Port city of Sydney # 2 in the Bay Area "Darling Harbor"

I have to walk to Darling Harbor via the Barangaru from Circular Quay。It is why it becomes around here together all tourist destination if tourist destination in the near future Barangaru


Walking map "Darling Harbor"

Since the Darling Harbor also has many tourist attractions in a two-part。Until this time finish across the Pirumonte Bridge via the Sydney Aquarium from Barangaru direction。By the way, if you come by train from Circular Quay will be come a short walk from the Town Hall station (Town Hall)。It would water bus the best of the。Therefore from Circular Quay is a direct by boat。


From Barangaru direction to Aquarium

Near Darling Harbor will increase suddenly people。It is clear tourists Karake。Maigret you while hanging majestically the camera from the shoulder because the security is good!

Also designers specifically stop water bus。Here it seems to 2 bus stop。

It is staying ship also designers manner! Hi dudes I What is this glass-enclosed ferry! !

Toward the back along the bay。Ah、To the right back 🎡 looks 🐘

Looking back at the Barangaru direction。High Three International Towers, which has been through in the previous article 😯

Water taxi。Yellow water taxi, not become yellow cab。Please note that the rate is from Darling Harbor to Circular Quay $ 15 to $ 25 about。2000Wonder if you mean before and after circle。Surprisingly cheap。

Italian restaurant。What say whether ...... exterior is tattered ......

Sydney Tower eye could see。As there is go later。Soon Innovation'm arriving in SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium


Sydney Aquarium (SEA LIFE) around

Lined with gift shop from here。but、Still bought is useless if you want to buy cheap here。We will introduce the shop to buy cheaper per next article。

Hop-on hop counter of the bus (HOP-ON HOP-OFF Bus)。Although Sydney is around and walk、Since the Blue Mountains Totetsu that without any waste of time and walk you will want to book this。It is also the story of another article。

I There is the entrance of the Sydney Aquarium in the transverse

Ticket office here and Sydney Aquarium SEA LIFE。Unreal people ...... I quit I was going to really admission。It high fee I Aquarium、Nde also entered alone subtle something Well monohydric。Please try to visit those who are interested! (suitable

I because this matrix。It is difficult holiday。By the way, this day is Saturday w

Ah、Is this me not just of the building SEA LIFE。Actually、Other Sydney wild zoo (WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo)、There seems to be for me Madame Tussauds Sydney (Madame Tussauds Sydney)。Do you mean a little while ago of the ticket office not just of customers aquarium nothing。Oh yeah crowded I ......

WILD LIFE is as zoo of its name。so、Madame What the I Chara seems like a museum that has been decorated with a lot of stars' of the doll world。

It seems apparently put cheap that it is set tickets、It seems to have been sold further to set ticket of the Sydney Tower Eye。I might try to use even this kind of the next。This time, the sights widely shallow Nde first Sydney!


From SEA LIFE to Piamonte Bridge (Pyrmont Bridge)

Now、To Piamonte bridge to cross from here to the other side。Are normally tourist and walk 1、It's close enough to arrived in 2 minutes、I guess let's introduce along the way over time to waste!

Also store such as that collapsed such is in to places that are overflowing in such tourists。First of all what are you doing open? I guess the high tenant fee。What a bird that is reflected to the right 😆

Darling Harbor MAP。But it there is a feeling too late。

Albion Mills (Albion Mills) Tteyuu Mill Ruins。1833Steam mill was opened by a fuse and Hosking here Darling Harbor in year。I just do photos of is that image。But it was destroyed by fire in 1841、1843Bankruptcy a year。Enormous loss of its damage costs £ 95,000。

...... the dark story contrary to expectations something was written

Piamonte Bridge coming soon

Bar and Bistro、And lined with cruise company。But at even height equivalent seems like this location Nante prices at a high Sydney of prices even。

The first floor of the cruise agency such。Apart from interesting there was no anything 😥

Penguin figurine! Funny thing Attersee。Here Rashiku tour agency、Like can Toka purchase aquarium set ticket even if the previous matrix edition。I wonder can be reserved also here Toka water taxi to other。

Now、Do you soon cross the bridge。


Piamonte Bridge (Pyrmont Bridge)

Again toilet When we tried to cross the bridge。Really a tourist destination that does not embarrass the toilet。

It goes up to the top in such an elevator。Big city Sydney

Finally on bridge。Speed ​​limit is 10km。Trash has also been placed。Japan it's inconvenience of trash not on the road

Road width is enough。Dadappiroi pedestrian and bike-only。

SEA LIFE & WILD LIFE & Madame What blah。I had a break while enjoying some time here view because the wind was blowing。

Circular Quay when going towards the right along the land moving toward over the next。I feel somehow, such as those to spoil the crane landscape of Barangaru also 😕

Battleship at anchor。Thinks Ya also there Museum and。Perm just a little bit in the next article

IbisNovotelSofitelGroup of hotels。Also rank of roughly Stars 3、4、5 that the feeling of the hotel group。Of course, Sofitel is the high middle building。



Dah near Darling Harbor also it's pretty high。But、Also it is good to be also high-rise floor reservation of Toka Sofitel a little spurt If you want to see from the hotel to the Toka time of fireworks!

Looks in front the Australian National Maritime Museum (Australian National Maritime Museum)。Trying to break in there because it has become soon hot。

Looking back skyscrapers in Sydney。It's this view and still the city I Sydney。


The next time continued。Darling Harbor is the second edition!

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