Moscow Sightseeing-Summer Edition Changing of the Guard and Alexander Garden

Leaving GUM department store、Go through the Voskresenskiye Gate again and go to Manege Square。yet、I don't think it's a waste to go back to the airport because the sun wasn't setting、I went in the direction of the Kremlin hill。

When you pass through the gate of Manege Square

what do you want、This crowd。When you share the crowd

Something is increasing! Was it a person after all?。I was impressed that I was trained so much without making such a slight movement。

This event seems to be a changing of the guard ceremony、It seems to be done about once a week。From the name, the person who guards the Kremlin will change.。

Many people are taking pictures、It ’s like a specialty of Manege Square.。Of course, I don't know that this day is the Changing of the Guard ceremony today.、I was lucky to visit this day!

By the way, this is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a place to mourn the soldiers who died in World War II.。

The ceremony ended in about 10 minutes and people went away。Let's chase after the guards! I think、Go south from Manege Square。

Almost no one is chasing so far。On the way, the guards got inside the Kremlin。

If you take a break and look around。

Somehow the landscape has changed。This is called Alexander Garden、It seems to be located in the south of Manege Square。I wonder if the number of people has decreased a little。

Discover the information about the ticket office of the Kremlin History Museum! Written in English without having to bother reading Russian。Probably there are many tourists。

Yes、It was closed as expected。It seems that Kremlin tickets are also sold here, and there seems to be a line every day to buy tickets.。Especially in the arsenal 4 a day、It seems that there is only a time zone where you can enter only 5 times、You can't get a ticket unless you come in the morning。It's a good idea to come early in the morning so that you don't have to come to Moscow and not be in the arsenal.。

There is also a statue in Alexander Garden。Various statues are erected around the Kremlin。Does it mean that you can protect yourself by surrounding it with a statue of a hero?。Basically, the people around me are couples and families, so I got a little floating.(Lol)

Is it an object related to battle?。There are many such objects in the garden here。As expected, military power Russia!

If you go south as it is, you will finally reach the end point。Cross the main street and proceed to the other side。I found something like a church with a strange roof in the distance, so I decided to go there。

Kremlin taken from the other side of the street。The sky is a little reddish。

Next is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior。

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