From Devonport to Melbourne aboard the Spirit of Tasmania! ②

Let's continue to continue to introduce the inside of the Spirit of Tasmania in the previous article。This time it's 9th Kai and 10th floor where passengers will spend the most time on board。


Spirit of Tasmania rooftop deck

Ship moving stairs or elevator。Since the elevator is crowded it is hardly a wonder if basically the elevator movement is made to the main。

Already bench does not sit in the full Looking out to the deck。It seems you are quite early finished the boarding procedure。

Scenes from the ferry。City center of Devonport look over there。I think I walked dragging a suitcase from yesterday other side on this side

And here is the opposite side of East Devonport。Hog state order since landscape is not good people there are few! Iyahhoi! 😆

There there。The way it is over, which has walked a little while ago


10Wandering the floor lounge

The ship has a sofa is placed in some places。Now the ship since the outdoor deck is popular vacant fine。By the way, those who want to eat snacks because food shop is in everywhere pleasing。

you see。Probably rattle?

Contact、Come quite a person here。Since this kind of outward reclining seats like a of is in full house at the time of departure、As soon as possible if you want to ensure a place。


The ship of the vending machine

The ship there is food and drink vending machines。Since the price is a decent、I bring 2 liters PET bottles in a supermarket outside the ferry 🙂

Water It looks like Free。It also has a coffee。


Popular game corner for children

The game corner is on the 9th floor。

There was that like a live space。It might live is carried out at night。For comparison、I do not know well what kind of events on the night so went to sleep in the evening was held 😥

Playground equipment。I guy in the Toka large McDonald's。It was popular with children。

The so-called Game Center。UFOs in addition to the racing game - was also catcher specific guy。

Here is the video game corner a person are you? Wansa。It seems like a PlayStation's could play for free。Toka like a game Sonic Toka Pacman is installed。

1Let 's defensive manner so as not to monopoly in humans。


Souvenir shop in addition to the food shop

A lot of the sofa in the hall in the middle of the ferry。

Try to stop by because there was a cafe nearby。

Prices like this。Without such a thing I thought or chestnut fee Metabotch because the ship、Pretty conscientious pricing。

It was lined up something to showcase When you have a little hang out。

It was a shop for souvenirs。I purchased a key chain here Spirit of Tasmania。I because I do not fall into the hands in other


Movie theater was also!

There was also a movie theater when I walked up to the inner part。But it seems not yet screened。

Screening programs and rates。Here also conscientious pricing。It's not gonna be boring and free time to Melbourne the more Kondake attraction

We tried to enlarge and。

Like this is in the movie theater。Cinema was the blue tones。

Here is the keynote of the red。


Also set-up restaurant buffet style

The ship was also a buffet restaurant。Dinner and breakfast can be taken here。I did not mean to be taken care of here so I stock up the food before you get on the ferry。

Was Welcome also those who have already started the meal。I I've been watermark quite a few 😯 your stomach yet


Finally departure! Farewell Tasmania

Since the announcement of the departure flows to the outdoor deck。

By the way, those who want to smoke in the smoking area of ​​the outdoor deck。Such non smoking area and smoking area has been divided in。

Spirit of Tasmania logo discovery Why do not you look up at the ship from the outdoor deck!

Mokumoku and black smoke came out。Engine seems to have run。

There is ferry landing from Devonport city center。...... whether it was easier just dull yesterday if the ride to there

The opposite shore of people have me waving。I also look back a hand!

Goodbye Tasmania! Someday come again Nde was a good place!

Gradually getting smaller Tasmania。It was a dense journey I did not only two nights。I think that it really was good to visit here。


Let's now return to the room。Room introduce in the next article!

From Devonport to Melbourne aboard the Spirit of Tasmania! ①

Hobart、Richmond、Ross Village、Launceston、Cradle Mountain、Sheffield ...... and has been around the various places far。But、The end finally also Tasmania tourism。Although Australia is from the mainland came to Hobart from Sydney of the airplane、The way back, we decided to go home in Devonport flights from Melbourne flights。I you want I also thing called voyage so much trouble that。

Uncle of Cradle Mountain tour driver was please carefully sent to Spirit of Tasmania landing。Although、I but I was back walking in once hotel because the luggage had been deposited in the hotel (laughs)


Spirit of Tasmania (Spirit of Tasmania) location

Map previous article "From Devonport center to the Spirit of Tasmania landing directionRe-posting things. "。The access to the ferry is good is I have stayed this time "Edgewater Hotel』。Very good flights because it is within walking distance of the ferry。It was supposed to bring a heavy suitcase in Cradle Mountain tour if you do not have to stay here。


Spirit of Tasmania to the hall

OK just until the ferry terminal proceed to sign street

Lane for cars to board the ferry。It also installed course parking for pick-up。

Now、Let's head to the ferry。


Spirit of Tasmania boarding procedures

Ferry entrance。Here we present the voucher。Voucher tickets in advanceOfficial websiteIn I've reserved。

Ship me the Spirit of Tasmania。It seems has previously won the Australian Tourism Award、Certificate of merit was has been decorated to the sales floor next to。

This is the ticket。It is passed boarding pass (boarding pass) and the room key。I asked this of the man quadruple rooms。The cheapest of the I'm reclining seat but、Sometimes ride on the day that came back from Cradle Mountain、Long shower is thought that want was in this room。Reclining seat Note that you can not take a shower!

Basically, apart from the men and women room。Additional double room、There are, such as single room、Rates will be your higher as the number of people is reduced。

So into the ferry!

There is a luggage inspection in the middle security gate。I think that I bring the fruit in certain ferry、It will be forfeited all in Melbourne。It notes that it is impossible to bring up such as fruits and animals outside the island from Tasmania!


Spirit of Tasmania reception floor

Appearance of the customers seemed to already in and boarding the ferry。Tidbit also elegantly people who are drinking alcohol in the window seat of the lounge。

Tours of the brochure is Zurari! !

If you have a favorite tour sounds like can be reserved by individual desk。

ATM was also installed。Also pulled out on board when the cash is needed。

This seems to the collection box of questionnaire。Apple does not know whether they mean anything, but ......


The next is the deck introduction of the Spirit of Tasmania!

"Mural of the city on the way back of the Cradle Mountain、Sheffield "the visit

We stopped in the town of Sheffield on the way home from Dove Lake to Devonport。When questioned the driver and whether the drop in why to town not too large、That of a famous tourist destination as a mural of the city。It was the place that had been - perhaps individuals definitely when I come to the Cradle Mountain in。


The location of the mural of the city Sheffield

Sheffield is located in the place of about 100km from either of Devonport and Launceston。Rather than the here and destination、The kana become patterns that say stop by in the middle of the Cradle Mountain。

Since the time after the Dove lake tourism surplus also this time to was the feeling that I tried to incidentally visit。


Arrival in Sheffield

The car has been parked in the parking lot next to the park。It is enough of as if it is approximately 20 minutes tourism because it is a small town。

The spacious park。Whether not seen middle people in the city also in the landscape was familiar in Tasmania。Fresh mood 🙂

Mural is Zurari! ! Various kinds of art were drawn to each of the board。


What's Sheffield

As soon as it exits the park also mural art。I people will'm Tasmania your great who is drawn

Kentish tourist office。Here is a village called Kentish in Sheffield(?)I'd like。

Or let's extend the leg until the person a little far。It's that time also there。

Greengrocer Kana。Goodness of security you can see at the time of placing the goods in front of the store in this kind of wind。I because it takes grate at the entrance of the Once was Toka South America shop。

Mural art also found in such a place! Clearly not a graffiti high quality 😆


To the center of Sheffield

I walked about 1 minute。Perhaps here is the heart of the city。Compartment is that you believe is the most prosperous。

Central shopping district。but、Few people。Maybe you've returned home after the local people and the other shopping。

Pharmacy next to it。For the time being seems to be aligned with those of Ichitori necessary to life。

gas station。Mr. Driver was the place you are just fueling。It is today Speaking was running fine in the morning。Devonport → Launceston → Dove Lake → Sheffield。Than running about 500km maybe?


Time until departure time crushed

Yes Exit。No longer shall see。The time being hanging out near。

I came back to the original park。After that wait for a departure time sitting on the bench only!

Well、It was cozy and the city, such as in less than 30 minutes to tourism in such a feeling。Be that the collapsible little more time if people are interested in mural art?

Next time will head to Melbourne aboard the spirits of Tasmania!

Encounter on the way back of the Cradle Mountain! Playing with wild wombat

After all、It was not possible to meet out in the wild wombat at Dove Lake。It seems I was also me looking intently because it was talking about me "I want to! Look at the wombat" driver uncle、It seems to have not found 😥

but、Thanks to Mr. Driver gave me to find a wombat while driving on the way back、Came true that meet the wombat's wild! ! Really thanks to this driver's 🙂


Wombat discovery of the wild in the Cradle Mountain Overland track (Overland Track)

Mr. Driver is this landscape was a look at the outside because shouted "Look! I! Wild wombat"。But to me I did not know if there is anywhere in the wombat of this landscape、Or so the sides will place such as truly veteran guide。

Wonder if seen that there is little wombats I was expanded? (Laughs) green part of the top of the hill。Just it's such about the middle of the photo。When the brown object is seen well I think I have two dogs。

Tasmania's wombat's wild was Irassha' is、A place called Overland TRACK of Cradle Mountain。Apparently、Seems course Disrupt it takes a few days walking around Tasmania virgin forest in the camp over a period of several days。


Encounter with the wild wombat

Brown animal coming down Nosonoso from the direction of the above! ! ! ! Finally it came out --------! ! ! ! Wild won back Tooo O! ! ! !

The crust Oh? ! You come down and come down and come down! !

Another wombat When the other signs in the vicinity is there to direct the ...... face! ? A little while ago the color than the dark 🙂

I approached another huge amount。It's not escape even close to around here。Movement seemed wary to approach more became suspicious indeed。

Wombat's to move forward with something or sniffing the grass。What are you thinking would 😕

Oh! ! It came towards me! ! !

Wombat's suddenly turning If you wait too long and the approaching make a Gasa' and sound! ?

Oh ...... I got back to the burrows ......

Safe What this burrows、2019When the year of large-scale forest fires occurred in Australia over the 2020、Somehow Toka Toka has survived thanks to entering into the burrows of wombat koala。

Nature of the Messiah wombat 😆


Wombat's who are a lot more than I thought

Since the wombat's has gone back towards the burrows、Oh ...... When you turned around toward the back! Brown round object to the right is 🙂

Wombat's to get live in Overland TRACK Road near。Not run away even approaching this wombat。

It captures the front face! ! Here to you came up Zunzun 😆


Wombat is popular with people all over the world

Please be Koremi。Crazy to everyone wombat 😆

Japanese husband and wife duo towards the left was together in this tour。And Thais also're wearing beige clothes were together on tour。And that look towards the far right、Foreigner's who have walked the Overland TRACK。

Ne you see that is loved around the world (laughs)

Wombats that goes forward without all care Nante have been photographed。

We have more and more closer to the here 😆


What a baby wombat in the stomach? !

I ...... Once around to the back to try、I、What? ! This wombat was a mom won the bat! ? ! ? Two dogs eyes of the wombat is ...... under the ass

Apparently it wombats in the same marsupials and kangaroo、Toka bag is attached to the rear-facing。So、I'm like a out the face of a baby behind like this。

Even so, too cute ......

Enlarged and tried 😆 it this baby also Izure is got to become independent and escape from the belly of the mother


It was fun Tasmanian tourist end in this。It will head to Melbourne on board as it is spirits of Tasmania If this tour is over (SPIRIT OF TASMANIA)!

The sunny days per year less than 40 days? ! Miracle Cradle Mountain sunny tourism ②

Second half of the season also Dove lake tour of Cradle Mountain。Initially sky was cloudy was also becoming good feeling quite cloudless。


Walking map "Dove Lake circular route" (re-posted)

It is the same map as the previous article。It will not need a particular description。


It goes forward through the forest of Cradle Mountain

Even into the forest road has been paved。You wonder if you will for a non-slip of suffering is a net to plate?

Walk on top of the cliff。No to worry about falling because properly there is a barricade of tree。

There was a tree that has fallen way。Since the cut is horizontal、It may be a thing brought what was cut somewhere。

Terribly big big tree。Still, it is pretty miserable state in some places trees have fallen ......

Eye in front of the tree is quite head grazing。Be careful because the middle of the way there is such an obstacle!

Up-and-down is pretty intense。Wheelchair to unreasonable、I think that pretty tough but not impossible even with a cane。

Cradle Mountain has been approaching! It is at the foot soon!


Still forest continues ......

Now Nikki interfere with the rock face is overhead rather than a tree。The road is quite narrow、Next door is completely without fear of falling because there is a fence but it soon Dove Lake 🙂

Again fork in the road。Take the Dove Lake circular route -

Already clouds least when I looked up at the ceiling、Blue sky had been increasing。It will further clear up if this tone 😆

Here I wonder if just become directly below? ? Where still Dove Lake is finished half。You hurry a little I've been approaching the time!

Dove lake as seen from this side。It looks quite widely but that's map small。

Road without a fence! ? Because it does not also become a cliff's not dangerous but、Let's proceed with care to feet。

Note that was in the middle of a break space。It summary of "Do not raise the food to the wild animals."。Wild Let's leave the wild。

We will gradually away from the Cradle Mountain。Sky has been a lush 🙂

What when absorbing it ...... road has been completely collapse。But if normally walk people say、Suspended likely for those who are crippled foot。


We arrived at the beach in the middle of Dove Lake

I have come at once so far in a little brisk walking! The other remaining about a quarter。4I was not tired at all because km much is might be but nature of walking is fun walked 😆

Arrived at the sandy beach After a little out of the way。Since the waves on the surface of the water is a little standing upside down Cradle Mountain is good but does not look landscape。

It would be a good picture the view from here

Oh? People came from later began to swim。What I thought, I can swim Dove Lake。I wonder if is staying in the Lodge near ...... wonder to do way back But I'm shower Toka-free unlikely?


Dove Lake greatest danger point "gray Sherlock (Glacier Rock)"

And after the beach across the street to the parking lot。And down climb the road。

But is a fork in the road、Select the Dove Lake circular route。

Left there was a fence middle。Wonder if off-limits? It seems to put Apparently I thought both。To the medium because it is much trouble。

It seems there is one in the previous become Glacier Rock。

Glacier Rock arrived! ! Truly scary 😯 individual scaffold me ...... has become the rock of bumpy。Moreover, there is no fence? ! Is head over heels in Dove Lake After falling 😥

To gingerly toward the tip while holding the camera。Unexpected might die When you reach the other up to this limit ...... more

Parking is over there。As you can see this photo、It is the end Once you fall again from here。When the later drivers to listen to the story、Datte you are also several people person to die falling from the Glacier Rock 😯 Everyone please be careful ......


Glacier Rock as seen from a distance

And the Glacier Rock after toward the parking lot。There is It is Glacier Rock。

And Nokka' people。I like that feeling。Please and as to not go in the Toka never slippery shoes。Since Seriously dangerous ......

En route、I came across to people that are paving the way for Cradle Mountain。We hope that that will repair the like a broken road were among the earlier of the forest。

Also will be suddenly behind is worrisome。I have climbed who wonder always Glacier Rock is a popular way。Oh scary scary


Dove lake laps to the end!

A stone's throw and the other parking lot。It is also a great Cradle Mountain from here! Soak at the end of the reverberation 🙂

It has finally returned to the beginning of the place。I like the view in sunny interval is not visible than a little while ago。Abandoned because indeed far we want to go to the place of the hut。

Ah、It's have a person to swim still here。By the way, it's good anyhow Kashari and 📸 to borrow a smartphone because it was asked to take a commemorative photo from the direction of the two of you、I think I often be asked me me to take and have camera photo。


Next time you enjoy a little more Cradle Mountain on the way home。What where you always would dare to wild wombat。