High-class luxury inn "Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo" ④ ~ Meal introduction ~

ContinuedHotel Grand Bach Atami CrescendoMeal introduction。Because both dinner and breakfast are French cuisine、There is a dress code at the dining venue。However, black ties and black suits、It doesn't have to be as strict formal as an evening dress、Smart casual is enough。Jacket for men、If you are a woman, you should prepare a dress。


Dinner at Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo:French cuisine

Both dinner and breakfast are served at a restaurant called FUGA on the second floor of the main building.。It seems that you are holding an event called Caviar Night for a limited time.。Unfortunately this time is out of period。

A restaurant where you can enjoy your meal while watching the night view of Atami。Live piano music is also playing。The atmosphere is very good。Because there are two seats by the window、If the number of people is larger than that, it will be an inner seat.。I'm not convinced even though I'm paying a high fee ...

When you get to your seat, the menu is placed。I wonder if the dishes will be served on the plate with the score written on it.、It seems that this is prepared as a stand to put the menu to the last、If you take the napkin, it will be lowered immediately。

The napkin has a treble clef clef、Chopsticks are also a special order of Granbach。High-class inns are particular about these places.。

The beginning of the course meal is from Gotemba prosciutto and marinated Shizuoka roasted green tea。What's amazing about this Grand Bach Atami、Where all the materials are purchased from the local Shizuoka。It ’s called local production for local consumption.。It is rare for a luxury inn to be so particular about the local area.。

Chicken mousse and mushroom soup。

Bread is served around here。It's good to be served properly for the number of people。If it is an overseas restaurant, it will be placed regardless of the number of people、I have to order each time I want more。of course、You can replace the additional bread here as well。

It's salmon。From around here, you can finally get hungry food。

It's an abalone。A standard that is almost always served at a slightly expensive ryokan facing the sea。Actually, I don't like abalone so much 🙂

Fish dishes from here。You can choose from two、This is a bouillabaisse of shrimp and sea bream。

Sprinkle the juice like this before eating。

And meat dishes。This is also a choice formula、This is the duck and foie gras poele。

The other is Japanese black beef fillet。The main was very delicious, be it fish or meat 😆

The last is the dessert marron cream glasse。Cool texture of ice cream。

Other drinks and sweets are included。I usually have coffee、I chose black tea this time。It was a black tea with a fruity scent that was a little different from ordinary black tea.。

This is the end of dinner。Not too much、Not too little。At such an inn, it comes out quite a lot.、It was good that it was just the right amount。If you're hungry, you can replace the bread。


Breakfast at Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo:French cuisine (buffet style)

Breakfast is also French。Except、Because it's a buffet style、A system where the basic course is decided and you can order additional things you like。In terms of the menu shown in the image、The left page is the basic course、You can order as many dishes as you like on the right。

Drinks and light meal desserts at first。After having 3 kinds of drinks at once、Retouch with yogurt and fruit。

Green salad。Olive oil is prepared in small bottles so you can choose。

soup。I put purple potatoes in it, stir it and drink it.、I personally recommend having them separately。Because the soup bleeds purple。

Fried egg and sausage、Order bacon。I can't eat that much from the morning, so this is enough。Mushroom sauce is also included。

The croissants are also fresh and crispy 🙂

The last is dessert。The ice cream had only coconut flavor for some reason、I would have been happy if they had standard flavors like vanilla and chocolate.。


This concludes the introduction of Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo.。It's a fairly expensive hotel because it costs more than 50,000 per person per night.、There is also a breakfast-only plan, so I think it's relatively easy to visit.。I'm close to my hometown、I will visit again soon!



High-class luxury inn "Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo" ③-Room with view bath(Hollywood twin)Introduction ~

Continuing from the last timeHotel Grand Bach Atami CrescendoRoom introduction。Since the amenities and refrigerator contents do not change in any room、That was the previous article "High-class luxury inn "Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo" ②-Room with open-air bath(Japanese-style twin)Introduction ~』Omitted in。

Let's move on to the introduction of this Hollywood Twin。


Guest room with view bath Hollywood Twin:Living room and bedroom

The size is 50 square meters and it is spacious for a double room。This room has a bed so that it touches the desk、It is an ocean view overlooking Sagami Bay in Atami over there.。

From the back of the room。Basically, the chairs are arranged so that you can enjoy the ocean view.。On the table is the Arita porcelain candy box introduced in the previous article.。

Arrangement that is superior in terms of functionality to guest rooms with an open-air bath。It's designed so that you can lie down on your bed and enjoy the TV and the scenery outside the window.。

Don't forget the tea bags for drinks are in the drawer of your desk。Not to mention tea, black tea is also locally produced。When I hear Numazu, it's my hometown, so I get a little more excited!

The living room can be seen from the view bath。The mirror is transparent so that you can see the bedroom。

Scenery from the room。The view from 360m of Izusan is the best。This room with a view bath is on the 2nd floor of the building、This is a better view than a room with an open-air bath。


Guest room with view bath Hollywood Twin:Powder room & view bath

Shower room at the back of the powder room、And the end is a bath。The bath is quite big、Even if you stretch your legs, two people can enter at the same time。Because the windows can be opened、It is possible to enter while enjoying the scenery of Atami。

In terms of functionality, this is superior to guest rooms with an open-air bath.。It's easier to use if there is a powder room next to the shower room.。Amenity is the same Mikimoto as the room below。


Living room atmosphere at night

The room is elegantly illuminated at night。This atmosphere is more like an overseas hotel than Japan.。

It feels calm 🙂


Scenery & evening view & night view seen from the guest room

Hatsushima can be seen clearly when the weather is nice。I visited this time in November、At this time of year, it is good that the green leaves are dyed red.

Magic hour after sunset。The town of Atami will be gradually lit up。

Gradually darken。

The beginning of the night。Night view of Atami, also known as Oriental Monaco。


Asahi seen from Mt. Izu (dawn)

After all, if you stay at this hotel, you should definitely see the morning sun。The scenery where the town of Atami gradually brightens as the sun rises gradually from Sagami Bay is truly a magnificent view 😆

Climb the sun、The day is about to begin。


Next time we will introduce meals。Here at Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo, the dinner is a French course。