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Numazu Port last of the attractions is your Shipping Accessories。

Beppu sound than that of large outlook floodgates Numazu、The origin of the name was linked to "View (View)" and "fish (fish)," coined。It because after all is the fish Speaking of Numazu。

Admission is adult 100 yen、Conscientious price of children 50 yen。Moreover、Once ride and you will receive a round-trip ticket。In other words、Go to the other side、It is come back、That。

Ponderous appearance in the middle people。The Guardian from the tsunami a mechanism that huge floodgates of this center is closed automatically when seismic intensity 6 lower or more of the earthquake occurs。By the way, my, I have hope that you are interested in helping when the tsunami because it lives in a few minutes walking distance from the Numazu port is very scary 😐 any chance。

after、It glows blue at night this guy。State that is also a write-up from the harbor bridge you will see clearly。

The entrance is such。What I come with a free guide! Morning and noon Numazu city and Ashitakayama、Mount Fuji Hakone mountain range、In the evening the sunset over the Suruga Bay、3 degrees delicious spot that night seen the night view of Numazu city。It is where you want to be sure to climb in when closer to the Numazu port because it is 100 yen for adults。

If there is a ticket office Once inside、It goes up in the elevator to the top。A worry because it does not only have stairs。

Beppu ax tickets have become a 1-day ticket、Unlimited admission allowed if the day。However、Note that you must offer at the time of admission。Over to the other side with your Beppu、If you come back、Also、If you want to see the morning sun and sunset and night view、Shalt offer the。

What eight languages ​​support? ! Tremendous to correspond to Russian。Whether the thing I'm also tourists from Russia。Because there is no Arabic also lack up not aligned the United Nations official language。

Beppu ax corridor。And pretty people a lot There is only during the Golden Week、State bench to sit no longer。

Shipping Accessories you saw Beppu Okara。After all ponderous appearance。That you can clean photography without being obstructed by the window glass like this because there is here and there window is open。

Telescope, which is located almost always the good thing about this kind of view。Of course Shipping Accessories demon has also been placed。From Uchiura that it from here Osezaki、And Fuji、Nihondaira、Furthermore, it overlooks the even Mihonomatsubara。

Where just fishing boat If you look at the bottom comes into the Numazu Port。Sky blue and blue of Suruga Bay、At the same beautiful white is a good contrast of the boat and clouds。

To chase the boat to the other side。Numazu city, you can overlook from here。That appears to be far away Kanukiyama。Cormorant -、I wonder there are many clouds。Very worried about Mount Fuji looks beautiful :-| Now、A ...... or Mount Fuji is visible?


Invisible after all。Tidbit from the surrounding voice I "- I can not see Mt. Fuji"。But is downright placement of the cloud, such as harassment、Well, it can not be helped。But would you be seen if squish the time、Hurry ahead because we want variety around to the other。Sunset has decided to get off to give up by doing only it needs to be seen。

I tried down from the opposite side。Around here it has become a parking lot of bike。

 In fact, it will arrive here and come in Shipping Accessories demon bus directly from Numazu Station。It might massage will not be used be good to remember that the bus stop is near。

Alright、Beppu you over and again to the other side。Beppu your it is adjacent to the harbor entrance park。Katsuta are written to sign Katsuki the poet、Motoori Nagayo is the composer。The Well unfortunately nationwide but name recognition is not high up there、If the brief description because it is much trouble。

In famous works of Katsuki Katsuta What "outgoing vessel"。This is Monoganashiku sang name song the state of farewell at the port。Work of this person has been commonly used in the school song of Fuji City and Numazu city of school。

Motoori Nagayo might not have been what known name、In the famous Yokohama composer of "red shoes"。Still I wonder if those of Ujo Noguchi of songwriter popularity is high? Other has or "choo choo" kana masterpiece。

Go and promenade and lawn entered the park。In May of Golden Week so as to surround the park carp will be decorated with a lot of。Once upon a time is carp I was ordered Innovation Shifts --- along the Kano River、That is now being held in bits and pieces this park。It's very busy harbor entrance park that comes in its time、I will now Noseyo also the photo。

by the way、The old days Naa was or doing baseball here。Also to have been paved road 's now、And many people I've no longer can do that。

Although you can see and try to come to Numazu、There is a shrine in some places。Here is one of them。Or I hope that the fishery will go well because after all is close to the sea、Or asked to protect the city from the tsunami、Maybe the kind of hope is in the form。

According to the place to hear、Rashiku pretty famous place for lovers of cats I here in the park、Toka sometimes called Toka paradise of cat。Unfortunately, this time was not able to meet the cat 😥

The end of the here harbor entrance park。Actually But here is the entrance for you、Do or not so much the people who enter from here thanks to that crowded the Numazu Port now。The old days was no Nante your Shipping Accessories、It has often entering from here。Ah ~、Here parking It is quite off the beaten path。Since we use the Numazu Port of parking not have so much I person to stop over here。Actually well it is also access to the Thousand beach in Numazu and I from here、It's very good in which to explore the Numazu coast。Access by car to here is just single-mindedly straight through the harbor Bridge。Abutment is whether never get lost because it is here。

The following is Bokusui Wakayama Memorial、Thousand to the beach。We will continue on the way along the coast across the main street from the entrance of the harbor entrance park。


- Beppu ax sunset and night view -

Since Beppu ax article will introduce the Shipping Accessories ax sunset and night view here! First, from sunset。

Just before the just date sink。Well do you want up to but see Mount Fuji shining in the sunset。

Beppu Okara Sunset landscape of、Just spectacular! Also it looks clearly Mt.。Many people have been aimed at this time、I place up is essential。Especially Golden Week Toka long holiday season seems crowded。

Up Mount Fuji。You will see clearly to the summit!

Beppu During the ax has been guided sunset time of each month。It is be nice and visit to the above date and time If you want to see the twilight。

We stickiness in your about one hour Shipping Accessories。When fully the sun sets Shipping Accessories you are blue light up。This is now worth seeing。

Numazu of night view。The brightness was the limit in my camera。I tried to take a further darkened state ended up out-of-focus 😥

Blue Shipping Accessories Contact。Do you are a little out of focus。Please by all means visit the Numazu If you want to see a beautiful image!

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