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Recently、And was like a local Numazu became the filming location of the famous anime、I want to Numazu Special from this time also serves as the local support。In the title because the animation is that love live Sunshine、Recently is something like the ones that the Holy Land pilgrimage that has become a hot topic。As long as the as the locals would like to contribute to regional revitalization is grateful 😛

To tell the truth、Since I had never been to my own Mizuno Sea Paradise and Awashima I thought also that it is just a good opportunity。That often the case because not go to local attractions as the local people。Where ...... I length Izaki junior high school? ? 🙂 was start from a place called

Building image that Isuwa' a bang before the south exit Numazu Station。At the entrance it was written with the Sunshine Cafe。I became aware in are in Numazu many months up to now、I will not stand out and be conscious of doing this 😉

Apparently it became the stage of anime and until the Numazu Port from Numazu Station、The fact that the main from Awashima a considerable distance from there to the length Izaki junior high school。Red circle in the range shown in the figure below seems to be the main。If you are wrong and I pointed out please!

Tokyo and Nagoya、Kyoto、Root around by bus from Mishima Station is a stopping station of the bullet train might be useful if you come from the Osaka area。But、Here, since a much trouble is and the route from Numazu Station、I would like to introduce the tourist point in the vicinity of the filming locations。

Since originally near Numazu there are many tourists from Tokyo、And we have day high-speed bus from Shinjuku and Tokyo Station。It does not matter Shinkansen If you are in a hurry、Fujikyu City BusIt is recommended because it is easier because it is coming with no transfer to Numazu if。Moreover, "if it is a weekdayWeekdays obtained da value tickets"It is round-trip 3,000 yen if the use of the。

It is a good idea from Shinjuku If you want to come cheaply by train from Tokyo area to use the Odakyu line (※ image route search service Yahoo)。Use the Odakyu line from Shinjuku to Odawara、From Odawara to Numazu is how to use the slow train of the Tokaido Line。This way if there is a trick、Since the ticket shop in the vicinity of Shinjuku "Odakyu shareholders ride certificate" is sold at around 600 yen、It is about one-way total of 1,300 yen and use it! The location of the ticket shop will come out a lot when you search for "Shinjuku Chikettoya" in the Internet。This is the route he was indebted to the time of the students to save money。

As a side note before the touristThat you check the time table beforehand!Since the small number of bus in comparison with the urban one for basically 30 minutes。You may also receive the not come only once an hour, depending on the time zone。You can efficiently tourism in that you put a timetable on the head。

Now、I for Directions from Numazu Station Nagai 埼中 to school、Bus from number 8 hall of the south exit Numazu Station "Kimake, Eli Cape Ose flights"You boarded the。First of all go straight to the south from the south exit Numazu Station。

The right side of is Yasushi Inoue of the literary monument。But is a strong Yasushi Inoue of Hokkaido image、School days there was a time that has been spent in Numazu。Shizuoka Prefectural Numazu junior high school that had been through at that time、The current Numazu Higashi High School。"If there is one more than the power of the nuclear power it's the power of love" for this mother and child image it has been engraved poem in the sense of。And the middle of the、It is a monument that marks the history of Numazu institutions District。Is the driving wheel and its smoke door of the steam locomotive C58230 are on display。

2018Free EV bus from the previous from October 10 year of this literary monument to Numazu Port has been test runs。Detail is"Ride chance is only now! Numazu Station of free EV bus - Numazu between during the test operationAt "。

One more than the bus station down the street。There are bus of Numazu harbor bound to 1 bus stop、In fact, give more of there If their time so that out also free bus is your。By the way, note that the stop of the free bus is away from here。

Although slightly deviates talk is on the way、If you want to go to Numazu Port、Let's proceed to the right side to the rotary along Once out of the Numazu Station。Because just there is a pink flag around that curve to the left、There are free bus stop。Seems to have become not free bus is now。However、Free EV bus were runs test in October 2018 as described above。

Now、Let's return the story。Further more than one street from the No. 1 bus stop will appear in front of Sunshine Cafe。

It is located in the interesting bus stop in the shop。There seems to be anime-related goods and coffee shop in the。Love live Sunshine for those fans is the time looks good location in the crush of until the bus comes。Photograph is the one that has been taken aimed at when less people but、In fact it was quite prosperous。It seems management is magnificent group is performing。

This magnificent group of that is quite famous and shell head office or company that has a variety of business development, such as natural foods restaurant in Numazu。Is a brilliant management skills to open as soon as this kind of cafe riding the animation of the boom。

Proceeding to the left along the bus rotary Once out in front cafe、There are 8 bus stop towards the back。I was surprised ...... is to have been to paint。The location is heavy mandatory or tree negative east exit to get off。While those from the tree negative east exit is it closes the distance specific to the junior high school、Those who get off at the heavy mandatory might be good because it is looking at the landscape of Awashima in the uplink path of the way to junior high school。Ride time is about 45 minutes。Fee is 850 yen one-way in the 2017 currentis。This time, describes the directions when I got off the heavy mandatory。

Time tableTokai bus HPYou can see more。30Minute to wonder if much one。The ride to those of Nishiura Line but is largely okay、I think I may tell the destination to the driver of the bus just in case。

Next time is the length Izaki junior high school。

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