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Since way back in Numazu Station area from Awashima there is Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park、We would like you by all means stop by if you have time。Because the Imperial Villa Memorial Park、What I was built for the retreat of Emperor Taisho was Crown Prince at that time in the Meiji era。Imperial Villa was abolished in 1969、It is currently open to the public as a park。

Free parking fee if you come by private car。Although the case came in great numbers using Toka microbus will be taken parking fee、20I wonder if Puramai zero because it is receiving a group discount is by coming to the facility under the name for groups of more than?

The image is Hontei main gate but、Now it has been closed。Where come garden port from here a few minutes' walk to the right。I do not remember most I came in the excursion to the days of elementary school。It seems to be able to explore in a fresh feeling。

The bus stop is here。Admission port of the look in the distance is Imperial Villa Memorial Park。Without the inconvenience it can come by car general car parking is so free now。


The reception is in the gate。I have been watching the security guards outside the gate。Previously, as tough security There is only an Imperial Villa。

Here cocked ads is next to as the gates are frequently held events is! This home also I want to ask to introduce 😛

It is divided into the entrance of the individuals and organizations Once inside the gate。Because one of towards the individual entrance。

West comes House is look first Once inside pay the entrance fee at the entrance。This is the main building。

Western accessories House and shoes strictly prohibited。Take off your shoes at the entrance、Admission to put in a plastic bag of equipped。In particular, it will roam the middle because the socks there is no slippers。

Corridor of red carpet。Advertising of soba main horse casually on top of the right of the shelf。In the old days Emperor Showa it I was walking this road。

Courtyard visible from the corridor。I think ...... not separately dry landscape of not。Taste a space that does not taste to live in the middle 's city。Perfect wooden building when viewed this way。Likely it is such not to Solving Toka fire joke。

This nostalgic! I went to just school at this time、There is a memory that saw off the car of Prince line toward the Imperial Villa Memorial Park from Numazu Station Toka because the crown prince passes。Really、What was the 2000 events I there。I also feel like something was more the old days。

Now、After the west included House since finished watching one way。Well First of all we should leaps to Meiyuan。Because、Since going toward the east came with House after this、Toward the History and Folklore Museum of the east side and all round around from the west side of the plum garden、Because I'm going as it is out of the East Gate。This more efficient。

This is Meiyuan。Because it is said even if timing is timing and plum did not see。I wonder if the original plum is in full bloom。Thing this Meiyuan is that has been landscaped with Crown Prince Royal Wedding Anniversary。Here Imperial Villa is planted people seasonal flowers are a lot、Things and enjoy according to the four seasons。

What this is。It seems plum Numazu Lions Club has been presented。Is Hermanus next。I there is a sense to tell the truth this Hermanus。The emperor family、There is a flower that symbolizes each。Crown Prince "tree of Azusa."、Masako-sama "Hamanasu"、Princess Aiko is like a "Goyo Azalea"。I wonder tree of Azusa of some of behind is that Te。

Alright、There is nothing even to go to the west than the Plum Orchard (there was nothing I tried actually go) because、Across the west included House to the east。Here play Square。Fence that has been built so as to surround the square is what is referred to as a "Numazu fence"。In fact, this、It seems very effective to prevent the sea breeze。Naa's a right next to the Suruga Bay。

Along the way across the bridge。The way this is through the bottom as seen from the top of the bridge。Since the lower side of the road is outside toll section of the Imperial Villa Memorial Park、You must leave once the park if you want to pass through here。

Calligraphic characters that appeared just before crossing the bridge。Who would you wrote。

Because it was May carp had been decorated。I feel that way is truly Imperial Villa Memorial Park, which is decorated in tasteful and dots on the square。

View of the previous square back behind from proceeding a little to the east。Look to the left rear wonder if Ushibuseyama。It was resting in some lawn。

Taking the Suruga Bay from the Imperial Villa。Look in the distance Ushibuseyama。Pretty good view and sunny。

A lot of good places overlooking of such feeling in the vicinity。Also good to cool off in the right of the building。

This was as annoying from the earlier "soba equerry"。I had entered quite visitor。

Now、Further to the east in the square after。Something white building came into view? This is the History and Folklore Museum。It is not necessary to pay the money because the admission fee is included in the entrance fee of the park or rather free ......。

Changes in the old days of Numazu of lifestyle because much of History and Folklore、Introduction is the main。Please try to visit all means those who are interested in the history of Numazu。It has become a two-storey and are equipped with toilets。

Further to the east out of the History and Folklore Museum。Gates is here had appeared progressed a few minutes in the green lush and dense。If not come back After what out once? ! We decided to leave never the intention from here because this state there is no even went back to the west included House way。Goodbye west included House。


Arrival at the entrance of the east accessories House as soon as you straight through the pine forest。Here it has been founded as academic offices of Emperor Showa in April 1903、At present, it can now be used in a general as a multi-purpose facility。Toka wedding something can be。It is good if there is a wedding Toka taste in the Imperial Villa。

It can penetrate into from here。Opening hours are 16:30So it will be closed as soon as possible and to、Note the time who want to visit the。By the way, this east accessories House is surrounded by a fence、The security cameras in some places。I wonder if Hell, fellows to invade anyway these days at the time。Security cameras be just a decoration。

East included House on site。It is good to me wooden。It looks because the park tour route in the image、Literally the entrance to patrol the garden of the east accessories House。While sewing between the tea room and the academic office、Course you can walk with views of the pond。

The entrance is like this。Only you do not be able to enter into the accessories House and tearoom basically to explore the garden、It is possible to use the facilities if you want to Toka or open wedding Toka tea party As mentioned just a little while ago。usage feeQuite reasonable because there is also a time of less than 300 yen per hour depending on time of day。I wonder if trying to do something to collect acquaintance now(Lol)

This cutting-off the pine forest go to the left out of the east accessories House。Pine cones is flaky to the ground。Not bad feelings yo ~ Ku see if I pine cones I do not care? And trees sunny and ......

Suruga Bay! From here you overlook to Mihonomatsubara from Osezaki。Kana told you Shimasato beaches? Weirdo now that swim course because March is Orazu、Deserted Paper converting it。

Awashima per the middle of the image is。Another Anna far。Naa'm a mountain of mushrooms even when viewed from anywhere。Uchiura has spread over the right edge of the screen from around the back。

If the other side。Oh! Superb view in quite! We arrived to follow the straight forward and Ushibuseyama park here、You can worship the collaboration of Mount Fuji and the coastline from there。But、I wonder if difficult to walk because a little far?

Actually here、Perfect point of sunset photography、Something good photographer is visited place or take a "Dharma sunset"。I might not come ring a bell even if told Dharma sunset、That the landscape sinking setting sun in the sky was dyed in red。It looks even from Well Numazu。I'm likely to see a beautiful sunset if from the "Shipping Accessories o"。Ah、Beppu us about will be introduced in the next and subsequent article。

Something similar But photos do、We have put catapult。Collaboration this is the coast and pine forest。Mount Fuji has hidden around after this pine forest。

This state is also what could be taken if Orire to Oh ...... along the coast。Well、It is trying to take the image when the next time I came here。

The next is the pincers are Numazu。

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