2018Year Numazu Summer Festival, Kano River fireworks display - Kanukiyama - from the observatory

Finally wait for the sky to darken 19:15。It will start shortly fireworks。This day、It had lined up a number of tripod as much as people in Kanukiyama observatory。The weather was also good really ...... I I was looking forward to


Fireworks conflagration ...... wound to smoke

The camera is fixed wait for the fireworks start。Angle wonder if this much roughly? Also good feeling is there Suruga Bay in the background 😉

Fireworks start! Or a little more left

Waaa'aa! ? ! ? ! ? The smoke Sugohi ...... wind was here ...... And hell is a future、Is this smoke came flying up to the observation deck of Kanukiyama。And terribly badly anymore smoke smell><

The black Shii smoke I please look。I think only with other harassment。It is supposed to be the city also amazing。

The city is covered in dark clouds at the start 10 minutes。It destroyed in something of fantasy likely to come out at work evil such town like a likely 😕

It is that the difficult timing is I'm going to be more visible and left smoke long fireworks。

30Such after seconds。Another really a pity!

Left that still looks beautiful。Most of that right is almost invisible because the wind is blowing towards from the side of the left-to-right。

This photo。I do not look at all I'm as much fireworks and left also right。Another completely smoke baffle - has occurred。

Perhaps this is the best of climax。w that is that there is another terrible and has been too launch fireworks

Become this way and be launched while the smoke is not leave。Since no ginger in the leisure time of the fireworks when you are looking from the bottom、But I think I hurry up and I want you to launch the fireworks、It's coming now want to ask you if it becomes this long a time of fireworks 😀

I wonder what is not seen is beautiful fireworks somehow

Simultaneous fireworks of Niagara just before。Something has been infested is attachment to the other smoke。

Niagara is。Seems to be happening is fire have gone under cover to smoke 😆 Oh、Properly I hear also songs so far。

Finale to be launched at the end of the Niagara。...... that can not be seen only in the other large fire

Since the Well was a disappointing fireworks also it might climb to the next year Kanukiyama(Lol)Since we have seen the night view from the last Kanukiyama because much trouble before you get off、Finally, I guess let's introduce them。


Numazu of night view! From the observatory of Kanukiyama

Numazu after the smoke of fireworks subsided。This is Numazu Port side。Contact Shipping Accessories for is shining blue in the center left。

I tried to expanded。While the current I is shining in two colors of blue and orange、At this time, the blue color。

Finally Numazu Station direction。I think it's a beautiful night view in its own way but light is small compared with the city。Especially Kano River and the bridge、And Suruga Bay wonder if out of the atmosphere。


I was sorry fireworks display, but I want to look forward to next year。Next time we will introduce the EV bus to test run in early October 2018 has been started (Free)。


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