Sydney maximum of traffic of the main to the "Sydney Central Station"! I tried to walk from Darling Harbor

The largest station is not even in the Circular Quay (Circular quay) even Town Hall (Town Hall) station in Sydney。It is Sydney's Central Station (Sydney Central Station)。Kingsford Smith Airport (Sydney (Would station through almost always the case from the Kingsford Smith Airport) towards the city。Also、Even if you go by train to the Blue Mountains will this station is the arrival and departure point。

but、That tourists visit and I wonder if likely to be positioned as much without last stopover。Although the Chinese would be different because there is a Chinatown in the vicinity。


Walking map "Darling Harbor to Sydney Central Station" Darling Harbour to Sydney Central Station

At once publish a route to introduce separately from this time to 2 times。Range from Chinese Garden next to which is in Darling Harbor to go through the Market City to Central Station is in this article。Sightseeing in Central Station in the next article、Go through to Hyde Park via the Chinatown。

It has around meaningless to round the map、In about 1km at the shortest distance we will arrive to the Central Station from the start point。

This is represented in the map。It is of so much there is no interesting is But as a tourist。I you may stop by is much Chinatown and the Market City if anyway。


First to Market City (Market City)!

Ready-to-Market City Once you've north I've written "to the Market City!" Nante around the streets of the road surface rail to the left had appeared to be heading。Look、You have written me Market City in the wall of that brown building?

Just tram came running。It is turning the only tourist destination when the moving means tram is important for the locals I think he does not notice say there would be a tram in Sydney。Opal card even you can take the easy if you have。

It goes into from here。Since the tram stops in front of the Market City entrance、Please get off here people riding one stop from the Central Station I do not want just to walk from the Central Train Station。


Local shopping center is located in the China Town "Market City"

Stairs as soon as the entrance'm。It was caught surprise!

Finish up the stairs and Information Center。Let around for the time being

I was doing something event in the middle of the hall。Anyway probably Christmas? ? Accustomed also another summer of Christmas

The so-called Food Court (Food Court)。There is a store that has been written me "Ramen" in Japanese is to the left back of the photo。It also eats ramen bother here because Sydney is high prices

From the upper floor of the center of Christmas decorations。This shopping center sounds like a certain Toka Food Court Toka apparel shop seen a little while ago like a department store。Atmosphere What local shopping center aligned the most part of things if you come here

Possibly travel agency of the Chinese on this side of the exit。Chinese travel agency only to one in Chinatown will do there is demand。


...... just a little bit in Chinatown

It came out the Market City。Is quite a lot of people。Maybe here is the main gate of the。Looking back a little towards the earlier of the entrance before proceeding。

Chinatown gate next to the Market City。Four Seas is a family in the Japanese "To see the people of the world like one of the family」。I do know is whether the same meaning for the Chinese。

Or try duck gate just a little bit because it pains。

Try to return not find anybody because in here 😎 that had been deserted surprising come back one more time after a stop by Central Station。


Central to the station

Just to the Market City at the exit of the location。Well I do not know the object on the sidewalk。Proceeding without plunged so much in this kind of。Straight on the road in front of the map。

While walking and Prince Center that Prince Center this and Taishi center。I see、I No center is center in Prince Prince。Here it is or would place such as a shopping center for Chinese。

WoolWorth on the other side of the intersection。It is the largest of the super Australia。Price was felt higher than the Coles。We will introduce the Coles of recommended super in the next article。

To find anybody not turn left at this intersection。

There has been a Decca have church Once you look towards the left。The church is the Anglican Church (Christ Church St Laurence)。It may of course receive a strong influence of the United Kingdom is considering the history of Australia。

It was also felt that I want to go to church, but go straight to put up with a jerk。

Korean has been looked after a while。It might be a South Korean city because around here is I saw a profusely Hangul characters。

The road has been opened!

Great man of few When you look at the reverse side 😯

It seems there is a bus terminal。

We arrived at the place I Railway Square。I guess I got to the central station at the time anymore such name is lucky。Still, it's ish tourists has increased at a stretch。It seems Guest to hereabouts side of the hotel。Because、It There 's no tourist destination near。

Railway Square round and round。During enjoy a number of after a long time of people 🙂

No number of cars also odd。

Another this right next to is the Central Station。


Finally arrived at the destination。Next time, let's tour of the Central Station。

Sydney suburb of quiet area to "Pyrmont"

We will further towards Darling Harbor hinterland from the Australian National Maritime Museum。Most of the tourists wonder if not go to ahead from here。I Well, it may be subtle actually as saying try and tourist destination、And I wonder if it was possible to know the side other than a tourist destination the city of Sydney。


Walking map "Pyrmont district"

It can be seen that pretty walked Looking at the route walked in the map doing this。In fact, to get lost a little、Safely return but the moment was also that both to no longer know what return to Darling Harbor if celebrating。Near Darling Harbor, was at a loss because there is such of no hinterland of Pyrmont district but many places leading Wi-Fi。


Maritime Heritage Center (Maritime Heritage Centre)

Welcome Wall on the right hand side and go further advanced the Australian National Maritime Museum proceed along the bay。The number of tourists is said to welcome will decrease at a stretch from here。

Near Wharf7。Or yet even here the thing I site of the Maritime Museum that mean there is a character of the Maritime Museum。

Container in the square was not a mere ornament。And one by one like this becomes exhibition corner。It's a town elaborate in design I Sydney

Here also

Here also

Here also it's exhibition room! But I person is not even alone。I wish it put out Toka guide plate from Museum。

Here Maritime Heritage Center (Maritime Heritage Centre)。Well、Forcibly I wonder if Toka Maritime Heritage Center if we translate in Japanese? I want are Toka ship of exhibition。Since the admission knew from after me free、At this time, but please visited ...... everyone who had been through!

Go away little by little Darling Harbor。


Dalton House (Dolton House)

Just BIG BUS has passed a horizontal。I see、Here also whether a patrol route of this bus。The time being、Street in the guide plate straight here to Pyrmont Bay Park (Pyrmont Bay Park)。

The Dalton House come look past the Pyrmont Bay (dolton house)。The building, which is performed Toka Toka wedding party in the event venue。I wonder if so much not related to Well tourists。

Statues in front of Dalton House。It seems to represent the family, but ......

“Life From A Suitcase”。I Zurazura and long-winded statement is written、It seems those made to commemorate the migration to Australia。Olden days、It seems the earth was around here that landed to the people who have been the beginning emigrated to Australia。

This is seen in the summary of what is written in the transverse。


Baraaratto Parks & Metcalfe Park (Ballaarat Park & ​​Metcalfe Park)

Now、Along the Pyrmont Bay towards the previous whiff of wharf。

The history of Darling Island。Darling Harbor is Rashiku landfill、Or there is an export factory of the old days wheat、Then or during the war laid the railway for carrying soldiers、After the Second World War and may become the accepted areas of immigration。It seems to have also been used as something temporary casino。

Barangaru district in the re-development which is visible from here。Scenery I wonder if considerably vary from here if Haitai several years。

Sitting strange uncle to Kakutcho。

You doing taking Otchan'ii location

This wonder if Piers。Although I do not know whether the high tide of the are immersed in sea water at the bottom。

Darling Harbor from here seem to like this。Sydney Tower Eye is also within the field of view。

Try to return soon to the Darling Harbor。But because it can not be helped even back came the road and I should try to while watching the rooftops of Pyrmont district。

Past the Metcalfe park to Jones Bay Road。


The Star hotels around

To the left a little advance contained in the Jones Bay RoadThe StarThe hotel will be called。Famous five-star hotel that this hotel is somehow riding in Toka map。


Nice location from the upper floors also looks Darling Harbor! It is be good also to stay here if there is room in a little money -

Sydney residential area of ​​the road。It's safe and are divided bicycle lanes doing this。Although Japan also entering introduced little by little。

Union Square Harris Street when I was wandering around (Harris Street) arrived at the place I (Union Square)。Map here also is。Survive in very If there is such map because I no longer know honest somewhere walking。Since the pocket Wi-Fi is not a basic contract overseas。

so、Here respectable even a Christmas tree! I guess is lit up at night

Japanese food Tteyuu KURA Kura Restaurant (Japanese Restaurant) discovery! So so in Sydney Toka Melbourne there are shops of Japanese food。Well I fee'm hella high 😐


Encounter a puppy

To somehow Boulevard relying on maps that are placed here and there。Tram looked underneath Once up the pedestrian bridge。Fresh mood because the tram was not seen even if there is metro until now。Apparently tram extends from the Central Station to the Pyrmont district。I think the tourists so much that there is no use。

Footbridge had led to Darling Harbor。The Tanbarongu park're visible in the photograph (Tumbalong Park)

Jitter and you stared here in the encounter 🐶 round eyes that the bowl when I walk pedestrian bridge。cute! 🙂

Ah、It had directed under 😥

We were together forever until Elevator。If you say, "It is a cute dog!" To the owner of the dog was returned me "thank you"。Casual communication 😆


Darling Harbor came back

It has been come finally back。A peace of mind。

Here also ICC Sydney。This buildingDarling Harbor if you buy the Sydney souvenir is definitely good!But in we introduced、It is building on the opposite side of the overpass with it。

Here also ICC Sydney。It is often of like a softening Annex。

Landscape of Tanbarongu park。

Fountain was spouting Pyupyu rhythmically from where the recessed only a little of the ground。When viewed from far away had escaped I approach I was not gathered white bird 😥

The gate of the Chinese style

China Garden (Chinese Garden) made those。Admission is adults $ 6。What's interesting is where there is made a year passport。I'm there yet also family tickets。

Since time is also time this time through。Called the softening National Maritime Museum、Too late to think Naa many tourist destinations are quite through

Now、Let's go to the periphery next destination Central Station and soon after the Darling Harbor。

It seems must preferably under this tunnel because something like a under construction。


Next to the side of the Central Station via the Market City!

Darling Harbor if you buy the Sydney souvenir is definitely good!

Darling Harbor sequel part2。This time Tour of the shop from finished over the Pyrmont Bridge (Pirumonte Bridge)、Let's go to the Maritime Museum。


Walking map "Darling Harbor" part2

Pyrmont Bridge down from across the (described as Pirumonte Bridge on the map) once the south、I tried to north from there。Or there is a Ferris wheel、Or there is a battleship、Because the interesting thing I saw a lot there is up I've become this kind of route。

Or there is something like Opera House Circular Quay、Compared with to or there is a boat-based attraction、Darling Harbor shopping and dining、Aquarium and Zoo、Wonder if characterized by it is like a wide range of ways to enjoy Museum。


Around Tanbarongu Gulf (Tumbalong)

It finished across the Pyrmont Bridge to the left direction along the Tanbarongu Bay。For some reason fence it has is stretched slightly landscape ruined 😡

🎡 Ferris wheel 🎡

Christmas season。Ferris wheel Santa Claus ver。It has been gradually accustomed to midsummer Christmas atmosphere。

Past the Ferris wheel to further towards the back。

Shopping center building standing on the right side。Its name That's Harborside shopping center ...... Manma 😆

I hope well into from anywhere trying to break from here。

By the way, at the Tourist Information in this right-hand side、Hop-on hop bus of the Blue Mountains to visit Sunday made a (HOP-ON HOP-OFF) and the attraction of the reservation。I think it okay to buy tickets at the local、It from easy to set up strategy is better to had heard talk in advance。I had also Toka route to consult with attack fairly question。

Nde I think confusing pretty that's the first time there are various types I Blue Mountains of ticket、Everywhere sides politely described kindness in the article of the Blue Mountains!


Harborside Shopping Center (Harbourside Shopping Centre)

The shopping center is also often shop for tourists in addition to the apparel Toka shoes like a general store。Or there is also a store of these British-style。

Not the atmosphere you as high-end shopping center can be seen in such a feeling。So price is also affordable。Somewhere4Large shopping mallCompletely different of whether the。

Australian Alpaca。It seems to be living in Australia I was strong in South America of the image I alpaca。If you nowCircular QuayIt It was a shop of alpaca in。

Oh yeah kind of。Just like a stuffed animal that has been in Circular Quay。Even so cute 🙂 especially the far left of the white guy。

There was also a convenience store。Buy the juice here truly thirst throat because I continued to walk。I wonder was quite high。To many times compared to buying at the supermarket。Incidentally is in this shopping center I was allowed to take a snack at you there is a food court。

Whew、Small stop。

Nde shop in Sydney souvenir was very often、After all souvenir purchase in this large souvenir shop (Souvenir Shop)。I live at all cheaper than buying at Circular Quay and the Opera House。It is Darling Harbor by far if you buy souvenirs!

The top floor game room and bowling alley。But I scale it is small to say that bowling alley。I did not think trying to game coming up Dari Unfortunately Sydney-kun。


Sydney International Conference Center (ICC Sydney) near

The mystery of the spheres that look just outside the shopping center。IN does not matter, but it was like a child is not entered in the only

Projection mapping on the floor。Or the red light color or turning round and round is changed。

Mechanism that is projected on the floor hanging is such a projector on the ceiling。Well、This sphere、That's a mystery how integral Who has made for what。

Something wanted flooded area。Climbing to the strange girl is the center of the projection。

Something fun。

Well gone open An'nani foot ......

INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE SYDNEY。That is, the Sydney International Conference Center。It seems abbreviated Toka ICC Sydney。Various events Yara meeting Yara event After what enters into whether the building of the question to the older sister of acceptance is you explain as being performed。

Darling Harbor as seen from the front of the ICC Sydney。It looks also Pyrmont Bridge。

Uncle discovery toying with the white dove。

I had to come up here and walk along the bay。Since there is no way even back to the SEA LIFE to again towards the ICC。

Even in the Ferris wheel from around here。

Or let's proceed at once to the other side Well from here past the Pyrmont Bridge。


Australian National Maritime Museum (Australian National Maritime Museum)

Arrived it was Maritime Museum! It is a building that looked from the top of the bridge in the previous article

Attari Also object。By the way, in this museum is cool and there is a bench、And you can use in Wi-Fi and free。If you try a little bit of Pokemon GO、What I was able to catch the Garura of NSW born! ! I was happy 😀

It was not taken into convenience museum of this time、It seems also put on this battleship in addition to the Maritime Museum if set ticket purchase。For the most up-to-date feesOfficial websiteBut I'd like to see the、2019All set ticket seems to $ 32 in the year when。

Sydney high-rise building with battleship

Or something this yacht can also be boarding at the museum ticket。Extent of the authenticity of the silane。

But the ticket cost is high, or have been 3D cinema screenings、It seems to become a museum where you can enjoy in its own way。There is interested in the history of the Sydney ocean people be good to use one day here。


The next goes further from Darling Harbor、I think let's go towards the Jones Bay not visited by so much tourists!

Port city of Sydney # 2 in the Bay Area "Darling Harbor"

I have to walk to Darling Harbor via the Barangaru from Circular Quay。It is why it becomes around here together all tourist destination if tourist destination in the near future Barangaru


Walking map "Darling Harbor"

Since the Darling Harbor also has many tourist attractions in a two-part。Until this time finish across the Pirumonte Bridge via the Sydney Aquarium from Barangaru direction。By the way, if you come by train from Circular Quay will be come a short walk from the Town Hall station (Town Hall)。It would water bus the best of the。Therefore from Circular Quay is a direct by boat。


From Barangaru direction to Aquarium

Near Darling Harbor will increase suddenly people。It is clear tourists Karake。Maigret you while hanging majestically the camera from the shoulder because the security is good!

Also designers specifically stop water bus。Here it seems to 2 bus stop。

It is staying ship also designers manner! Hi dudes I What is this glass-enclosed ferry! !

Toward the back along the bay。Ah、To the right back 🎡 looks 🐘

Looking back at the Barangaru direction。High Three International Towers, which has been through in the previous article 😯

Water taxi。Yellow water taxi, not become yellow cab。Please note that the rate is from Darling Harbor to Circular Quay $ 15 to $ 25 about。2000Wonder if you mean before and after circle。Surprisingly cheap。

Italian restaurant。What say whether ...... exterior is tattered ......

Sydney Tower eye could see。As there is go later。Soon Innovation'm arriving in SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium


Sydney Aquarium (SEA LIFE) around

Lined with gift shop from here。but、Still bought is useless if you want to buy cheap here。We will introduce the shop to buy cheaper per next article。

Hop-on hop counter of the bus (HOP-ON HOP-OFF Bus)。Although Sydney is around and walk、Since the Blue Mountains Totetsu that without any waste of time and walk you will want to book this。It is also the story of another article。

I There is the entrance of the Sydney Aquarium in the transverse

Ticket office here and Sydney Aquarium SEA LIFE。Unreal people ...... I quit I was going to really admission。It high fee I Aquarium、Nde also entered alone subtle something Well monohydric。Please try to visit those who are interested! (suitable

I because this matrix。It is difficult holiday。By the way, this day is Saturday w

Ah、Is this me not just of the building SEA LIFE。Actually、Other Sydney wild zoo (WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo)、There seems to be for me Madame Tussauds Sydney (Madame Tussauds Sydney)。Do you mean a little while ago of the ticket office not just of customers aquarium nothing。Oh yeah crowded I ......

WILD LIFE is as zoo of its name。so、Madame What the I Chara seems like a museum that has been decorated with a lot of stars' of the doll world。

It seems apparently put cheap that it is set tickets、It seems to have been sold further to set ticket of the Sydney Tower Eye。I might try to use even this kind of the next。This time, the sights widely shallow Nde first Sydney!


From SEA LIFE to Piamonte Bridge (Pyrmont Bridge)

Now、To Piamonte bridge to cross from here to the other side。Are normally tourist and walk 1、It's close enough to arrived in 2 minutes、I guess let's introduce along the way over time to waste!

Also store such as that collapsed such is in to places that are overflowing in such tourists。First of all what are you doing open? I guess the high tenant fee。What a bird that is reflected to the right 😆

Darling Harbor MAP。But it there is a feeling too late。

Albion Mills (Albion Mills) Tteyuu Mill Ruins。1833Steam mill was opened by a fuse and Hosking here Darling Harbor in year。I just do photos of is that image。But it was destroyed by fire in 1841、1843Bankruptcy a year。Enormous loss of its damage costs £ 95,000。

...... the dark story contrary to expectations something was written

Piamonte Bridge coming soon

Bar and Bistro、And lined with cruise company。But at even height equivalent seems like this location Nante prices at a high Sydney of prices even。

The first floor of the cruise agency such。Apart from interesting there was no anything 😥

Penguin figurine! Funny thing Attersee。Here Rashiku tour agency、Like can Toka purchase aquarium set ticket even if the previous matrix edition。I wonder can be reserved also here Toka water taxi to other。

Now、Do you soon cross the bridge。


Piamonte Bridge (Pyrmont Bridge)

Again toilet When we tried to cross the bridge。Really a tourist destination that does not embarrass the toilet。

It goes up to the top in such an elevator。Big city Sydney

Finally on bridge。Speed ​​limit is 10km。Trash has also been placed。Japan it's inconvenience of trash not on the road

Road width is enough。Dadappiroi pedestrian and bike-only。

SEA LIFE & WILD LIFE & Madame What blah。I had a break while enjoying some time here view because the wind was blowing。

Circular Quay when going towards the right along the land moving toward over the next。I feel somehow, such as those to spoil the crane landscape of Barangaru also 😕

Battleship at anchor。Thinks Ya also there Museum and。Perm just a little bit in the next article

IbisNovotelSofitelGroup of hotels。Also rank of roughly Stars 3、4、5 that the feeling of the hotel group。Of course, Sofitel is the high middle building。

Dah near Darling Harbor also it's pretty high。But、Also it is good to be also high-rise floor reservation of Toka Sofitel a little spurt If you want to see from the hotel to the Toka time of fireworks!

Looks in front the Australian National Maritime Museum (Australian National Maritime Museum)。Trying to break in there because it has become soon hot。

Looking back skyscrapers in Sydney。It's this view and still the city I Sydney。


The next time continued。Darling Harbor is the second edition!