Ride chance is only now! ? Numazu Station of free EV bus - Numazu between during the test operation

Free shuttle bus had been operating until a few years ago from Numazu Station to Numazu。However、It will then gone for a while free means、Walking、bus、Ferry was not only going to Numazu Port, etc.。

However、That of a whopping recently Numazu has resumed an attempt to free the bus again。The name is EV bus (green slow mobility)。In fact, scheduled for the time being and was a test operation period is because the free bus from October 6, 2018. until November 4,。So、If there is only now ride!


Routes and stop EV bus

EV bus will run the route connecting in a straight line Numazu Station and Numazu。And then back and forth over a period of about one way 20 minutes the distance of this about 2km。I It seems the concept of being able to tourism while enjoying the scenery of Numazu。

Stop is Numazu Station and in addition to the Numazu Port 6 places。The bus stop location on the mapIt was shown by the mark。It has been separated fairly finely。

However、Numazu Station Hatsubin of the holiday has become a Numazu Port direct flights to pass through all the bus stop en route。And I said that also stops the middle ones of Numazu Port onset of the holiday map ofOf the mark、Of the top three places Nakamachi、Territory、Otemachi only stop。And you can not ride from the middle in the middle and get off only。

It should be noted、Weekdays like applications of interest as locals moving means、You can getting on and off at the round-trip together all of the bus stop。


EV bus stop (Numazu)

Before the eyes of Numazu fresh Museum hall of EV bus in Numazu。There is a need to enter into the harbor just a little bit rather than along the harbor Ohashidori。

Port Ohashidori along。Do not know a good place etc. if the EV bus signs。For the time being to the front of the fresh Museum of eye。

Here Numazu ride field。Sorted in front of the signboard on the left side。Because the next bus that after 30 minutes is still persons waiting zero。

Shipping Accessories you will look towards the upper left corner。so、Want person will be sorted here to take the bus。It will is written, "Please line up to here" to sign? Drop-off field for me, "EV bus" is written in white line on the ground。After dropping off everyone、Driver to remove the chain to move the bus to the side of the front of the signboard。

Bus of diamond (timetable) and the bus stop was Yes written on here signboard。Not only ran once an hour。Except、Because there is a fear not ride to come to the last minute、It is a good idea, along from around 15 minutes before if you want to ride really。Often also be a full house even 10 minutes before that's a holiday。After all because capacity is only 9 people。

30Hanging around a little only Numazu It was a minute before because no one was lined。

The Numazu Deep Sea pudding workshop had conspicuous conspicuously also a holiday of Numazu Port is。2018Pudding shop just opened on July 13 of the year。Also it seems to sell fun Suites look aimed at the instant shine。

In addition to have been soft-serve ice cream also sell pudding to say I pudding workshop。Affordable in the so price is a 400 yen roughly Numazu。

I tried to come a little close to the shop。Image color is unified in blue。Now、If Ne soon return to the EV bus stop。

Back When the taxi had stopped。It is love live Sunshine taxi that has been often introduced in this article。This is Ohara Kiku莉 (Mari Ohara)Those of the character called。Those of anime fans went away in a taxi when I wait a little。

Finally EV bus arrival After looking at the harbor boulevard。Plate of the front glass "full house"。I because capacity is just 9 people

It always looks like this from the bus stop。

Finally arrived。Ads in bus Bisshiri! I because it is free。I wonder not only earn test operating costs in the ad。So、everyone、Please be properly give a look at the ad 🙂

Full finished lower car。However, as not yet boarded。Here is the drop-off field。Let's wait in the previous sign until there is an instruction of the driver。

EV bus to stop in the back。Speed ​​limit is 19km。So it takes not a do 20 minutes。By the way, the number of passengers at this time 7。Holiday and I wonder if few people say slow flights evening to use is?


Finally take the EV bus!

Like this is in the bus。Shape facing in the face-to-face want to see the train。

In the bus there was a tourist guide map of Numazu。20It may also look to pass the time because the minute also take。

Advertising in-house。There is also a timetable。As reward a free service even a little、It is a poor ability in this blog but me for a photo I took the ad 😆

Ah ~、You will be prompted to fill out a questionnaire at the time after EV bus ride。This must be written even when the second and subsequent ride。Please give written so seems good even with the same content。After all because free is 🙄

Bus stop of the EV bus is blue。Photo of is the bus stop Agetsuchi。Tokai bus Let's distinguish the color of the bus stop because the Izu Hakone bus is green with orange。If you want to ride the middle of a weekday in front blue bus stop!

20Finally Numazu Station arrive minute over。Middle cosplay People who love live Sunshine of the character is walking on the street、When the bus driver is to introduce the characters in the service spirit strong a car announcement、Cosplay of people told me waving noticed!

Actually、The day seemed was doing anime cosplay event in Central Park、It seems to have been its participants。Naa Even so Numazu have come to the city of anime(Lol)

Numazu → Numazu Station but I was not a full house、Numazu Station → Numazu Port was packed。It seems there was a man who refused to some ride for the。After all, I think that is good to come early。


EV bus stop (Numazu Station)

At a later date、I tried to ride the EV bus from weekdays to Numazu Station。Since this day was coming home schedule at home and get off at the station the way without going to Numazu。If you are or are riding people of my personal acquaintance、Again like there are many locals on weekdays。

Landing this place。Out of the Numazu Station South Exit、This is where across the pedestrian crossing in front of。

The bus stop is here。High buildings Zutetsu store and looks to the front。

Bus stop south side。Love live Sunshine café and RAKUUN you will see。Since the weekday person is less。

Yasushi Inoue of literary monument at the bus stop front。Previous article "From Numazu tourism - the starting point Numazu Station to Uchiura! ~Since it introduced in "this time again of the introduction of the path!

It seems EV bus came from Numazu Port has arrived。

Today's ads Cocorico Tanaka events。Since this Numazu Raccoon there is Yoshimoto theater、Well I comedians come。

Arrived at the landing before more than 10 minutes of departure time。People who are side-by-side because it is a weekday but few。Almost locals also ride。

I was able to ride at the same time as the arrival unlike Numazu。Pass entirely to the driver with the same answer to the same questionnaire as the other day。After that arrived to slowly return。


It concludes the introduction of the EV bus more。The EV bus is only is only now if the ride because it does not test operation for 30 days。The results of the test run、Because there is also a possibility that the operation。

The more people who ride、Because supposed higher chance of being actual operating、Is what I want you to all means to test drive for those who visited the Numazu。

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