High-class luxury inn "Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo" ②-Room with open-air bath(Japanese-style twin)Introduction ~

Hotel Grand Bach Atami CrescendoHas 3 types of rooms。

  • Guest room with open-air bath
  • Room with view bath
  • Guest room with bath overlooking the forest

This time, I booked two of these, a room with an open-air bath and a room with a view bath.。I wanted to create rooms with different atmospheres, so the rooms with open-air baths are Japanese-style rooms.、I chose a Hollywood twin Western-style room for the guest room with a view bath.。

Room amenities and refrigerator contents were the same in both rooms.。Let's introduce the room immediately。First of all, from the guest room with an open-air bath。


Japanese-Western style room with open-air bath:Living room and bedroom

106Room No. introduces this time。Basically, the first floor is a guest room with an open-air bath、2The floor is a guest room with a view bath。And it seems that the corner rooms on the upper and lower floors are rooms with a bath with a view of the forest.。

Maybe this time it's in the middle of a coronavirus、Masks and disinfectants for the number of people were prepared at the entrance。It is rare that even high-class luxury inns have paper masks in each room.。

Sweets are in the Arita porcelain box。This is also a way of offering that other hotels do not have。Cookies and yokan are elegantly served.。

Since it is a double room, there are two beds。50Because it is square meter, it is large enough。About 4 people can fit in、Room for 2 people。The floor is tatami because it is a Japanese-style twin room.。

From the back of the room。The room is bright even if you don't turn on the lamp because the outside light comes in.。

TV and tablet。I think the TV is a little far from the bed。

It's an open-air bath in the back of the room.。

There is also a desk、LAN cable and various charging cables in the drawer。Wireless Wi-Fi is available in all rooms、Those who are concerned about speed should use this wired cable。

What is prepared is the arrival in the hall、Dan Qian、yukata、Bathrobe、tabi。And the bath towel and face towel were put in a bag so that they could be taken as they were to the large communal bath in the building.。

And for some reason slippers。There are two pairs in this photo、3 pairs are available in each room。Why is it a Japanese-style room? I thought、I wonder if some people are worried about bare feet.。


Minibar & Refrigerator

Tea cup, coffee cup and teacup in the minibar。All of these are made in Japan。I will talk about it in a meal article that I will introduce later.、This hotel seemed to be made in Japan and stick to the locals。The concept is Western style 🙂

black tea、coffee、All tea has a drip。It's like setting it in a cup and pouring hot water from above.。

This is the refrigerator。Of course take free。Room for 2 people, so 2 drinks each。


Powder room

This is the powder room。Arrangement on the entrance side opposite to the open-air bath。

Amenity is unified with Mikimoto。Is this also a commitment to Made in Japan?。

Shampoo in the shower room、conditioner、All body soaps were also Mikimoto。By the way, this shower room is directly connected to the balcony with an open-air bath.。


Ocean view guest room open-air bath & balcony

You can reach the open-air bath from the room or from the shower room next to it.。

There is a hotel over 300m from Mt. Izu, so you can immerse yourself in the spectacular view of Atami!

Sagami Bay overlooking the trimmed garden 🙂

This chair is also good。With this, you can lie down with your body wet, so it's easy.。Some hotels have beds、If that's the case, you can't sleep until you wipe your body thoroughly.。

The sun has set。The appearance of the town of Atami dyed red is also beautiful。

It's like this at night。Bright even at night as there is a light on the balcony。Slowly take a hot spring while gazing at Orion in the night sky with the night view of Atami。


Dawn seen from the guest room open-air bath

If you stay at this Grand Bach Atami, please take a look at the Asahi。When I woke up, the sun was about to rise, so I hurried to the bath.。

Sit on a balcony chair and wait for the morning sun while drinking beer from the morning。

24It takes time to soak in the hot springs that spring up in the morning, which is a luxury unique to a guest room with an open-air bath 😆

This is the scenery from inside the room。

Unfortunately, I couldn't see the moment of sunrise from this room at this time.、I decided to wait for the dawn while watching the sky dyed by the morning sun 🙂


It's getting longer, so continue to the next article。Next time, I will introduce the Hollywood Twin in the guest room with a view bath.。




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