Moscow Tourism-Summer Edition-From Kremlin to Red Square

The Kremlin is just a stone's throw from the fountain on Manege Square。Statue of a saint on the other side of the fountain。

Bypass this statue and approach the Kremlin。

Pretty much everyone is resting。You can climb the upper part of the white pillar in this photo, so I will head immediately。

You can climb from the right side、The slope looks like this。It ’s not particularly expensive, so you ’ll be able to climb it right away.。There are a few stairs at the end so if you go up there、

Oh! A pretty nice view! Moscow Manage is visible in the distance。The place where people are gathering is the fountain。

And to the right。You can see the Four Seasons Hotel。I'm heading in this direction。I wanted to be a little slower、Because time is time 😥

On the way to the Four Seasons after getting off, somehow a dubious soldier ...

There is a fire in the middle、Some kind of event? Soldiers do not move, maybe objects? It will be known after a few hours what this is, but now there is no reason to know it.。

Four Seasons Hotel Square。There are quite a lot of people, so what? Approaching the equestrian statue that caught my eye while thinking。

Wow、Backlight。This is the equestrian statue of Marshal Zhukov。The official name of Marshal Zhukov is Georgy Zhukov.。I don't think I can remember it anyway!

so、Who is this person、Very active in the Battles of Khalkhin and World War II、A hero who has been awarded several medals.。He is so famous that statues are built not only in Moscow but all over Russia.。

People were flowing in a certain direction, so when I turned around there was a suspicious gate。Moreover, it's still suspicious because I hear something like a strange mass (unfortunately I can't tell you the song that's playing).。

The song seems to be ringing from the green building below the center。I learned later、This cathedral is called "Ivilon Chapel"、There is a custom of worshiping here before entering Red Square.。I don't know that、Enter as it is! (In the first place、I thought Manege Square was Red Square)。

It should be noted、Please remember that the gate of this Red Square has a splendid name of Voskresenskiye Gate.。It's hard to remember Russian ...

By the way, in front of this Voskresenskiye gate、There is a building where people come and go。

It's probably a history museum because it says "Istrichsky Musay" at the top.。I wanted to enter if I had time。

Next is the long-awaited Red Square!

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