Numazu carp streamer Festival of Ryowa first year be held in Kano River riverbed! - Day 1 -

Carp festival will take place over a period of 5/4 and 2 days of 5/3 annually。While I was trying to put together originally to 1 article、So it has become more to write than expected to be divided in the first day and the second day。


Tentatively put you walk route

Map of exactly the same as the previous。Already the same for the third time。Without the other explanation。


Near Ayumi Bridge

Looking at the opposite shore amazing people had gathered from Riverside Hotel。

Army Rashiki softening cheerleading and try to zoom。Let's headed。

Carp seems to be blowing wind today also fluttered cheerfully。after、Quite rare I Kano River that has dried up so。

Cheering the performance of local Kato Gakuen high school。But do not know well why or carp streamer with the cheering of the。

I tried to get down from the History Bridge。Enough voice will be heard in this place。

I see。Do not get in the way of the bleachers If you go walking in the back。Behind in the tiptoe So so that it does not interfere。


Doggy discovery!

🐩B walking the 🐶A and ground riding in the car! Miataran owner anywhere。

He was arrested the moment when a disconnect here! Just the moment that has issued a tongue 🙂

Mom dogs (without permission Kimetsuke) also happily 😆


 Carp streamer Festival stroll

Next of cheering children of performance。We will you free soon because their parents in the front row began gathering。

Cheerleading began something ready。The next child performance wonder if you mean this man who。

Guy was very popular last year, like a tunnel it passes through the inside was also last year。Not uncommon for anyone playing。It seems to gone to people of all events。

The doll on top of the stone。Or forgotten that the one place to go was the。

Corps of mystery that is filled with soil to the bag(^^;)

Goldfish scooping。Recently, such as no longer seen in the summer festival Speaking。

YesterdayAt all a lot of people more。I wonder if the previous day is recommended want people to enjoy the carefully the carp streamer

Full of people even if you're here, which was not one person yesterday。There is Dashimono to those of Eitai Bridge。

Various Dashimono under the tent。For more information about around here in the next article。


Movement zoo

Peacock。Blade small peacock。

turtle。Child was willing to touch the back。

Inco。You might have seen white parrots for the first time。

Rabbit! Short and cute。

Keeper facing a huge snake。This is scary ......

Guinea pigs?

Was also Welcome Four 🙂

The moment in which the face showed me I did not miss!

Last owl。Please a break to become this kind of composition because it contains in a cage is。

Movement zoo tent is up to here! Over Even so, the people who took quite a time to finish more common to all


Also pony ride experience!

Pony ride area If you think there is a profusely wide area。Great to ride in such a the free of charge。

After all, it is arranged in its own way。Families with children only。

1Be able to ride to the times is only one family。This is time-consuming Do ......

The first day up to here!

Test drive area as seen from the top of the Eitai Bridge。yet、It had not started。I may not go and not prepared to wait for going if quite a time ride。

the above、Numazu carp streamer Festival completion of first day。


Next time introduction of the second day!

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