- from Kazan tourism - the airport to the city

Kazan and the、Russian Federation is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, which is in。It seems a little strange there is a republic in one of the country of Russia。Soviet Toka Toka Turkmenistan Kazakhstan at the time of the federal dismantling but I was split from Russia as an independent state、Tatarstan seems to have remained inside Russia。

Moscow to go to Kazan、Whether from St. Petersburg will be the main。Is like being out flights from the neighboring countries of Toka Ukraine that it from other than Russia。About 1 hour and I from Moscow。However transit latency is a guide about six to eight hours。Heading to Kazan in the early morning flights the next day and night in Moscow airport、The day before you can even Moscow tourism。His is using that route every time。

The official language of the Kazan Tatarstan language in addition to the Russian。Is also shown in this bilingual can be seen also at the airport。English from the top yellow signs、Russian、Tatarstan language。Tatarstan word kana is similar to the cursive of the Russian?

No only by bus taxi or Aero Express to the city from Kazan Airport。Taxi is very cheap because recommend。

Like this but hard to see against the sun taxi accepted。Since the immediate vicinity from the arrival gate you think or not is it can not be found。Although taxi of luck and her friends as soon as the exit from the arrival gate will come over the business、If afraid of the、Try to ask from the airport taxi counter of the image。Since the white Taku listen to various bad rumor。

The appearance of the airport。I guess legal Russia walked tobacco。Quite a person has smoked a cigarette in the street。This time, we will introduce the route to go by taxi。

About 15 to 20 minutes by taxi from the airport to the Kazan city。Very cheap because Kazan is the taxi of about 100 yen basic fare。Countryside continues until Kazan city、We will gradually increase the number of the car as it approaches the city。By the way, commuter rush hour is very busy。It is congestion。Shalt not despise the Kazan。In the population of 10 years ago, statistics more than 1 million、Will have is three times more than now。

It should be noted、If you go to Kazan city using the Aero Express will be to arrive at this station。Pretty pun 😮 as long as you do not stay close to this station、To the hotel will be to go by taxi。

The other one because the fountain was beautiful。

The next is the most specialties of Kazan、I would like to introduce the Kazan Kremlin!

Numazu tourism - Nakamise-Kano -

Finally let's explore the surroundings Numazu Station。The starting point is from the south exit Numazu Station。by the way、In a very nasty station because this Numazu Station、It must bypass the station from the north exit to the south exit。Or buy tickets to give up、Or that it is not only back and forth duck large guard is located in the west of Numazu Station。

Route through this time will continue along the red arrow from the green of the star mark in the figure above。Through the Nakamise street from Numazu Station、Central Park、History Bridge、And then proceed to the Onaribashi。City Hall Toka Toka incense Ling ground Toka civic center Toka Numazu library、Although I other attractions are also、Let the time being try to focus on station near。

Take the rotary of Numazu Station counterclockwise、Go to the right If you get in front of the station Boulevard。It just RAKUUN you will see on the diagonal。This RAKUUN abolished unfortunately a poor performance I was was previously Seibu Department Store。Here there is a theater of Yoshimoto、You can see live a comedian, such as seen on TV。Certainly porcupine fish or "1、2、3! ! "In and whether there has been that also came Nabeatsu of the world was famous。

Nakamise street that looks from the previous shooting location immediately to the left in the back of the Numazu Station。It says that "NAKAMISE"。Here is it has become in front of the station shopping center、The old days was the center of commerce。Now also tidbit shop that there is no Kankodori gone and taken the tourists to a big shopping center in the suburbs。

Signboard discovery that "!! Let's regained lively by eliminating the vacant store Nakamise"! But、Somehow that you've hidden by iron bars ......

Marsan bookstore there next to the earlier of the signboard。Well by the time the student was indebted to this Marsan bookstore。Whenever you look for a book and think about the location and assortment I had been closer to the here。

It is such a poster When you look at the entrance。It seems also get one for every buy I have become the stage 😉 apparently "Love Live! Sunshine !!" related products such a place。That is, when the align not all if you buy 9 books。I do not care、This kind of I shops side wonder if I am asked to to the stage to ask the animation side?

By the way, rental bikes in front of the eyes of Marsan bookstores。If you want to Numazu tourist on a motorcycle! ! It is useful to borrow here If we had been better I? If go to Uchiura 's bike a bit tight but range if bike range。Winter is a firmly because along the coast or strong sea breeze。

Here also love live Sunshine advance? ! I hope and me flourished again in the animation effect。You do not or do events mall unity to in order that。Look、Thats was or is stuck animation of posters in any store I Uchiura? I If you do not called tourists from far away in Anna felt。

Free shop but quite spacious and has。It still appears to be less customer、In fact, here the year 1、It has a time flourishing twice。Numazu fireworks of it is the end of July、And Yosakoi Festival to be held on Saturday and Sunday of November second week。before、Mayor before we were there is a story I called Disney in Numazu (chestnut is bad ......、Put out a name fell through in Mishima next due to let me quit) it is had refused。Shops of people of around here would be was furious I am sure。

It Nakamise's followed from here to the further south、Let's bend here because most customers are not now。Go to the left side to the station on his back。Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ because the banks seem to there in the direction。

The look on the right side and further straight through the intersection of Bank of Central Park Numazu。Although this is the central park、Also it may become the stage of drama。Many brother who are playing in the daytime Toka skateboard。Because there is a rent-a-bicycle right next to the Central Park、Rental in there for those who want to bicycle tour。We just adjacent to the left of this photo。

Here many that the event will be held、Love live Sunshine-related events image above, which has been held on May 6, 2017。Who I went because parents told me "- by softening the cartoon was doing in Central Park" is Wansa。It has stuffed three bodies on top of the Central Park of the stone monument(Lol)

The centerpiece of white stuffed toy is a pyramid-shaped。Moreover alpaca on the middle (?) Like a biological。This is also one mascot of Love live Sunshine?

Now、The Central Park Atonishi。Ayumi Bridge this is a pedestrian-only。Picture taken from the finished cross the bridge。Kana red steel tower that looks far was certainly TEPCO's towers。

The whole picture of the bridge。This river is called I Kano (Kano)。Instead of "Karinogawa", "Kano"。before、Remains in the memory of announcer had misread a nationwide broadcast of the program。

Onaribashi as seen from the History Bridge。Personally I like to because it is quite a good landscape。Or swim parent-child of spot-billed ducks in Kano、Or looked canoe、Gentle landscape is seen as。All means because not seen the middle people in the city。White building SBS of building visible on the other side of the Onaribashi。Shizuoka version of TBS and SBS。T is for the Tokyo、S will represent the Shizuoka。The Riverside Hotel is Tokyu there in front。It seems that there is a wedding hall on the roof with it from here。It would be the best location at the time of Numazu fireworks。

It may of carp streamer festival in Kano River riverbed from here。Recently, it was done in the harbor entrance park、It is held in Kano River for the first time in several years this year! Kana because I increasing number of tourists who visit to Numazu was returned to the riverbed?

Landscape between the Onaribashi and History Bridge。The other side of the river of this image、Pier of per under the bridge Kano River over ship。

Arch of carp streamer。It was also attached a picture drawn by the children。How can families were often figure which have taken a particular carp streamer、It is had to take what was drawn by their children。

I found a little unusual carp at the end and come up to the vicinity of the Perpetual Bridge duck arch。Every time it is a carp of the familiar love live Sunshine 🙂 bills Will children and from the size。However、I did not think to come to advance to the carp streamer festival。It attempts to put the power of Numazu City, but you can see。

Alright、Although Numazu is that has been introduced over 9 times、Also I would like to also increase articles on Numazu if there is an opportunity。


Numazu tourism - Bokusui Wakayama Memorial-Thousand beach -

Next, let's closer to the Bokusui Memorial Wakayama。Bokusui Wakayama is a poet born in Waseda University Faculty of Letters、Hakushu Kitahara (Hose Kitahara at the time)、Along with Nakabayashi Somizu it was called "Waseda of Sanshui"。Nature of Numazu、In particular, Thousand Matsubara、Deprived of their mind to Mount Fuji、His later years is said to have spent in Numazu。

Map attached to the order just in case。At the entrance of the green star marks harbor entrance park、Go along the red on the diagram line。Since the red line of the road is marked with the name "road of literature."、Also it may proceed to sign reliance。Let alone of course, that the name is in honor of the Bokusui Wakayama that the road of this literature。In about 5 minutes you will see a fine mansion on the left side to advance a pine forest along the coast from the harbor entrance park。I What is the Numazu Port from the harbor bridge as a sense of distance。

A little more When asked it whether it is this Tokiwa kindergarten nursery school is seen。

The case came by bus to get off here。Although it is written To Dekadeka on the "road of literature."、There is also this sign at the entrance per harbor entrance park。Again and again, but I feel like writing the same thing、I wonder if is better bus will come to walk because it is like to come in frequently。

Bokusui Wakayama Memorial Hall of the entrance。A little hard to understand I'm a little respectable big mansion。Because sign of the Memorial is not got buried in the bushes。

That pincers are read and looked into from the top approaching。You've written me firmly and Numazu Bokusui Wakayama Memorial。Naa I think it is better to take care of the individual plant。

Like a fine from duck gate to the entrance of the building。In Numazu、And I would not higher so cost of land because there away from so station。Amazing Kondake it was wide land in Tokyo。

Opening hours and closed days、Admission fees of Tatefuda。Since Beppu sound as well Numazu is management Admission for adults 200 yen、Price of 100 yen Children。Year-end and New Year holidays and (from December 29 to January 3) Monday (Monday the next day that in the case of a public holiday) is at rest、16:30Like it would be closed to。It is necessary to be careful to visit。

Here is the entrance。Well let's go inside the building。

It has been decorated with such stump and enter the building。Contact、Alcohol disinfection at the entrance。From firmly disinfection、Emergency admission。

In front of。Corner to celebrate the fact that Fuji If you take a look at the other side has been registered as a World Cultural Heritage。But this Fuji we were trying to register with the beginning, World Natural Heritage Site、Tourists is Yara dust dropped You went rejected in question。It was registered as a cultural heritage to a few years later、Hopefully Japan for the first time of the might have become a complex heritage is very sorry 😥

Lounge。Perfect place for the time crush If you are interested in Bokusui Wakayama because the book is located some。It sits also on the sofa to chair。

In fact, here it is can also be used as a coffee shop。Cheaper prices because Numazu。Also to have settled down than poor coffee shop、I good mood tea while looking at the garden with a taste more than anything。

The entrance of the exhibition hall is like this。I photography I was told OK、Please a break only at the entrance not afford to not would put on the Web for free for indeed there is a 200 yen admission fee。Here, from the upbringing of Bokusui、Has also been actually use have reproducibility of study。It had been decorated firmly also trihydrate photo of Waseda。

Now、Cats the Bokusui Memorial in the distance when I look at the Memorial Hall of the parking lot as you go to the Thousand beach and after。It is Wagamonogao 😛 Oh、I did not look at the cat in the Speaking harbor entrance park、Suppose settle for because it was seen in here。It should be noted、Here parking is unlikely name of is also troubled by the case because it is free to come by rent-a-car, etc.。

Now、And after the Bokusui Wakayama Memorial、Go straight for a further came the road from here。You go away from the rapidly harbor entrance park、In fact, I've been approached in Numazu Station。I It is also good with the bus Tired Well。It has opened the way to be out on the coast towards the left-hand side and walk a little。Soshitara and cut up the stairs toward the coast go to there。

Thousand beach arrival! It is often people who have a fishing。Sakitcho of the peninsula of the image'd say Osezaki。It is a good idea to spend slowly on the beach down from here。In light of the full moon is the sea at night、Also fantastic landscape light that is reflected in the wave front is followed toward the beach from the Suruga Bay off the coast can be seen。

Mount Fuji is in the opposite side of the previous photo and thousand Matsubara of collaboration。Landscape and I this is the love of Bokusui Wakayama。Although pine forest when the Imperial Villa was the main、Here you can see the landscape that feeling of freedom because there is no any unobstructed to Ashitakayama from Suruga Bay。By the way, it's a local school here will be or become the course of the marathon。By folding back the place that I went straight 5.5 km marathon also here of high school I was attending original was the distance of the back come 11 km far。

Perfect shooting point is probably here。Mountain visible in the distance is Mount Fuji on the other side in the Ashitakayama。Summer is of course the bustling with sea bathing、It will also be made fireworks。Is I'm famous fireworks of the Kano River Speaking of Numazu of fireworks、Those fireworks display of the thousands of beach also of medium people。In particular, water fireworks thousand specialties of beach fireworks。Numazu of fireworks at around the end of July、Fireworks display here is the end of August that about one month after the。But those who come from far away is it is difficult to see both unfortunately one of Numazu visit、It is what I would like you to visit us。

Is quite a lot of people because the locals of walk course。I When you are also people who are taking a walk with her dog。Also、But I there is also a parking lot, but not to the extent of Numazu Port、There is also reasonably full。The worry is little that mean there is no parking space That said。

Once to get back to walk toward the harbor entrance park、Hmm? What's that?

Lower body ...? ? I wonder what in these kind of things are raised。

It's much trouble、The time being commemorative photo to back the Fuji 😀

It seems to put in Bokusui Wakayama Memorial also from Thousand beach side。I did not know that……

It becomes so narrow road and single-mindedly walk with the aim of Numazu。

Contact、Let's climb climb since the softening。

Hill discovery!

Mount was taken from the top of the hill Fuji! Fuji which is visible to the other side of the Thousand Matsubara。Hey, there are a number of spot with a view of Mount Fuji in such a feeling in Numazu。

Try and Suruga Bay looks beautiful to look at Beppu ax direction。It is a hidden scenic spot。

Earlier of the hill and the collaboration of Mount Fuji。

Finally arrived at the harbor entrance park。The upper right corner of the way of this on the image came back!

Finally, do we want to introduce the peripheral and the Kano River Numazu Station。

Numazu tourism - Shipping Accessories All-harbor entrance park -

Numazu Port last of the attractions is your Shipping Accessories。

Beppu sound than that of large outlook floodgates Numazu、The origin of the name was linked to "View (View)" and "fish (fish)," coined。It because after all is the fish Speaking of Numazu。

Admission is adult 100 yen、Conscientious price of children 50 yen。Moreover、Once ride and you will receive a round-trip ticket。In other words、Go to the other side、It is come back、That。

Ponderous appearance in the middle people。The Guardian from the tsunami a mechanism that huge floodgates of this center is closed automatically when seismic intensity 6 lower or more of the earthquake occurs。By the way, my, I have hope that you are interested in helping when the tsunami because it lives in a few minutes walking distance from the Numazu port is very scary 😐 any chance。

after、It glows blue at night this guy。State that is also a write-up from the harbor bridge you will see clearly。

The entrance is such。What I come with a free guide! Morning and noon Numazu city and Ashitakayama、Mount Fuji Hakone mountain range、In the evening the sunset over the Suruga Bay、3 degrees delicious spot that night seen the night view of Numazu city。It is where you want to be sure to climb in when closer to the Numazu port because it is 100 yen for adults。

If there is a ticket office Once inside、It goes up in the elevator to the top。A worry because it does not only have stairs。

Beppu ax tickets have become a 1-day ticket、Unlimited admission allowed if the day。However、Note that you must offer at the time of admission。Over to the other side with your Beppu、If you come back、Also、If you want to see the morning sun and sunset and night view、Shalt offer the。

What eight languages ​​support? ! Tremendous to correspond to Russian。Whether the thing I'm also tourists from Russia。Because there is no Arabic also lack up not aligned the United Nations official language。

Beppu ax corridor。And pretty people a lot There is only during the Golden Week、State bench to sit no longer。

Shipping Accessories you saw Beppu Okara。After all ponderous appearance。That you can clean photography without being obstructed by the window glass like this because there is here and there window is open。

Telescope, which is located almost always the good thing about this kind of view。Of course Shipping Accessories demon has also been placed。From Uchiura that it from here Osezaki、And Fuji、Nihondaira、Furthermore, it overlooks the even Mihonomatsubara。

Where just fishing boat If you look at the bottom comes into the Numazu Port。Sky blue and blue of Suruga Bay、At the same beautiful white is a good contrast of the boat and clouds。

To chase the boat to the other side。Numazu city, you can overlook from here。That appears to be far away Kanukiyama。Cormorant -、I wonder there are many clouds。Very worried about Mount Fuji looks beautiful :-| Now、A ...... or Mount Fuji is visible?


Invisible after all。Tidbit from the surrounding voice I "- I can not see Mt. Fuji"。But is downright placement of the cloud, such as harassment、Well, it can not be helped。But would you be seen if squish the time、Hurry ahead because we want variety around to the other。Sunset has decided to get off to give up by doing only it needs to be seen。

I tried down from the opposite side。Around here it has become a parking lot of bike。

 In fact, it will arrive here and come in Shipping Accessories demon bus directly from Numazu Station。It might massage will not be used be good to remember that the bus stop is near。

Alright、Beppu you over and again to the other side。Beppu your it is adjacent to the harbor entrance park。Katsuta are written to sign Katsuki the poet、Motoori Nagayo is the composer。The Well unfortunately nationwide but name recognition is not high up there、If the brief description because it is much trouble。

In famous works of Katsuki Katsuta What "outgoing vessel"。This is Monoganashiku sang name song the state of farewell at the port。Work of this person has been commonly used in the school song of Fuji City and Numazu city of school。

Motoori Nagayo might not have been what known name、In the famous Yokohama composer of "red shoes"。Still I wonder if those of Ujo Noguchi of songwriter popularity is high? Other has or "choo choo" kana masterpiece。

Go and promenade and lawn entered the park。In May of Golden Week so as to surround the park carp will be decorated with a lot of。Once upon a time is carp I was ordered Innovation Shifts --- along the Kano River、That is now being held in bits and pieces this park。It's very busy harbor entrance park that comes in its time、I will now Noseyo also the photo。

by the way、The old days Naa was or doing baseball here。Also to have been paved road 's now、And many people I've no longer can do that。

Although you can see and try to come to Numazu、There is a shrine in some places。Here is one of them。Or I hope that the fishery will go well because after all is close to the sea、Or asked to protect the city from the tsunami、Maybe the kind of hope is in the form。

According to the place to hear、Rashiku pretty famous place for lovers of cats I here in the park、Toka sometimes called Toka paradise of cat。Unfortunately, this time was not able to meet the cat 😥

The end of the here harbor entrance park。Actually But here is the entrance for you、Do or not so much the people who enter from here thanks to that crowded the Numazu Port now。The old days was no Nante your Shipping Accessories、It has often entering from here。Ah ~、Here parking It is quite off the beaten path。Since we use the Numazu Port of parking not have so much I person to stop over here。Actually well it is also access to the Thousand beach in Numazu and I from here、It's very good in which to explore the Numazu coast。Access by car to here is just single-mindedly straight through the harbor Bridge。Abutment is whether never get lost because it is here。

The following is Bokusui Wakayama Memorial、Thousand to the beach。We will continue on the way along the coast across the main street from the entrance of the harbor entrance park。


- Beppu ax sunset and night view -

Since Beppu ax article will introduce the Shipping Accessories ax sunset and night view here! First, from sunset。

Just before the just date sink。Well do you want up to but see Mount Fuji shining in the sunset。

Beppu Okara Sunset landscape of、Just spectacular! Also it looks clearly Mt.。Many people have been aimed at this time、I place up is essential。Especially Golden Week Toka long holiday season seems crowded。

Up Mount Fuji。You will see clearly to the summit!

Beppu During the ax has been guided sunset time of each month。It is be nice and visit to the above date and time If you want to see the twilight。

We stickiness in your about one hour Shipping Accessories。When fully the sun sets Shipping Accessories you are blue light up。This is now worth seeing。

Numazu of night view。The brightness was the limit in my camera。I tried to take a further darkened state ended up out-of-focus 😥

Blue Shipping Accessories Contact。Do you are a little out of focus。Please by all means visit the Numazu If you want to see a beautiful image!

There is also a harbor "Numazu Port" aquarium visited by many tourists from outside the prefecture!

To begin with、It would be a good idea to use it because the bus is out to go to Numazu Port from Numazu Station。Previously, it seems not now unfortunately I free the bus had come out。(EV bus became the start of the test operation on October 10, 2018。Detail is"Ride chance is only now! Numazu Station of free EV bus - Numazu between during the test operation"At)

After that, but there is also a hand to use the ferry、It is in a separate article someday。Introduction described the case to go from the Imperial Villa Memorial Park。

From Imperial Villa Memorial Park to go to Numazu Port There are several candidates。If the rental car about 10 minutes。That's rent-a-bicycle about 15 minutes。About 25 minutes, including walking time if the bus。After that, but there is also a hand to use the walk and ferry、It also would like to introduce in a separate article。

It is attention to the stop station is in relation to bus。Although it may be Norere to the bus via the Numazu Port、That the bus is not only running about five to another day at weekends and limited unfortunately。So usually you will get on the Izu Hakone bus of Numazu Train Station from the Imperial Villa Memorial Park main gate near the bus stop "Imperial Villa"。This bus is pretty song's、It could lead to a situation that does not know where can I get down If you do not know in advance the station to get off。It will get off at the bus stop called "Magishima"。It is a good idea to tell the effect you want to go to Numazu Port to the driver if the anxiety。

after、Numazu bus attention to the timetable because it is not intended, such as more and more come in every few minutes。Since the 25 minutes go smoothly、Depending on the timing the coming of bus also to the fact that it takes more than one hour。Also it is not get there enough crap had to pass through a few minutes ago when you get to the bus stop。

there、Recommend the case for walking。Since about 35 minutes roughly that's walk、Is faster on foot as long as the wait for the bus more than 10 minutes。Furthermore, although I fast a little bit and use the back roads、If other than locals whether it is good to return the main street running through the bus。Because maybe get lost。After that it should aim at the Numazu Port follow the signs。

Now、The biggest reason is recommended to walk、

It is seen this landscape of time across the Kano River! Just have become boat is not running picture over!

Here on the harbor Bridge。Get off at Magishima but will be passing through even when towards the Numazu Port、I have got passed in an instant and would come to Numazu in the bus becomes not far from views of the landscape from the Imperial Villa。

Pictures taken earlier photos that you zoom the Mount Fuji。In fact Mars looks like this :-Light blue of the bridge at the Perpetual Bridge which is visible to P front、I building of the brown a little look in the back is the Riverside Hotel。 

Please try to stop by when the Kobara is empty because there is a MaxValue just before across the harbor Bridge。Numazu specialty "tall bread" also is sells naturally。Moreover, cartoon characters had been printed on the bag of salt caramel taste If you take a look at this before。I wonder if there is also a character of love live Sunshine?

Ushibuseyama as seen from the harbor Bridge。I look faintly in the back is the mountains of Uchiura and Nishiura。Pretty far for you can see if it from here。Bicycle's a considerable tough distance。When going down the Kano River Numazu、And it continues to Suruga Bay。Olden days、Kana do that by now there is somewhere in the Pacific Ocean at the time of the elementary school I was dropped soccer ball in this river。

The harbor bridge was built in March 1968。When I asked to talk to my father, who lived in Numazu at that time、In the old days come in Numazu from Kanukiyama direction、So it was not only coming from the Perpetual Bridge around all round the Kano River。Access to the Numazu Port is seems to have become very well since it is this bridge。

Now、5 minutes to go straight after crossing the harbor bridge。

Finally it came I was Numazu Port of restaurant city! It was an increase in the number of once people come here。Here is still the entrance。Let's explore the vicinity of the time being。

I wonder what will be here If you still say that famous meal treatment in Numazu。Yes、It is MaruTakashi。Well It is a store that is introduced in the Toka TV。As location is facing the aquarium to introduce later。before、Himura and requirements Jun of Bananaman had visited。Is famous shop that is very prosperous。so、Specialty of this shop is to say when over

Tower-like seafood Kakiage! It has been openly advertising even before the store。But why the drums? 😕 for the preparation of this Kakiage is seems to be patented、Kudasare careful because they are claims for damages and to try to make the same kind of thing in other store!

I wonder if Ki to the after famous。Here is the bistro。This store also appears to be occasionally interviewed at Toka TV。As of the street market place look。It is next to the main street of fresh Museum later introduce。

We have lined up as you can see。Well, not only in the place that was introduced this time、I think ...... hit or miss is not because of me of the Numazu store is using fresh fish that has been caught in the immediate vicinity of Suruga Bay。Many times、think、And say what were the words that、Locals does not really meals that in Numazu、I am also do not have to use the port of cafeteria Te scared at the height of the price, regardless of home is also close。

……Hmm? what? I Numazu burger? ? At this time, the first time I learned about the existence(Lol) so、It was examined in the mood、Toka's popular Apparently those across the fish Tteyuu Megisu of deep-sea fish。Other、Tuna Burger、It seems to be such as such as red snapper burger。Eat now Miyokkana。

Here Nanzo me jewel of the one love live Sunshine ...... fallen used have advanced too? ? It seems Nowak the original clear file and softening buy this。Here also Ya want Do aiming prosperous business by multiplying the anime!

'S mistake of the "second edition" I do not care I "second-stage"?

I tried to enter into so much trouble that。Items of Love live Sunshine in-store Zurari! ! It seems to get that badge like a, which is decorated on the wall and buy the Orb of the Fallen use。By the way, I ate this time here Mikkabi mandarin orange soft cream。350Pretty it was delicious but was a circle。

Love live Sunshine also against a wall。This place is in the store and Rashiku land of character Yukari Tteyuu Yoshiko Tsushima that appear in the anime was also placed Toka figure。It was Welcome better of anime fans holding a huge stuffed toy of the character of this blue hair in front of the shop。

Upon exiting the Numazu burger eyes before quickly Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium coelacanth Museum of the entrance。We got to much indeed admission fee of 1,600 yen。so、Numazu but citizens you can get discount tickets here at public relations、Certainly Nde discount was Toka 100 yen was standing、Masen may be visited still。I mean、This came to the entrance is be the first time(Lol)Coelacanth is Toka attractions。

Aquarium before the souvenir shop。Fan of anime characters、Love live Sunshine fan has sold。A total of 4,500 yen in the nine set (tax included)。And、Also sold at 1,980 yen those fish market made sandals。It seems there is a Legs good walker effect。I was surprised also 500 yen to the inner ring、Those of the middle people also 1,980 yen sandals。

Congestion condition introduction of deep-sea aquarium is from here。First May Golden Week holidays of that Golden Week。Roughly matrix is ​​extended to this area。It is about the way filled between the Aquarium and Numazu burger roughly Well。I think that does not wait for an hour。

so、It is the matrix until about this time that further crowded。As the back big street of this front is looked from the entrance of the previous aquarium。Will I see extending the column to a considerable towards the back even further in this photo? By the way, this is the time of the summer festival。This has become a day of fireworks。

The most crowded was of this time I've seen。We have followed matrix up as Minato Bridge。Latency is a whopping 70 minutes! I'd like to go once and there is a popular until this much。

Crowded I wonder if around here is the best? How any store also earnestly thriving。But I think this store I active silicic only circle on the right side was certainly sushi、Since its own way to such like are using fresh fish reasonably be price。but、This rumor delicious。

Such atmosphere in the evening。People have come up with less I feel good in its own way have been lit up。

so、Again during the day rewinds the time。A stone's throw Numazu Port and come up here。It amazing I 1.980 yen in limited quantities。Strangely feel that high prices are here only in Numazu。You can immediately see the Numazu Port and across the main street。

Numazu Minato fresh Museum。People who come by car because the parking lot is crowded'd be better to take care。Or there is a restaurant is in the fresh Museum、Or selling the seafood、Or there is a souvenir shop。And I sometimes have and the car local singer at the entrance or open of like a concert。

Immediately cafeteria and entering the inlet。And should be noted that Korean in the toilet of notation and Chinese。I guess many tourists from these countries。The Numazu of loose character's are drawn on top of the live what JA towards the upper left photo "Nansun sun Ryi-Nansun delicious Ryi"

……Amazing remember difficult!

Baryi's me the name of the character Grand Prix victory loose of the past and the bulk of the Toka Toka Gunma-chan round。In other words and say what you want to say、Sound is I demand! I want to ask is a little hard Numazu of Yuru-Chara。I from the change of name First。

Trying to return because the story has been derailed。Here is often used want to see a concert hall、While there may be and the car local song will showcase。It is a resting place now。Numazu Port will be the view from here。

It is not just the cafeteria in the fresh Museum。Or sell the dried fish、Or there is a souvenir shop。It keeps a big deal this to narrow this only person in the building will gather §。

Escape from fresh Museum of the back door! that? Have you ever seen this landscape? I thought I、I Himura and requirements Jun of previous Bananaman had been TV shooting here。

The back of the fresh Museum。If there is a bench on the balcony of Numazu Port side、Quite many people are resting。Please go to relax us here。

The entrance of the fish-eating hall。Or try to enter because there seems to have made visitors passage。

Here I entrance。Ordinary people have written me Corporation Trespassing! Admission is allowed but are exudes the like, such atmosphere。

Here below the room Numazu fish market。I guess busy with to organize a fish morning is that caught but no one now。


Visitors passage end。Well, in particular there was no one to see anything you try and settle for because you taste the atmosphere of the market。

Cafeteria in food 鮮館、Restaurant Contains。so、Landscape of look and leave the building Ushibuseyama。Do please try to actually visit because there is good ...... view that chat a little Pinbokeshi。

Here Numazu Port side。Enjoy food and drink in this table。so、The view is over over visible from here

Beppu you! About this Shipping Accessories will introduce in the next article! Image just now。

Now、Returning again to fresh Museum、Most outback of here Numazu。I think I'm many people come as such a small But the harbor of'm also from Toka Tokyo was popular in its own way every week。So I think if Thats not branding force odd of Numazu Port 🙂

Speaking of Numazu dried fish。There is a ticket office of the pleasure boat next to it。It seems Tteyuu staggered round。

so、Landing of staggered circles here.。You can go by boat from here to Osezaki。Also out ship further from Osezaki to Uchiura。but、It is going to go by bus to basically Osezaki Toka Uchiura because not operated only in the summer。

Rounded up in around here because the article has been longer。Next, let's towards the Shipping Accessories Okara Thousand beach。

Numazu tourism - Imperial Villa Memorial Park -

Since way back in Numazu Station area from Awashima there is Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park、We would like you by all means stop by if you have time。Because the Imperial Villa Memorial Park、What I was built for the retreat of Emperor Taisho was Crown Prince at that time in the Meiji era。Imperial Villa was abolished in 1969、It is currently open to the public as a park。

Free parking fee if you come by private car。Although the case came in great numbers using Toka microbus will be taken parking fee、20I wonder if Puramai zero because it is receiving a group discount is by coming to the facility under the name for groups of more than?

The image is Hontei main gate but、Now it has been closed。Where come garden port from here a few minutes' walk to the right。I do not remember most I came in the excursion to the days of elementary school。It seems to be able to explore in a fresh feeling。

The bus stop is here。Admission port of the look in the distance is Imperial Villa Memorial Park。Without the inconvenience it can come by car general car parking is so free now。


The reception is in the gate。I have been watching the security guards outside the gate。Previously, as tough security There is only an Imperial Villa。

Here cocked ads is next to as the gates are frequently held events is! This home also I want to ask to introduce 😛

It is divided into the entrance of the individuals and organizations Once inside the gate。Because one of towards the individual entrance。

West comes House is look first Once inside pay the entrance fee at the entrance。This is the main building。

Western accessories House and shoes strictly prohibited。Take off your shoes at the entrance、Admission to put in a plastic bag of equipped。In particular, it will roam the middle because the socks there is no slippers。

Corridor of red carpet。Advertising of soba main horse casually on top of the right of the shelf。In the old days Emperor Showa it I was walking this road。

Courtyard visible from the corridor。I think ...... not separately dry landscape of not。Taste a space that does not taste to live in the middle 's city。Perfect wooden building when viewed this way。Likely it is such not to Solving Toka fire joke。

This nostalgic! I went to just school at this time、There is a memory that saw off the car of Prince line toward the Imperial Villa Memorial Park from Numazu Station Toka because the crown prince passes。Really、What was the 2000 events I there。I also feel like something was more the old days。

Now、After the west included House since finished watching one way。Well First of all we should leaps to Meiyuan。Because、Since going toward the east came with House after this、Toward the History and Folklore Museum of the east side and all round around from the west side of the plum garden、Because I'm going as it is out of the East Gate。This more efficient。

This is Meiyuan。Because it is said even if timing is timing and plum did not see。I wonder if the original plum is in full bloom。Thing this Meiyuan is that has been landscaped with Crown Prince Royal Wedding Anniversary。Here Imperial Villa is planted people seasonal flowers are a lot、Things and enjoy according to the four seasons。

What this is。It seems plum Numazu Lions Club has been presented。Is Hermanus next。I there is a sense to tell the truth this Hermanus。The emperor family、There is a flower that symbolizes each。Crown Prince "tree of Azusa."、Masako-sama "Hamanasu"、Princess Aiko is like a "Goyo Azalea"。I wonder tree of Azusa of some of behind is that Te。

Alright、There is nothing even to go to the west than the Plum Orchard (there was nothing I tried actually go) because、Across the west included House to the east。Here play Square。Fence that has been built so as to surround the square is what is referred to as a "Numazu fence"。In fact, this、It seems very effective to prevent the sea breeze。Naa's a right next to the Suruga Bay。

Along the way across the bridge。The way this is through the bottom as seen from the top of the bridge。Since the lower side of the road is outside toll section of the Imperial Villa Memorial Park、You must leave once the park if you want to pass through here。

Calligraphic characters that appeared just before crossing the bridge。Who would you wrote。

Because it was May carp had been decorated。I feel that way is truly Imperial Villa Memorial Park, which is decorated in tasteful and dots on the square。

View of the previous square back behind from proceeding a little to the east。Look to the left rear wonder if Ushibuseyama。It was resting in some lawn。

Taking the Suruga Bay from the Imperial Villa。Look in the distance Ushibuseyama。Pretty good view and sunny。

A lot of good places overlooking of such feeling in the vicinity。Also good to cool off in the right of the building。

This was as annoying from the earlier "soba equerry"。I had entered quite visitor。

Now、Further to the east in the square after。Something white building came into view? This is the History and Folklore Museum。It is not necessary to pay the money because the admission fee is included in the entrance fee of the park or rather free ......。

Changes in the old days of Numazu of lifestyle because much of History and Folklore、Introduction is the main。Please try to visit all means those who are interested in the history of Numazu。It has become a two-storey and are equipped with toilets。

Further to the east out of the History and Folklore Museum。Gates is here had appeared progressed a few minutes in the green lush and dense。If not come back After what out once? ! We decided to leave never the intention from here because this state there is no even went back to the west included House way。Goodbye west included House。


Arrival at the entrance of the east accessories House as soon as you straight through the pine forest。Here it has been founded as academic offices of Emperor Showa in April 1903、At present, it can now be used in a general as a multi-purpose facility。Toka wedding something can be。It is good if there is a wedding Toka taste in the Imperial Villa。

It can penetrate into from here。Opening hours are 16:30So it will be closed as soon as possible and to、Note the time who want to visit the。By the way, this east accessories House is surrounded by a fence、The security cameras in some places。I wonder if Hell, fellows to invade anyway these days at the time。Security cameras be just a decoration。

East included House on site。It is good to me wooden。It looks because the park tour route in the image、Literally the entrance to patrol the garden of the east accessories House。While sewing between the tea room and the academic office、Course you can walk with views of the pond。

The entrance is like this。Only you do not be able to enter into the accessories House and tearoom basically to explore the garden、It is possible to use the facilities if you want to Toka or open wedding Toka tea party As mentioned just a little while ago。usage feeQuite reasonable because there is also a time of less than 300 yen per hour depending on time of day。I wonder if trying to do something to collect acquaintance now(Lol)

This cutting-off the pine forest go to the left out of the east accessories House。Pine cones is flaky to the ground。Not bad feelings yo ~ Ku see if I pine cones I do not care? And trees sunny and ......

Suruga Bay! From here you overlook to Mihonomatsubara from Osezaki。Kana told you Shimasato beaches? Weirdo now that swim course because March is Orazu、Deserted Paper converting it。

Awashima per the middle of the image is。Another Anna far。Naa'm a mountain of mushrooms even when viewed from anywhere。Uchiura has spread over the right edge of the screen from around the back。

If the other side。Oh! Superb view in quite! We arrived to follow the straight forward and Ushibuseyama park here、You can worship the collaboration of Mount Fuji and the coastline from there。But、I wonder if difficult to walk because a little far?

Actually here、Perfect point of sunset photography、Something good photographer is visited place or take a "Dharma sunset"。I might not come ring a bell even if told Dharma sunset、That the landscape sinking setting sun in the sky was dyed in red。It looks even from Well Numazu。I'm likely to see a beautiful sunset if from the "Shipping Accessories o"。Ah、Beppu us about will be introduced in the next and subsequent article。

Something similar But photos do、We have put catapult。Collaboration this is the coast and pine forest。Mount Fuji has hidden around after this pine forest。

This state is also what could be taken if Orire to Oh ...... along the coast。Well、It is trying to take the image when the next time I came here。

The next is the pincers are Numazu。