist spot in Liverpool with restaurants etc.。

The positional relationship from the one bus station is this、Right next to。The Albert Dock is a culvert surrounded by the red line route that I walked this time.。Pier dock on the north side、Kings Dock just south。

If you introduce each building near Albert Dock, one article will be huge.、This article focuses only on Albert Dock、In addition, I will introduce museums in a separate article!

The Albert Dock can be seen across the street on the west side of the bus station。Arrive just by crossing one signal。

Step into the Albert Dock area while walking on the cobblestones。The gate in front of you is the entrance。The place where "Albert Dock" is written on the right side。

Ships moored at the dock。The other side is a peer dock, so I will introduce the details in another article!

There was also a merry-go-round。It seems to be open until night and it is lit up beautifully。The image is also in the article of Albert Dock at night!

This is a restaurant made by remodeling the pump house at the entrance of Albert Dock。There is also an outdoor deck、A place where you can enjoy fish and chips and beer while looking out at the sea。Customers can be seen even at this time。

Scenery from the restaurant。The weather is a little disappointing, but if it's sunny, you can see a nice view!

MerseysideMaritimeMuseum。Here you can learn about the black history of Liverpool。It's a tourist destination with the image of the Beatles and soccer.、It used to be a base for triangular trade ... This museum will be visited later, so for the time being, I will go around the Albert Dock.。

Cross the pier to the depths of the dock。Just making red bricks。

This is the Albert Dock body。The ship is moored。Souvenir shops, restaurants and museums are lined up around this.

Tate Museum。I can't really introduce you here because photography was almost prohibited except for some.、I wonder if I will introduce it in the article with the Merseyside Maritime Museum earlier.。

From a position diagonally to the entrance。Well、After all the bad weather is bad。It's not sunny in England, right?

Cross the building to the outside of Albert Dock。Suddenly the Ferris wheel appeared and I was surprised! 😯

This is the south entrance that I have just passed。You can see it from the photo、The other side of the door is the exit and you can go to Albert Dock。And、On the right side are many coffee shops COSTA in Liverpool。It was also in Alder Hay。

The Beatles Story! This Beatles Story is the so-called Beatles Museum。The admission fee is quite high, and if you are an adult, it costs about £ 16.。If you like the Beatles, you should go。By the way, the old man standing in the middle is not an object of the Beatles Story or a related person, but just an old man 😕

Now、Let's move on! !! Overview of the south entrance。If you want to see the area around Albert Dock mainly, you might stay at the Premier Inn here.。Well, there is a Holiday Inn nearby, so you can go anywhere you like.。

There was just a Beatles shop so I went inside and bought some souvenirs。I didn't go to the Beatles Museum, but it's okay because I lost money somewhere 😛

I went out to the main street once。Where the red line on the first map is making a U-turn。Albert Dock on the right、Kings Dock on the left。

Oh? There is an interesting statue on the other side of the street。

This weighs 4 tons、A full-scale horse statue 15 feet high。Actually, this is what was cast after being shaped with a rope。Naked slaves pulled by big horses、It's a satire of being forced into forced labor during the old slave trade era.。It should be noted、This author seems to be called "Edward Cronshaw" (I don't know such a person 😆

Well, to the sea side again。I found a restaurant but it seemed to be expensive so I stopped。By the way, this is like the entrance to the Holiday Inn, which I just mentioned a little bit earlier.。

Kings Dock as seen from Albert Dock。I haven't gone to the other side yet!

Seaside。Well、Strictly speaking, it's not the sea, but the Mersey River.。

It is as good、A great number of locks on the chain! This is a couple wearing it as a proof of eternal love。Certainly there was a similar thing in Germany, but in Europe, the strength of love is often expressed with a lock.。

Right? It ’s a huge amount of locks, right? after、I like the view from here。

Take a break here 😮

Ah、It seems so。Wi-Fi runs through this Albert Dock area, so people should use the Internet!

Would you like to go to the Merseyside Maritime Museum that I skipped this time?