The sunny days per year less than 40 days? ! Miracle Cradle Mountain sunny tourism ②

Second half of the season also Dove lake tour of Cradle Mountain。Initially sky was cloudy was also becoming good feeling quite cloudless。


Walking map "Dove Lake circular route" (re-posted)

It is the same map as the previous article。It will not need a particular description。


It goes forward through the forest of Cradle Mountain

Even into the forest road has been paved。You wonder if you will for a non-slip of suffering is a net to plate?

Walk on top of the cliff。No to worry about falling because properly there is a barricade of tree。

There was a tree that has fallen way。Since the cut is horizontal、It may be a thing brought what was cut somewhere。

Terribly big big tree。Still, it is pretty miserable state in some places trees have fallen ......

Eye in front of the tree is quite head grazing。Be careful because the middle of the way there is such an obstacle!

Up-and-down is pretty intense。Wheelchair to unreasonable、I think that pretty tough but not impossible even with a cane。

Cradle Mountain has been approaching! It is at the foot soon!


Still forest continues ......

Now Nikki interfere with the rock face is overhead rather than a tree。The road is quite narrow、Next door is completely without fear of falling because there is a fence but it soon Dove Lake 🙂

Again fork in the road。Take the Dove Lake circular route -

Already clouds least when I looked up at the ceiling、Blue sky had been increasing。It will further clear up if this tone 😆

Here I wonder if just become directly below? ? Where still Dove Lake is finished half。You hurry a little I've been approaching the time!

Dove lake as seen from this side。It looks quite widely but that's map small。

Road without a fence! ? Because it does not also become a cliff's not dangerous but、Let's proceed with care to feet。

Note that was in the middle of a break space。It summary of "Do not raise the food to the wild animals."。Wild Let's leave the wild。

We will gradually away from the Cradle Mountain。Sky has been a lush 🙂

What when absorbing it ...... road has been completely collapse。But if normally walk people say、Suspended likely for those who are crippled foot。


We arrived at the beach in the middle of Dove Lake

I have come at once so far in a little brisk walking! The other remaining about a quarter。4I was not tired at all because km much is might be but nature of walking is fun walked 😆

Arrived at the sandy beach After a little out of the way。Since the waves on the surface of the water is a little standing upside down Cradle Mountain is good but does not look landscape。

It would be a good picture the view from here

Oh? People came from later began to swim。What I thought, I can swim Dove Lake。I wonder if is staying in the Lodge near ...... wonder to do way back But I'm shower Toka-free unlikely?


Dove Lake greatest danger point "gray Sherlock (Glacier Rock)"

And after the beach across the street to the parking lot。And down climb the road。

But is a fork in the road、Select the Dove Lake circular route。

Left there was a fence middle。Wonder if off-limits? It seems to put Apparently I thought both。To the medium because it is much trouble。

It seems there is one in the previous become Glacier Rock。

Glacier Rock arrived! ! Truly scary 😯 individual scaffold me ...... has become the rock of bumpy。Moreover, there is no fence? ! Is head over heels in Dove Lake After falling 😥

To gingerly toward the tip while holding the camera。Unexpected might die When you reach the other up to this limit ...... more

Parking is over there。As you can see this photo、It is the end Once you fall again from here。When the later drivers to listen to the story、Datte you are also several people person to die falling from the Glacier Rock 😯 Everyone please be careful ......


Glacier Rock as seen from a distance

And the Glacier Rock after toward the parking lot。There is It is Glacier Rock。

And Nokka' people。I like that feeling。Please and as to not go in the Toka never slippery shoes。Since Seriously dangerous ......

En route、I came across to people that are paving the way for Cradle Mountain。We hope that that will repair the like a broken road were among the earlier of the forest。

Also will be suddenly behind is worrisome。I have climbed who wonder always Glacier Rock is a popular way。Oh scary scary


Dove lake laps to the end!

A stone's throw and the other parking lot。It is also a great Cradle Mountain from here! Soak at the end of the reverberation 🙂

It has finally returned to the beginning of the place。I like the view in sunny interval is not visible than a little while ago。Abandoned because indeed far we want to go to the place of the hut。

Ah、It's have a person to swim still here。By the way, it's good anyhow Kashari and 📸 to borrow a smartphone because it was asked to take a commemorative photo from the direction of the two of you、I think I often be asked me me to take and have camera photo。


Next time you enjoy a little more Cradle Mountain on the way home。What where you always would dare to wild wombat。

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