Local Numazu people is over the love live manhole in the shortest route! Sum many kilometers? ?

"Love Live! Sunshine in Numazu!!That the original manhole "has been re-installed、So much trouble that I tried around。Since it is often being visited in Love live related and recently viewed the access log、There is up to a growing number of Love live Sunshine articles 🙂

This because the original manhole "Numazu Roh Takara projectIn the name of "、Numazu、Sony、Nagashima casting、And project Love live implement crowdfunding jointly、It seems that 33,844,000 yen much higher than 22,170,000 yen, which is the target amount of money was realized by donated。

However、2018Or hurt the manhole by three of the crime in May along with high school and college students of the year、With or painted with paint、One o'clock elimination and ended up a victim。And、2018There is a history that has been re-established on October 10, year。

Because of that Maa neighborhood about a thing that has been introduced a lot on other sites、This time, the kana Let around the manhole in the shortest route。Or walked many total kilometers I guess Let's last Summary。


Overall picture of the manhole location

※ copyright of the character image "Project Love Live! Sunshine!!It belongs to "

So much trouble that I tried to place the map using the character image that has been distributed in the official 🙂

Manhole south of Numazu、North until Takashima-cho、It is studded in a very wide range。By the way, the shortest road that connects the two places from the southernmost tip of Kurosawa Rubyi as of the map to Canaan Matsuura of the northernmost 3.2 km。In other words、Whether it made to walk more since they must be a variety detour when it comes over all。

You know actually walk、It becomes quite time of the loss by Kurosawa diamond and Canaan Matsuura is over the two ...... not think only with harassment。

Now、So whether you go around in order from Numazu Port!


Kurosawa Rubyi “Ruby Kurosawa”(Numazu)

Kurosawa Rubyi manhole is located right next to the Numazu Port bus stop of Tokai bus。Because it is near the tourist area I thought that there are many people、Not so much people because the manhole location is a beach Ohashidori harbor。

Manhole the right side of the photo、It is immediately to the right of the orange-colored bus stop。I There are people who are just taking a manhole。A place where there are people who are toward the camera down is exactly the purpose of the manhole。

Like this。It might difficult to find a little because it is not a color、I think that there is no hesitation because there is a mark that the bus stop。

First 1 th。Kurosawa Rubyi manhole discovery! Now、If the there because the next person from the sister of you want to go to the Kurosawa diamond ...... but Watanabe Sunday manhole can pass the shortest route。

Previous article regard to tourism of Numazu Port "There is also a harbor "Numazu Port" aquarium visited by many tourists from outside the prefecture!We are summarized in "。


Watanabe Sunday “You Watanabe”(Shimogawara)

About from Kurosawa Rubyi to Watanabe Sunday 650m。Close to Watanabe Sunday manhole of Oran 陀館 that the Holy Land as a home of the model of Watanabe Sunday there is。It is clearly the arrangement as aimed 😀 Oran 陀館 of the article "Numazu tourism ~ ~ to Watanabe, the day of the parents' home Oran 陀館Please refer to the "

Proceeds from Rubyi manhole to the east、Senbonko cho north and turn left at the intersection。Numazu Station side、That is OK If all goes towards the Mount Fuji is visible

550 There is a manhole and walk m。It is between the second elementary school entrance bus stop and Shimogawara bus stop。Front than FamilyMart。

2 th of Watanabe Sunday manhole。Now、Next to Kurosawa diamond manhole。


Kurosawa diamond “he Kurosawa”(Thousand beach park)

About 700m from Watanabe Sunday to Kurosawa diamond。Since the prior information was only say that there is in Thousand beach park、It was anxiety Where is in a large park、It was just off the entrance。Increase the photo because it may be a little confusing。

Go straight on the road which is visible to the northwest from the intersection with Watanabe Sunday manhole。It is the left side road of gray three-storey house in the photograph。In feeling that advance the backside of the Family Mart。

Straight on this road。

Moreover straight this sidewalk。

When you see a bus stop that Asahimachi to walk for a while turn left at the street。

Since the location of the left turn might be confusing、Another one photo just in case。There is a restaurant that Isoan the corner。Straight on this road。

The entrance of here Thousand beach park。There is a manhole just a place entered。

Manhole discovery!

Like this when viewed from the back of the park。It is where just two duo is seen。Still, Irasshaimasu of Love Live fan for a weekday 🙂 holiday I wonder I wonder more amazing

3 th of Kurosawa diamond manhole。The following is to Yoshiko Tsushima manhole!


Yoshiko Tsushima “Yosiko Tsushima”(Suruga Bank ago)

About from Kurosawa diamond to Yoshiko Tsushima 850m。Distance I think that the road is easy to understand because advance the long I Boulevard。

Return the way you came from Thousand beach park。However、This time, single-mindedly straight without bending at the Asahi-cho!

The Shizuoka Bank, turn right at the signal when you see it。

And immediately turn left。It is as of the previous Eitai Bridge。

Oh? Just love live Sunshine bus。I I do not anything uncommon because Well very number of flights is large now 😆

You past the Nakamachi bus stop。

Manhole arrival。It is before the eyes of the Suruga Bank。It may be a bit hard to see that the bottom right photo is it。

4 th of Yoshiko Tsushima manhole。It has somehow become like a fun looking Pokemon 😀 next Koumi Sen'uta manhole!


High sea one thousand songs “Chika Takami”(TV before Imai of)

From Yoshiko Tsushima to Koumi thousand song is about 300m。We will enter from here to Nakamise shopping street of Numazu。

Actually、This Koumi Sen'uta manhole has struggled most。Often this manhole is being displayed at the north end of Nakamise shopping street If you look on the Internet、Not found even looking for there to brute force、I was able finally discovered the next day。

Apparently when it is re-installed on October 10、Naa I was in was attended ...... first day as the location has been changed(Lol)I have trouble taking photos to go to the same place again。

Enter the left next to the road of "women's clothing Nishino" in the north-west from the intersection of Suruga Bank。

I place this entry ban there are two。^^ I wonder there is why even two;

Straight here。

The middle there is a right to Tsuji photo studio。It seems the place visited by many people in love live fan。

Numazu shopping street from here。

Found。Right in front of the TV of Imai。

5 th of Koumi Sen'uta manhole。The next manhole from here is very even non unlikely to bother explaining so close、Kindness and politely introduce no way because've been standing chapter until now 😡


Ohara Kiku莉“Mari Ohara”(1,000 yen cut ago)

Koumi thousand from the song to Ohara Kiku莉 about 60m。Because longer needed Nante not seem of the guide in the introduction only in the vicinity of the manhole 😆

North to you just before the approaches to the main street。

6 th of Ohara Kiku莉 manhole。I guess that why is there in so near。Good Ya because it was Well easier


Love Live annual assembly and all set & Ura woman coat of arms

Distance to walk this time is about 300 m。The Nakamise shopping street in the middle to go up to the next character manhole There are five special manhole。

Map ofEach all set manhole and Uraon'na emblem is in、And of the three locationsFirst grade sets of Kurosawa Rubyi in、Watanabe Sunday、Yoshiko Tsushima has been arranged。

Sophomore set to four months every other in、It seems pattern is switched to the third grade group。So、Please come regularly to Numazu! ! Is that 🙂

South entrance of Nakamise。It is under banners of Love live。I think you can see that there is a color of the manhole in the lower left corner of the screen?

First Kurosawa Rubyi。Karafuri - compared with those of Numazu Port

This is unseen assassin、Kunikida Hanamaru。Here also Karafuri ~

Fake Fuji If you think the next He first ...! I I'm in the normal manhole so here is everyone is not Tachidomara because the manhole on the roadway。Manhole of the Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay also will have a joke?

Now what Yoshiko Tsushima。Background Unlike the other two people were tea plantation red Fuji ~

Aqours all set manhole is there immediately beyond the Marsan bookstores。Everyone yan barefoot 😐

The last emblem of Ura woman that Ura star Jogakuin。Please try done people are interested because apparently this one color version is in the Nagahama castle ruins of Uchiura!

Now we'll go to the Sakuranai Mariko manhole。


Sakuranai Mariko “Riko Sakurauchi”(Tomorrow leaf ago)

About 400m from the URA woman emblem to Sakuranai Mariko。It will head from here to Numazu Station North。

A pedestrian crossing over If you get the Nakamise、Proceed to reverse the left and Numazu Station、Turn right at the next intersection to "Amane guard"。

Duck guard to the north exit。I do not care、Me good Numazu Station elevated is

Arch of Ricoh Street exceeds the guard。"Tomorrow leaves" on the west side。Destination if this cross the intersection diagonally。

Tomorrow before the eyes of the leaves。Just this side of the crosswalk。

7 th of Sakuranai Mariko manhole。Remains is a two! It's Kunikida Hanamaru manhole of Numazu Station North is close from here、Since the last is better to arrive at the Numazu Station are convinced that it is somehow smart、First, let's go to Canaan Matsuura manhole located in the northernmost!


South Matsuura fruit “Kanan Matsuura”(Takashimahon-cho intersection)

Sakuranai from up to Canaan Matsuura Mariko about 550m。You will go to the other side of the Ito-Yokado。

Straight Ricoh Street to the north。

Let's go to the other side of the Ito-Yokado。Do I walk quite this is。Senna、You may walk on the right side of the boulevard as in this photo。Since the manhole is located on this side。

Immediately beyond the Takashimacho bus stop。Manhole was found just before reaching the intersection of Takashimahon-cho。

By the way, the sense of distance and Ito-Yokado degree this。

8 th of Canaan Matsuura manhole。...... remain aways One。Last in Kunikida Hanamaru!


Kunikida Hanamaru “Hanamaru Kunikida”(Numazu Station North comfortable in front of the hotel)

Kunikida to Hanamaru is about 600m from Canaan Matsuura。Let's go to defeat the final boss Hanamaru!

Indeed here it would be all right without having to explain the Driving Directions。In Tei that arrived in Numazu Station North。Does not it 's never mean that cut corners! !

Manhole location is just off the north exit Numazu Station。There in front of the comfortable hotel entrance of the eye。Comfortable hotel is located on the right side of the photo。

9 th of Kunikida Hanamaru manhole。This in Love live Sunshine manhole complete domination! ! ! ! !


this timeWalking distance is a total of 4,400 m。We have quite a walk。When the normally comes to walk this distance is fine very much but、I was happily blink in what mind in while looking manhole 😆 Even so, also a middle-people-sur-mindedly for I keep walking while seeking a manhole(Lol)

I think of going to again photograph taken by the time the manhole of Nakamise became 2nd sophomore。

Manhole second part of the article "Love live is very popular in the still Numazu! Also introduced Nakamise manhole second edition!Since "also posted、Please have a look!

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