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International Slavery Museum


And International Slavery Museum in the same building as the Merseyside Maritime Museum。Because admission is free、You may go incidentally even if there is no interest。

Location is diverted to the one used in the previous article。International Slavery Museum in the red circle。Located in the left side of the Merseyside Maritime Museum of the previous article。

The third floor of the building entrance。Solemn entrance of the dun。Pleasant mood is blown off 🙁

Here Liverpool is the famous world heritage as a maritime city, but、Very notorious city in the old triangular trade (poor say when the slave trade)。It's the old days was a very small fishing village、17It has rapidly evolved from century。The reason is triangular trade。

Weapons and liquor United Kingdom to Africa、Instead of sending the fiber product、Sold off to the United States the black slaves、United Kingdom that the sugar and cotton in the United Kingdom from the United States sent、Africa、Triangular trade because production countries between the United States are involved。Hey I merchant, such as easy money have appeared in the Tate like a sugar, which will be described later by this。

Museum internal。Posters were also exhibition of the things that had been used in the slave trade but I was wondering what the main。Here is mainly like exhibition of weapons were sent from England to Africa is the main。

The beginning of the history from here the slave trade。Or description Europe has been cited profit much by the slave trade。

Painting Toka exhibition of the slave ship and at the time state。It is written on the wall of the right of the cylinder”My hopes of returning home again is all over”Shocking that I。It is a grief that can not go back to the other again the motherland of Africa。

Contact、Photos of people came out。Ish African hero。

Nelson Mandela! ! It is also Martin Luther King, Jr.。What hero who was instrumental in the abolitionist movement。And many more of the people who do not know know their own ignorance。

Followed by a ponderous story。Slaves across the Atlantic Ocean、This means that African people who went to the Americas is how had been handled had been described in conjunction with photo。It had been represented by a model or picture that there are no more photos。

I just came back to the entrance to say the arrival ...... to exit。Exhibition is a small but、I think that it was the high-density museum Given the history。Which was to form the commandments of the modern that should not be repeated again things like the slave trade I thought it was the International Slavery Museum。


Tate Liverpool


Tate Liverpool、At the soon as you turn left so as to surround the Albert Dock proceed to merge side from the International Slavery Museum。

Red revolving door entrance。National Museum of Fine Arts network part of the "Tate" is here。Tate and formerly have been called me the Tate Gallery、Sir Henry Tate was Taisei in the sugar business in the old days、Opportunity that their own painting collection was trying donated to the National Gallery in 1889。

Tate is、There is honor to the artist famous that is also sponsored by the I "Turner Prize" in the UK。

Liverpool Museum is basically free, but is often the place where soliciting donations。For example, the Tate Liverpool is looking for a donation of £ 4、You do not have to be paid。It is nice and I'll put If you are satisfied。

Here is the fourth floor of the top floor exhibition。Pepper-kun will have a lot。In fact, in this Tate Liverpool hotel shooting ban、That of this 4 floor only OK。The other floors had paintings decorated but did not take。

Rather than feeling like a lot of want to see ordinary museum painting is decorated with Ba'、It was your elegant exhibition a little put a space in one single painting。

This is co-star of pepper you and the dog of the robot。It was the middle 's interesting exhibition and adjust them is pepper-kun to the movement of the dog 🙂


Shall we go, even to Piaheddo next time。

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