...... from the Sydney Tower Eye? ! This is the Southern Hemisphere the best night view!

A few minutes from it while overlooking the Sydney city while remember the anxiety and the weather is becoming suspicious、No wonder if it was the number enough。Wait while the camera toward the Darling Harbor district。Although the Sydney Tower Eye is not a tripod ban、It was felt that do not use if it is noted on the manners。So the camera is fixed to the gorilla pod waited intently day of the sink。Tripod NG But gorilla pod of location is often referred to as OK beans knowledge。



JOBY Flexible tripod Gorillapod 1K kit mirror-less single-lens corresponding 015039 [Domestic regular goods]
price:8281Yen (tax included、free shipping) (2019/3/21Point in time)



We bring those reasonably good because it was a single-lens reflex camera。In either will buy smartphone much corresponding Toka if 1000 yen、Because it was indeed the strength to anxiety。


Sydney town just after sunset as seen from the Sydney Tower Eye

Darling Harbor district has been gradually lights in buildings Tomo'。Town Hall this and Sydney Town Hall is the glowing pink that looks under the Citibank。Darling Harbor is hazy little clouds。I wonder if not or rain from now on ......

In front of the Darling Harbor with a slightly different angle。Very good view。Thing that there is worth waiting to here!

It also has been beautifully lit up St. Mary's Cathedral。Naval base is also surprisingly light many、It is cheers for good work until night 🙂

Wait for this remains Twilight time because there is no ...... how further fog is dense Once passed a little 🙁


Finally rush to Sydney Twilight time!

Day time period in which the sky is dyed blue dim sinking。Night view is now in the twilight time, which is also the moment the most beautiful look。It remains a little cloud、It will take also there may be flavor it also by the view。

It also looks shine of the Ferris wheel of Darling Harbor。It has become a good accent orange color of the road towards the left。

Barangaru district direction in the re-development of a slightly different angle。I guess is supposed to be more awesome even after a few years this night view。

Angle at which the Harbor Bridge enters the last minute。I No、It will and ...... turning to the more right

If you are 🙁 originally this white building comes in the way I wonder I wonder this Circular Quay direction becomes the most points of interest。Objects that are shining white immediately to the right of the building it's Sydney Opera House, but over over

Exit also another soon Twilight time。Finally Mrs. Makuarizu Chair & Navy side of the。This is line-of-sight far since there is no tall buildings。I think I Naa Sydney'm a port city and still try to look at doing this。It is not that there is no ship also from the top of the river until such time。


Day completely sink Sydney is the night to the time zone

Kings already fully day Once the camera toward the cross direction is not sinking、Sydney had become night。The night view is also in the direction that is not relatively prosperous。It Sydney is the city

Brighten the image by lowering the little shutter speed。The light in and become darker so far is difficult to shoot reflected in the glass。Since taking over the around the camera on the court in order to prevent the reflected light。

I went around until the first of the landscape of this article。At the bottom when I look goodHilton Hotel Sydney (Hilton Sydney Hotel)I will Mie。The Sydney Hilton five-star hotel。It It is the best location。

Shooting, including the sky up a little pitch。Daytime and evening、Landscape which is also a different atmosphere can enjoy the Twilight time。

I tried to raise the exposure a little。I wanted not really a little more slowly taken 😆 be a little too bright、The night of the day 21:00This at Tower tourist end because it was the fact that projection mapping is performed at the Sydney Opera House from。


By the way, fee for hotels around Sydney Tower Eye。You can see that the high considerable price in the world。Please try to stay by all means those who are considered ...... even a little high considering that it can monopolize this spectacular night view (laughs)


Regards because I would like to introduce a night view of Circular Quay and the next time!

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