High-class luxury inn "Kawaguchiko Onsenji Yumeden" ② ~ Room introduction ~

Kawaguchiko Onsenji Open-air bath inn Yumeden』In all 9 rooms、All guest rooms have an open-air bath。Of these, 4 suites are built inside the main building.。This time I stayed in a luxury suite called "Aoi no Ma"、It was the newest modern style in the suite。

There are 4 types of suites at Kawaguchiko Onsenji Yumeden

  • Luxury suite "Aoi no Ma"
  • Presidential Suite "Hikari no Ma"
  • Executive Japanese Suite "Shikibe"
  • Premier Suite "Purple"

Of these, "Aoi no Ma" and "Hikari no Ma" are treated as the highest grade.、At the time "Shikibu"、And it seems to continue with "purple"。


Room entrance

This is the entrance。Very convenient as it is right next to the dining venue。

After entering the entrance, the left is the washbasin and toilet (first)、Walking closet in front、Toilet on the right (second)、Has become。

This is the washbasin。And there is a toilet next to it。Two washbasins here、There is also one next to the open-air bath、There will be a total of three。It's right from the entrance so you can wash your hands quickly when you come in from the outside.。

Actually, this luxury suite "Aoi no Ma" has an exclusive area of ​​180㎡.、Very far from the entrance to the back、It may be that two are prepared like this。

It's a toilet。There is no feeling of oppression because it is made wide。It's beautiful。

Toilet on the other side of the entrance from the previous toilet。This is also spacious。I don't like having two toilets、After all, I never used two at the same time.。

This is a walking closet。I think there is about 20㎡ here alone.。Put your luggage and clothes here。The security box is also here。

A scale is also available。It is a type that can also measure body fat。


Living room & Japanese-style room

There is a continuous line from the entrance to the bedroom、First from the living room and Japanese-style room。

You can see the waterfall from the window of the room。Because there is a light for this waterfall、You can enjoy a different feeling at night than in the daytime。

Air purifier and humidifier。It's okay to have an air purifier and a humidifier together、It is rare that two are prepared like this。

This is a Japanese-style room。Check-in is done here。

I was given wine。It seems to be Yamanashi。so、The room key between Aoi is written as "Aoi" as shown on the left side of the photo.。Perhaps the room names are written in other rooms as well.。



There is a Nespresso machine and a refrigerator。But、Unfortunately there is nothing in the fridge。Ryokan in this price range is a free drink, though.。Only water was prepared。

There is tea and tea and coffee。Moreover, this coffee、What an organic coffee。This is nice。As the price range goes up, it's a common tendency for amenity and meals to become more organic.。



The bedroom is right next to the living room。It is a Japanese-style room。

There is also a TV in the bedroom、The layout is such that when you lie down on the bed, you can see the waterfall outside the window.。

It ’s good to sit in this chair and relax.。

From the living room to the bedroom looks like this。

You can see the open-air bath from the outside of the window on this side。


Powder room

Before the open-air bath, first from the powder room。This washbasin is one。

Face towel、bath towel、Bathrobes are placed。If you take the open-air bath many times, you will run out of it.、In that case, if you call the front desk to that effect, they will exchange it for a new one.。

Amenity is the same as an ordinary inn。Shaving was a disposable type that came with a shaving foam。

The dryer is an ion dryer。Also、Shampoos are placed in bottles。Unfortunately, it wasn't divided into small bottles like those found in other high-class inns.。It was written on a blog written by another person、Luxury but not too expensive、Is like a concept, so it may be unavoidable。

By the way, the room wear is other than the in-house wear、Nightwear is also available。

It's an indoor bath。Because there is no shower in the open-air bath、Wash your body and hair here。


Guest room open-air bath

Finally an introduction to the open-air bath。There is an open-air bath between the bedroom and the powder room。GOOD has a large chair next to it。This type of chair is good because you can rest while your body is wet.。

It's big enough for two adults to enter together。The temperature can be adjusted slightly。

Because the inn itself is along the road、Unfortunately, you can't enjoy the scenery because it is surrounded by walls.。But、On the contrary, it is a feature that you can enjoy a calm and private atmosphere.。


Fujimi room

There is a mysterious staircase next to the powder room。Actually, this Aoi-no-ma is a two-story specification.。

However, this size on the second floor。so、What is this room for?

Ah ~、It was a cloudy sky ... It seems that you can see Mt. Fuji from here if it is sunny.。


Night of luxury suite "Aoi no Ma"

Then what's going on at night。The bedroom is also warm and feels a little different from the daytime.。

The waterfall is lit up like this。

From the living room。

The open-air bath is also lit up。

It doesn't go black even at night and is bright all day long。The advantage of the open-air bath guest room is that you can enter it overnight.。


This is the end of the introduction of Aoi no Ma。Next time we will introduce meals!