Moscow Tourism-Summer Edition-Red Square

After passing through the Voskresenskiye Gate ...

Red Square! Certainly a square! !! By the way, I often watch the building in the middle on TV!

I realized for the first time that this was the true Red Square ...

The left of the photo is GUM Department Store、Lenin's Mausoleum on the right、And the characteristic building in the middle is St. Vasily's Basilica。For comparison、At this time, only GUM department store knew the name(Lol)

People are sparse in the photo, but there are quite a few.。I took a picture aiming at the time when there are few people。


Looking back, this is another red building。The State Historical Museum of Russia, where I found the entrance before going through the Voskresenskiye Gate.。When I see windows here and there、You may be able to overlook the Red Square from inside the museum.。

And、The square

Cut through

Cut through!

Cut through! !!

Arrive at St. Vasily Cathedral!

This cathedral is commonly referred to as St. Vasily's Cathedral、The official name is the long name of the Hori no Seijinjo Asylum Cathedral.。It was built in the 16th century to celebrate Ivan the Terrible's victory over Khanate of Kazan.。By the way, Khanate of Kazan is now the Republic of Tatarstan.、The capital there is Kazan。I'm heading tomorrow。

There are no buildings around、Moreover, the view is good because it is in a high place.。The city of Moscow spreads out on the other side of the cathedral, and it's a pretty spectacular view.、Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture ...

so、A scary old man was watching the entrance when I thought about entering、10 business hours on the information board hung on the fence:00~19:00When。Apparently summer is this time zone and winter is 11:00~17:00That of the。

Hmm sorry。It should be noted、Admission seems to be 250 rubles。And camera shooting and video shooting are taken at an additional charge、Surely the camera was 160 rubles and the video was 180? Please refer to those who go here。

You can also turn around from the back of the square and turn back.、I haven't visited GUM department store yet。Make a U-turn and head to the department store on the right hand side of the cathedral。

This is the entrance。There are many entrances in Gum Shopping Street、You can enter from any direction of the building。This is the entrance on the Red Square side。

There is a security gate before entering the department store。Here, you can open the contents of the bag and check it, so let's leave strange things at the hotel before coming.。

Department stores are fairly crowded。Fashionable with a fountain。This is famous as a luxury department store, so it seems that celebrities will come。

The first floor looks like this。

This is the second floor。Most luxury stores are on the 1st floor、2nd floor、I felt that the number of popular shops increased as I went up to the 3rd floor.。It seems that there are hundreds of stores in all。There were not only clothing but also groceries and drug stores.。Except、Even though it's a grocery store, it's a luxury grocery store! It's like selling caviar。

By the way, it seems like I've never been to the bathroom。Toilets are basically charged in Moscow、This GUM department store can be rented for free。It seems that it may be crowded depending on the time of day, but it is rattling at such time。For comparison、This department store also has a pay toilet。And ...

The most beautiful toilet in the world

Somehow called。Admission costs 150 rubles、As a commoner, I used the free one。If I think about it now, I should have taken a picture。

Now in、Time is also time, what to do after this。


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