New area OPEN to the port city eighty-three address! Nakamise manhole also introduce third bullet!

The other day、There is a newly opened area in Numazu。Eighty-three address port city to which it is introduced this time。To be exact、Originally it called the area around the aquarium harbor eighty-three address、The area has been expanded。Suruga Bay and the effect of Love live Sunshine Numazu Port has been thriving every Saturday and Sunday very 🙂

This time the eighty-three address port city at the beginning、And finally, we will introduce the manhole of Love live Sunshine。Love live Sunshine manhole I finally was changed to the third installment of the third grade set!


Minatohachi thirteen address new areas of

Enlarged map of Numazu。The new area has appeared on the north side of the port city eighty-three address! I guess is equivalent profit is TasukuMasashi Co., Ltd., the operating entity of here。If、It is what I want to come and co-sponsored in fireworks next year。Locals is are you properly check which company that is co-sponsored!


Come and walk south from Numazu Station side

Previously, but I did not do anything along the harbor Ohashidori、Now, we have enshrined is such a stylish building。

That's right。New area of ​​here eighty-three address port city。Look、You have written me PORT83 in the building? I wonder I wonder English notation Nde something like a be aware of the Western-style。

Area Info signboard。Not just those that were new、Toka deep sea aquarium Toka Numazu burger Toka Hama grilled Shin-chan、It is also written some from previous。


LOCO MARINO Coffee "Rocco Marino Cafe"

First, this cafe。Fashionable and from the entrance。

LOCO MARINO Coffee。That it is Japanese "loco Marino Cafe"。Loco location Toka room in Italian、Marino blue。That is The Blue Room? We Will be aware of the blue of the deep sea 😕 here shops drink is the main。First floor、Good feeling there is a terrace on the second floor both。

2017Or something Mr. Takayuki Ishitani of the year varistor champion has been produced。


Bakery The Torretta "Bakery La Torretta"

Bakery La Torretta。Bakery La Torretta。Buy bread here、Like it is possible to eat brought to LOCO MARINO Coffee。Since the workshop one integrated crispy bread ♪

The sense of distance bakery and cafe。Easily back and forth at it's facing。


PORTUS "Portus"

The next to the bakery all round around and toward the back。Look good and have written me PORT53 also on the ground。We have a joke

Photo the right side of the building is an Italian restaurant PORTUS(Portus)。The PORTUS seems word that means "harbor" in Latin。that? Of Ne 's Italian?

so、This menu changes at lunch and dinner。Hey you high but the atmosphere is good restaurant。Or something Yukio Ishizaki chef with the title of Italian maestro is supervised。


THE DEEP SEA WORLD "deep sea kingdom."

Attraction was newly can next to the aquarium is Tteyuu "THE DEEP SEA WORLD"。Like a guy move around Aboard。

Here is the ticket office。the price is、Nana What! 3 minutes 700 yen! ? I heard be somewhat cheaper that's Aquarium and set、Middle people in ......'s rich attractions

More than was the PORT83 new area of ​​the Son and of the port city eighty-three address。We are happy and continue to now be doing doing Numazu go increasingly more and more shops in the development


The third installment manhole of Love live Sunshine! Ura star Jogakuin third grade set

Re-use a map that was previously posted。It is a manhole that of three under ☆ to introduce this time。Let's north to immediately north Nakamise from the south!

You just toggle the manhole of the handle a little before the summer festival。

Ohara Kiku莉 color manhole。It is a young lady of the rich。Background, of course Awashima Marine Park。It's a little dirt is a concern、Is Isha lack of Shah because the road through well people 😆

Next is Kurosawa diamond。I wonder if Mount Fuji in the background there was no story(Lol)

And finally Canaan Matsuura。Here it is dyed in the sunset Awashima Marine Park。


All color manhole We now have in this。It should be noted、1Grade ver is "Local Numazu people is over the love live manhole in the shortest route! Sum many kilometers? ?"so、2Grade ver is "Love live is very popular in the still Numazu! Also introduced Nakamise manhole second edition!We have introduced in "!


Now、Next time again to the overseas introduction article。Come If you are interested in Numazu article "NumazuThan "tag。

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