- from Kazan tourism - the airport to the city

Kazan and the、Russian Federation is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, which is in。It seems a little strange there is a republic in one of the country of Russia。Soviet Toka Toka Turkmenistan Kazakhstan at the time of the federal dismantling but I was split from Russia as an independent state、Tatarstan seems to have remained inside Russia。

Moscow to go to Kazan、Whether from St. Petersburg will be the main。Is like being out flights from the neighboring countries of Toka Ukraine that it from other than Russia。About 1 hour and I from Moscow。However transit latency is a guide about six to eight hours。Heading to Kazan in the early morning flights the next day and night in Moscow airport、The day before you can even Moscow tourism。His is using that route every time。

The official language of the Kazan Tatarstan language in addition to the Russian。Is also shown in this bilingual can be seen also at the airport。English from the top yellow signs、Russian、Tatarstan language。Tatarstan word kana is similar to the cursive of the Russian?

No only by bus taxi or Aero Express to the city from Kazan Airport。Taxi is very cheap because recommend。

Like this but hard to see against the sun taxi accepted。Since the immediate vicinity from the arrival gate you think or not is it can not be found。Although taxi of luck and her friends as soon as the exit from the arrival gate will come over the business、If afraid of the、Try to ask from the airport taxi counter of the image。Since the white Taku listen to various bad rumor。

The appearance of the airport。I guess legal Russia walked tobacco。Quite a person has smoked a cigarette in the street。This time, we will introduce the route to go by taxi。

About 15 to 20 minutes by taxi from the airport to the Kazan city。Very cheap because Kazan is the taxi of about 100 yen basic fare。Countryside continues until Kazan city、We will gradually increase the number of the car as it approaches the city。By the way, commuter rush hour is very busy。It is congestion。Shalt not despise the Kazan。In the population of 10 years ago, statistics more than 1 million、Will have is three times more than now。

It should be noted、If you go to Kazan city using the Aero Express will be to arrive at this station。Pretty pun 😮 as long as you do not stay close to this station、To the hotel will be to go by taxi。

The other one because the fountain was beautiful。

The next is the most specialties of Kazan、I would like to introduce the Kazan Kremlin!

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