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Finally let's explore the surroundings Numazu Station。The starting point is from the south exit Numazu Station。by the way、In a very nasty station because this Numazu Station、It must bypass the station from the north exit to the south exit。Or buy tickets to give up、Or that it is not only back and forth duck large guard is located in the west of Numazu Station。

Route through this time will continue along the red arrow from the green of the star mark in the figure above。Through the Nakamise street from Numazu Station、Central Park、History Bridge、And then proceed to the Onaribashi。City Hall Toka Toka incense Ling ground Toka civic center Toka Numazu library、Although I other attractions are also、Let the time being try to focus on station near。

Take the rotary of Numazu Station counterclockwise、Go to the right If you get in front of the station Boulevard。It just RAKUUN you will see on the diagonal。This RAKUUN abolished unfortunately a poor performance I was was previously Seibu Department Store。Here there is a theater of Yoshimoto、You can see live a comedian, such as seen on TV。Certainly porcupine fish or "1、2、3! ! "In and whether there has been that also came Nabeatsu of the world was famous。

Nakamise street that looks from the previous shooting location immediately to the left in the back of the Numazu Station。It says that "NAKAMISE"。Here is it has become in front of the station shopping center、The old days was the center of commerce。Now also tidbit shop that there is no Kankodori gone and taken the tourists to a big shopping center in the suburbs。

Signboard discovery that "!! Let's regained lively by eliminating the vacant store Nakamise"! But、Somehow that you've hidden by iron bars ......

Marsan bookstore there next to the earlier of the signboard。Well by the time the student was indebted to this Marsan bookstore。Whenever you look for a book and think about the location and assortment I had been closer to the here。

It is such a poster When you look at the entrance。It seems also get one for every buy I have become the stage 😉 apparently "Love Live! Sunshine !!" related products such a place。That is, when the align not all if you buy 9 books。I do not care、This kind of I shops side wonder if I am asked to to the stage to ask the animation side?

By the way, rental bikes in front of the eyes of Marsan bookstores。If you want to Numazu tourist on a motorcycle! ! It is useful to borrow here If we had been better I? If go to Uchiura 's bike a bit tight but range if bike range。Winter is a firmly because along the coast or strong sea breeze。

Here also love live Sunshine advance? ! I hope and me flourished again in the animation effect。You do not or do events mall unity to in order that。Look、Thats was or is stuck animation of posters in any store I Uchiura? I If you do not called tourists from far away in Anna felt。

Free shop but quite spacious and has。It still appears to be less customer、In fact, here the year 1、It has a time flourishing twice。Numazu fireworks of it is the end of July、And Yosakoi Festival to be held on Saturday and Sunday of November second week。before、Mayor before we were there is a story I called Disney in Numazu (chestnut is bad ......、Put out a name fell through in Mishima next due to let me quit) it is had refused。Shops of people of around here would be was furious I am sure。

It Nakamise's followed from here to the further south、Let's bend here because most customers are not now。Go to the left side to the station on his back。Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ because the banks seem to there in the direction。

The look on the right side and further straight through the intersection of Bank of Central Park Numazu。Although this is the central park、Also it may become the stage of drama。Many brother who are playing in the daytime Toka skateboard。Because there is a rent-a-bicycle right next to the Central Park、Rental in there for those who want to bicycle tour。We just adjacent to the left of this photo。

Here many that the event will be held、Love live Sunshine-related events image above, which has been held on May 6, 2017。Who I went because parents told me "- by softening the cartoon was doing in Central Park" is Wansa。It has stuffed three bodies on top of the Central Park of the stone monument(Lol)

The centerpiece of white stuffed toy is a pyramid-shaped。Moreover alpaca on the middle (?) Like a biological。This is also one mascot of Love live Sunshine?

Now、The Central Park Atonishi。Ayumi Bridge this is a pedestrian-only。Picture taken from the finished cross the bridge。Kana red steel tower that looks far was certainly TEPCO's towers。

The whole picture of the bridge。This river is called I Kano (Kano)。Instead of "Karinogawa", "Kano"。before、Remains in the memory of announcer had misread a nationwide broadcast of the program。

Onaribashi as seen from the History Bridge。Personally I like to because it is quite a good landscape。Or swim parent-child of spot-billed ducks in Kano、Or looked canoe、Gentle landscape is seen as。All means because not seen the middle people in the city。White building SBS of building visible on the other side of the Onaribashi。Shizuoka version of TBS and SBS。T is for the Tokyo、S will represent the Shizuoka。The Riverside Hotel is Tokyu there in front。It seems that there is a wedding hall on the roof with it from here。It would be the best location at the time of Numazu fireworks。

It may of carp streamer festival in Kano River riverbed from here。Recently, it was done in the harbor entrance park、It is held in Kano River for the first time in several years this year! Kana because I increasing number of tourists who visit to Numazu was returned to the riverbed?

Landscape between the Onaribashi and History Bridge。The other side of the river of this image、Pier of per under the bridge Kano River over ship。

Arch of carp streamer。It was also attached a picture drawn by the children。How can families were often figure which have taken a particular carp streamer、It is had to take what was drawn by their children。

I found a little unusual carp at the end and come up to the vicinity of the Perpetual Bridge duck arch。Every time it is a carp of the familiar love live Sunshine 🙂 bills Will children and from the size。However、I did not think to come to advance to the carp streamer festival。It attempts to put the power of Numazu City, but you can see。

Alright、Although Numazu is that has been introduced over 9 times、Also I would like to also increase articles on Numazu if there is an opportunity。


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