Numazu carp streamer Festival of Ryowa first year be held in Kano River riverbed! - Day 2 -

Carp streamer Festival second day following the last time。Different events that are held with the first day。


Walking route map

Reverse route is the first day。It will head to the Bridge History from Eitai Bridge。Without the other explanation。


Working car success this year

When overlooking the Kano River riverbed think ...... Na or Let the pony today、Movement zoo is already not many cars in its place。

Crowded much the same as yesterday。I also remembered that when a child is loved working car Speaking。


Earthquake experience car

Was also last year was earthquake experience car。

During experience the intensity 5。I was shaking much I do so shake。


Fire truck

Test rides to the fire engine。I usually look to the eyes、Or medium has become what the do not know much。

Nde was a little time consuming unlikely this path! ...... but I did not not mean separately in a hurry、Because there is that long ago I was riding in a fire truck 🙂

To do if a fire occurs。It is good to get to tell me that you do not tell me at school at the time of such events usually ~


Self-Defense Forces

Opening corner of the Self-Defense Forces is next to the fire engine。In recent years Speaking of the Toka have also plummeted Self-Defense Force volunteers in the declining birthrate。I guess would be that get interested in children。Newcomer of the green harvest 😆

High motor vehicle。This is never a ride!

Over which we were allowed to look into the medium in that。What has been said during the Hoohoo

Children When I was observing the rear seat have boarded! Here the high-mobility vehicles tour ends with me ...... that I'll hand over ~

Also it seems to be able to try on the Self-Defense Forces clothes。Moreover hat even write。

Here is fitting corner entrance。^^ I did not try to truly;


Dashimono introduction of carp streamer Festival

First balloon art experience。Waiting in the other blue sheet is full。

Carp rocket。Something fun。

NLC corner。Had heard I did not know this or what the abbreviation of the。It seems that the NLC the Numazu children Council leader scrub。

Hatena BOX。Why Doraemon 😕

PET bottles bowling。It also has been exhibited every year。

The last basketball Bingo。Popularity seems to girls in addition to。


To Ayumi Hashimoto event stage

An appearance signboard that are wound use every year。Also I guess the same for will be used again next year

When I arrived at Ayumi Bridge performance of floating island nursery school it had been carried out。Front row parents-ish people were eager to take a photo。

The last commemorative photo。I telephoto shooting margin margin ♪ Even so, teachers sitting on top of the stone wall is also above all the children also fun 🙂

Next is MegumiAi nursery school。Followed by a cute performance 🙂


Shop corner

Shop corner and past the Love Live Sunshine climbing。Tall bread was also sold not only drink。However price 😆

It sounds like those of Numazu brands are sold。Also bought I do not know until now at a local myself Nante Mount Fuji dumplings(Lol)

Carp streamer festival this year was a great success。In addition to enjoy the holding of next year!

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