Numazu tourism ~ ~ to Watanabe, the day of the parents' home Oran 陀館

If you take a look because the people there were many in the neighborhood coffee shop profusely、Things that have been on the stage of love live Sunshine。It Oran 陀館。Since about a 1-minute walk from my house、Good men who were hanging animation of the key holder has to walk the front of the house。


Directions from Numazu to Oran 陀館

Distance of about not even 500m from the Numazu Port。This time, guide you through the directions from the bus stop-cho Senbonko 😉

Here is Senbonko-cho bus stop of this starting point。But there is of like a railroad rail to the ground、This was through to the old days Numazu Station "Jamatsu line (Well Matsusen)" mark。What has been used mainly in the transport of materials in Shizuoka Prefecture first railway。It makes you feel history。

For? Cat! !

Approach to cat。Not run away because it is used to people。

Near Numazu Port is the cat often。It was introduced in particular beforeHarbor ParkVisit all means lovers cat because the cat of the Holy Land!

Now let's toward the Numazu Port direction。Here is the entrance of the Numazu Port。Numazu Port market looks in the middle of the photo above。This time, will head to the Kano River direction and turn left here。

To about 1 minute walk and Family Mart is the left hand side。We will enter the road next to it。

The way a person was a little quiet。But this road, such as the Golden Week holidays in May it will be very busy and it is the car of the matrix。Because、Since the temporary parking lot is made in the vicinity of this。

We will sew between the House Apartment proceed further straight。

Turn right the end of the road。Sew between the parking lot。

Turn left the end of the road。Straight on this street。

A small park you will see in the middle of the left side。For? You see the precincts of the temple

Walk along the outer wall of the temple。Barely destination seemed。The building of this abutment is Hey a Oran 陀館!

This is Oran 陀館! How can there are many people who have misunderstood me well Oranda Museum、Oran 陀館 is correct formally using the letter of the European Central Europe。

Entrance riverbed side。This day has been vacant since the weekday。

159 Route can be seen leading to the south of Looking at the west side Numazu Station。

By the way, that's a holiday you busy this much。Another parking lot is full。

In particular, April 16 was amazing。Though it is dozens of matrix、It seems to have been the character of the birthday that I thought something Watanabe Sunday。Ah、This Oran 陀館 than as has been introduced in the anime "Love Live Sunshine"、It seems set of popular characters Watanabe Sunday of the parents' home in the。It seems the birthday of the birthday limited cuisine has been provided、In mercenary it be that fans have gathered a lot。

Also it has stopped car animation of the illustrations painted in the photo。Watanabe, the day is often the Toka taxi that has been painted is parked before the store。

Or let's close to a little this car because it pains。

Character called Canaan Matsuura。Various characters to the other can be seen quite a painted car。It should be noted、This is in a large consecutive holidays in May of 2018。Maybe the event had been held in possibly Once the store is also on this day。

Love live Sunshine of pop at the entrance。I There is also a stamp。The gray hair of the character is Watanabe Sunday。

Oran 陀館 as seen from the riverbed。Mount Fuji shining in the sunset、And collaboration with the Kano River。


Night view of Oran 陀館

I tried to shoot the night atmosphere because on the way back of the fireworks had a single-lens reflex camera and tripod Nikon。Parking is full despite the night。

By changing the little angle。It is strangely bright store。

Since the long-awaited night view of the Kano River from where it climbed the bank from Oran 陀館。Too bad this day Mount Fuji have cloudy It was difficult to look。

Finally, again Oran 陀館。Although the animation seems like pictured the landscape from the second floor of Oran 陀館、It is difficult to reproduce it unfortunately。That the、Like you can reproduce the same kind of landscape and I from on this bank。


This Oran 陀館 is quite visitors there were many shop before the Love live Sunshine come out into the world、It seems further increasing number of visitors in the animation effect。It is a big influence that anime has given in Numazu!


It should be noted that "Try walking Numazu night scene ② ~ along the Kano River in the ultra-sensitive camera -Again. "、Want I Come Miteku so I tried to take a night view of Oran 陀館!

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