Via the Sydney redevelopment district "Barangaru"

This time, past the main tourist attractions Circular Quay in Sydney、It will head to the Barangaru district to slip through the Harbor Bridge。Is developing place in the fact that the redevelopment district because this Barangaru。Might be so much less people visiting as a tourist destination、Or are locals jogging in a place called Barangaru protected areas in the Barangaru、It seems to be a district that has been popular in its own way with or have a picnic。


Introduction of Barangaru walking map

This time through was the red route。Maybe about 4km in the way。As Barangaru district can be seen in the map it is located in the middle of the Circular Quay and Darling Harbor。

I think the movement of normal Circular Quay - Darling Harbor and happens on the water bus。Because the bus is not used much to the tourists because high hurdle。Also、Since the nearest station of Darling Harbor has become a city hall station (Town Hall Station) with respect to the train、Because I will be walking quite。

But not a district that does not need too much through the tourists that ......、I would like to introduce so pretty was good when I actually go。


Barangaru to protected areas

There is a water bus stop that Ibesu Steps (Ives Steps Wharf) is just below the Harbor Bridge。Around here is dose-point but (Dawes Point) tourists in the area, which is referred to as a small-ish area that locals can enjoy Toka walk (maybe)

Sydney postal post。Postal post was also set aside to commemorate Design so different around the world。It usually softened colors red。

I would frequently looking up。I'm want to enjoy the Harbor Bridge from various angles because the location of do not much trouble visited'm Toka tour。

I tried out towards the Sydney Harbor。Feeling port city。

Somehow there was a well know does object。Car in the rock Sticks 😆

There was a face in the rock After turning to the side 😯 artistic of whether naughty to do ......

Finally on the back。Goodbye!

It has been a little away from the Harbor Bridge

Thing and made Sydney Dance Company made Sydney Theater Company。Or What company。

Location movement because still it feels good to riverside walking

Wharf is followed by a landscape that project to Dawn and the river。

Lined with restaurants。I think tourists are not nearly、I feel that Do I place that is loved to local people。Was the Australian who are drinking alcohol during the day。

Again meaning unknown object Once again back to the inland side。Ah、Was Chima' to blast me again。Called a little while ago of the red car with face-filled lock、I something designer area。


Barangaru Reserve wrapped in idyllic green

Go when the gate discovery walk along the river! There would be the entrance of the Barangaru protected areas。

These are in。Because Barangaru district we're progressing Toka construction in the redevelopment midst、Here only will the protection-ku, in the sense that Leave the green。

Toilet at the entrance。Of course, it is free。Here borrowed the toilet、We dressed the clothes。

I do not transmitted that only photos、I think that it was about maybe 30 ℃ late in the day really hot。Because not continue to walk in responsible luggage the scorching sun、It is why would quite physically exhausted。

It was good to keep in bring change of clothes over 🙂

Entrance gate as seen from the toilet。I towards the other side high-rise buildings in the heart of Sydney looks。so、Please be guessed from the place which is a break in a short-sleeved shorts in a little while ago the heat of uncle systemic Shiroshozoku that is reflected in the photo I'm talking about a 🙄

Hereabouts view point side is called the Millers Point among Barangaru protected areas (Millers Point)。River is cool because the wind blows -

We will proceed this kind of development has been road。Here you are able to run bicycle。However the car is off-limits。

Let's up towards the top because the physical strength has returned。Seeking a superb view! !

Oh! ! Great! ! ! Harbor Bridge and green combination but the Opera House does not appear there is something similar to the Royal Botanical Gardens。

Up Innovation over over without this river、I think I have a Blue Mountains to further place advanced to the hinterland。Well, I mean coming down the river in a later article。

It has been placed so far Elevator。Let's be happy to use so much trouble that。


Let's to the redevelopment district

Up to this point was the Barangaru protected areas。I was able to relax -

so、Et sides redevelopment district sight to the front。I guess more and more of a high-rise building is going to be building。

I passed a big bus Sydney (Big Bus Sydney)。The tourist bus is I'm also stop at Barangaru protected areas。"I do not want to walk!" Towards me "time I regrettable!" Is also the hand that use this bus。Well it will be about 5000 yen Toka 1 day ticket。

Naa's artificial region Unlike until now。

Sydney branch office of accenture。IT consulting、It is a famous company in system development。It's here Accenture to JP Morgan is at the center

Here is the famous Symantec in security software。It is a business district


From Wynyard Station to Barangaru wharf

Arrive at Wynyard Station (Wynyard)。Return from here to the river。

Pass through the shopping area。

The Yo I do not know object。Naa I like to say Sydney Oh

The shopping area was also Toka Chanel in the middle 's upmarket。

Breaks new ground as restaurant-lined。

Of the huge office building entrance。In ignored。

Arrived I was Barangaru wharf (Barangaroo Wharf)。Darling Harbor is coming soon if me up here。

Atmosphere along the river has also evolved considerably in comparison with the protected areas around the earlier。


Next to Sydney the second of the bay "Darling Harbor"!

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