Encounter on the way back of the Cradle Mountain! Playing with wild wombat

After all、It was not possible to meet out in the wild wombat at Dove Lake。It seems I was also me looking intently because it was talking about me "I want to! Look at the wombat" driver uncle、It seems to have not found 😥

but、Thanks to Mr. Driver gave me to find a wombat while driving on the way back、Came true that meet the wombat's wild! ! Really thanks to this driver's 🙂


Wombat discovery of the wild in the Cradle Mountain Overland track (Overland Track)

Mr. Driver is this landscape was a look at the outside because shouted "Look! I! Wild wombat"。But to me I did not know if there is anywhere in the wombat of this landscape、Or so the sides will place such as truly veteran guide。

Wonder if seen that there is little wombats I was expanded? (Laughs) green part of the top of the hill。Just it's such about the middle of the photo。When the brown object is seen well I think I have two dogs。

Tasmania's wombat's wild was Irassha' is、A place called Overland TRACK of Cradle Mountain。Apparently、Seems course Disrupt it takes a few days walking around Tasmania virgin forest in the camp over a period of several days。


Encounter with the wild wombat

Brown animal coming down Nosonoso from the direction of the above! ! ! ! Finally it came out --------! ! ! ! Wild won back Tooo O! ! ! !

The crust Oh? ! You come down and come down and come down! !

Another wombat When the other signs in the vicinity is there to direct the ...... face! ? A little while ago the color than the dark 🙂

I approached another huge amount。It's not escape even close to around here。Movement seemed wary to approach more became suspicious indeed。

Wombat's to move forward with something or sniffing the grass。What are you thinking would 😕

Oh! ! It came towards me! ! !

Wombat's suddenly turning If you wait too long and the approaching make a Gasa' and sound! ?

Oh ...... I got back to the burrows ......

Safe What this burrows、2019When the year of large-scale forest fires occurred in Australia over the 2020、Somehow Toka Toka has survived thanks to entering into the burrows of wombat koala。

Nature of the Messiah wombat 😆


Wombat's who are a lot more than I thought

Since the wombat's has gone back towards the burrows、Oh ...... When you turned around toward the back! Brown round object to the right is 🙂

Wombat's to get live in Overland TRACK Road near。Not run away even approaching this wombat。

It captures the front face! ! Here to you came up Zunzun 😆


Wombat is popular with people all over the world

Please be Koremi。Crazy to everyone wombat 😆

Japanese husband and wife duo towards the left was together in this tour。And Thais also're wearing beige clothes were together on tour。And that look towards the far right、Foreigner's who have walked the Overland TRACK。

Ne you see that is loved around the world (laughs)

Wombats that goes forward without all care Nante have been photographed。

We have more and more closer to the here 😆


What a baby wombat in the stomach? !

I ...... Once around to the back to try、I、What? ! This wombat was a mom won the bat! ? ! ? Two dogs eyes of the wombat is ...... under the ass

Apparently it wombats in the same marsupials and kangaroo、Toka bag is attached to the rear-facing。So、I'm like a out the face of a baby behind like this。

Even so, too cute ......

Enlarged and tried 😆 it this baby also Izure is got to become independent and escape from the belly of the mother


It was fun Tasmanian tourist end in this。It will head to Melbourne on board as it is spirits of Tasmania If this tour is over (SPIRIT OF TASMANIA)!

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