Darling Harbor if you buy the Sydney souvenir is definitely good!

Darling Harbor sequel part2。This time Tour of the shop from finished over the Pyrmont Bridge (Pirumonte Bridge)、Let's go to the Maritime Museum。


Walking map "Darling Harbor" part2

Pyrmont Bridge down from across the (described as Pirumonte Bridge on the map) once the south、I tried to north from there。Or there is a Ferris wheel、Or there is a battleship、Because the interesting thing I saw a lot there is up I've become this kind of route。

Or there is something like Opera House Circular Quay、Compared with to or there is a boat-based attraction、Darling Harbor shopping and dining、Aquarium and Zoo、Wonder if characterized by it is like a wide range of ways to enjoy Museum。


Around Tanbarongu Gulf (Tumbalong)

It finished across the Pyrmont Bridge to the left direction along the Tanbarongu Bay。For some reason fence it has is stretched slightly landscape ruined 😡

🎡 Ferris wheel 🎡

Christmas season。Ferris wheel Santa Claus ver。It has been gradually accustomed to midsummer Christmas atmosphere。

Past the Ferris wheel to further towards the back。

Shopping center building standing on the right side。Its name That's Harborside shopping center ...... Manma 😆

I hope well into from anywhere trying to break from here。

By the way, at the Tourist Information in this right-hand side、Hop-on hop bus of the Blue Mountains to visit Sunday made a (HOP-ON HOP-OFF) and the attraction of the reservation。I think it okay to buy tickets at the local、It from easy to set up strategy is better to had heard talk in advance。I had also Toka route to consult with attack fairly question。

Nde I think confusing pretty that's the first time there are various types I Blue Mountains of ticket、Everywhere sides politely described kindness in the article of the Blue Mountains!


Harborside Shopping Center (Harbourside Shopping Centre)

The shopping center is also often shop for tourists in addition to the apparel Toka shoes like a general store。Or there is also a store of these British-style。

Not the atmosphere you as high-end shopping center can be seen in such a feeling。So price is also affordable。Somewhere4Large shopping mallCompletely different of whether the。

Australian Alpaca。It seems to be living in Australia I was strong in South America of the image I alpaca。If you nowCircular QuayIt It was a shop of alpaca in。

Oh yeah kind of。Just like a stuffed animal that has been in Circular Quay。Even so cute 🙂 especially the far left of the white guy。

There was also a convenience store。Buy the juice here truly thirst throat because I continued to walk。I wonder was quite high。To many times compared to buying at the supermarket。Incidentally is in this shopping center I was allowed to take a snack at you there is a food court。

Whew、Small stop。

Nde shop in Sydney souvenir was very often、After all souvenir purchase in this large souvenir shop (Souvenir Shop)。I live at all cheaper than buying at Circular Quay and the Opera House。It is Darling Harbor by far if you buy souvenirs!

The top floor game room and bowling alley。But I scale it is small to say that bowling alley。I did not think trying to game coming up Dari Unfortunately Sydney-kun。


Sydney International Conference Center (ICC Sydney) near

The mystery of the spheres that look just outside the shopping center。IN does not matter, but it was like a child is not entered in the only

Projection mapping on the floor。Or the red light color or turning round and round is changed。

Mechanism that is projected on the floor hanging is such a projector on the ceiling。Well、This sphere、That's a mystery how integral Who has made for what。

Something wanted flooded area。Climbing to the strange girl is the center of the projection。

Something fun。

Well gone open An'nani foot ......

INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE SYDNEY。That is, the Sydney International Conference Center。It seems abbreviated Toka ICC Sydney。Various events Yara meeting Yara event After what enters into whether the building of the question to the older sister of acceptance is you explain as being performed。

Darling Harbor as seen from the front of the ICC Sydney。It looks also Pyrmont Bridge。

Uncle discovery toying with the white dove。

I had to come up here and walk along the bay。Since there is no way even back to the SEA LIFE to again towards the ICC。

Even in the Ferris wheel from around here。

Or let's proceed at once to the other side Well from here past the Pyrmont Bridge。


Australian National Maritime Museum (Australian National Maritime Museum)

Arrived it was Maritime Museum! It is a building that looked from the top of the bridge in the previous article

Attari Also object。By the way, in this museum is cool and there is a bench、And you can use in Wi-Fi and free。If you try a little bit of Pokemon GO、What I was able to catch the Garura of NSW born! ! I was happy 😀

It was not taken into convenience museum of this time、It seems also put on this battleship in addition to the Maritime Museum if set ticket purchase。For the most up-to-date feesOfficial websiteBut I'd like to see the、2019All set ticket seems to $ 32 in the year when。

Sydney high-rise building with battleship

Or something this yacht can also be boarding at the museum ticket。Extent of the authenticity of the silane。

But the ticket cost is high, or have been 3D cinema screenings、It seems to become a museum where you can enjoy in its own way。There is interested in the history of the Sydney ocean people be good to use one day here。


The next goes further from Darling Harbor、I think let's go towards the Jones Bay not visited by so much tourists!

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