Moscow tourism - Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts from the summer Hen Cathedral of Christ the Savior

The cathedral seen from the southern end of the Kremlin。Next destination is over there。

Can’t go straight、It seems that there is no choice but to detour from the right or from the left。The people ahead were going to the left, so I went there。

Immediately I came under the guard passing under the road、Turn right there。Go straight south along the main street。

The building you saw on the left side on the way。Is it already in ruins? And the road is congested。Moscow seems to be a city with heavy traffic、It's really crowded。I don't want to drive I don't want to drive。

After walking for a few minutes, a gate will appear on the right side.。I will enter here。I think it ’s a tourist because several other people came in together.。

A cathedral that suddenly appears when you go through the trees! The sun is just setting and it creates a nice contrast.。

By the way (as I learned later), this is called the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.、It is a Russian Orthodox church。Khristos is the Russian reading of Christ。The height of this cathedral is 103 m、It's the highest among the Orthodox churches in the world!

It began to be erected back to the Napoleonic Wars of 1812.、Built with the intention of mourning the victory and the war dead。after that、1917Although it was once destroyed by the Russian Revolution of the year、1990Reconstruction activities started around the year 2000 and became the current form in 2000.。

Another statue on the hill in front of the cathedral。I really like statues in this country。Probably some kind of hero ... If this is the Savior Harristos? ??

Scenery overlooking from the statue。Juice and light meal stalls are popping up。It ’s already time, so it ’s a quiet old bird.、I think there are quite a few people coming to buy during the day.。

This is the entrance to the cathedral。Of course it's closed, right?。As soon as you climb the stairs in this image, you will find a subway station。It should be a place to come by subway。

I knew there was the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts near here so I didn't take the subway、Escape from the other side of the cathedral。Immediately there was a main street、Return north to the Kremlin again。

By the way, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts is the second largest museum in Russia after the Hermitage Museum.。The collection of the works of art is over 100,000! As a famous place、Van Gogh、Picasso、Renoir、Monet、Degas、Cezanne、Boucher、Gauguin, etc ... It's such a great museum that you can't give it up.。

Gauguin, etc ... It's such a great museum that you can't give it up.。Gauguin, etc ... It's such a great museum that you can't give it up.。Do you mean that you have completed your natural life?。

A building like that on the left side in less than a minute on foot。I'm trying to cross the road, but ... I can't! ??

It's an amazing fact that there are no traffic lights even though the car is on the main road. According to the Russian traffic rules, pedestrians seem to be prioritized, and cars need to stop at places with pedestrian crossings, so it seems that you should take a step。But、That step is scary 😥

When I live in Japan, traffic lights are commonplace。

There was a Russian who just crossed the road, so when I saw that person advanced, I was also Let's Go! Of course I tried to hide in the shadow of that person、Car gradually brakes。I managed to cross over 😛

so、I managed to cross over 😛。I managed to cross over 😛。I managed to cross over 😛、It's closed and I can't help it, so I'm about to return to the airport.、I crossed the pedestrian crossing and headed north。


Somehow a nice gate。Guard?

It seems that it was past the closing time, so if you take a picture of the inside from the entrance next to it。Oh、Is this the Pushkin Museum of Art?、And then convinced。And then convinced。And then convinced

And then convinced。

And then convinced。And then convinced、For some reason it is displayed as 40 rubles。Even if you press the return button, only 40 rubles will come out。I don't have any cash anymore... so I walked about 8 km without knowing the way from here。


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