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Finally Now in this is also midnight in London。This time, Piccadilly Circus、Leicester Square、Trafalgar Square、Once run through the famous tourist destination of Covent Garden and London!

Start point is Buckingham Palace before the article last。From there through the The Mall Regent Street St James Street (Regent Street Saint James's Street) Piccadilly Circus via、Leicester Square、Trafalgar Square、And finally directed to the Covent Garden Route。

The Mall Turn left some in the place where went up to the top Edward VII Memorial Statue (Edward VII Memorial Statue)。Born in Buckingham Palace、It died at Buckingham Palace、House of Windsor of the former king, which was buried in Windsor Castle。Straight on this street。

Suddenly bright lights come an increasing number of cars has been illuminated。so、This is the entrance of Piccadilly Circus is London's largest open space!

Anyway London bus there were many。Congestion congestion congestion ...... photo to these midnight we have taken at the timing at which the car is low。

I guess is the preparation of the Christmas illuminations? Another London is Christmas mode。I wish a still November。

The Lion King! It's lead to Oxford Circus and proceed along the Regent Street、Nde this time toward the opposite direction Leicester Square。

The middle of a souvenir shop towards the Leicester Square (Souvenir Shop)。Already Christmas mode。

Piccadilly Circus from Leicester Square side。

The Book of Mormon. Do not why I thought matrix to bookstore is a ......。Musical This was the Book of Mormon and the subject。By scriptures of the Mormon Church and the Book of Mormon、I wonder if the image I a little religion tic musical。

It has close to Leicester Square。I Piccadilly Circus car was bustling、Here it is bustling with people。

London Chinatown is on the north side of Leicester Square。Because not still delicious I British If you want to eat in the safe is to Chinatown。

m&m’s World. Cause I thought to come to the smell of chocolate was Colle。Design that stands out in colorful。

None tasting unfortunately。m during the&Fun just looking at because the m goods are sold 😮

Lego Shop。m&Right in front of the m。Be that had been closed because the entrance was closed。m&m is midnight:00It is here against're open until 22:00It seems to。I wish still many people。

Leicester Square finally arrived。Is that of the square of the square of I Square。By the way, circular Square、Called me Piccadilly Circus Toka Oxford Circus only want Circus。

Christmas Market Once you do that and thought something event things。It seems Hilton organizers。This is also from the like in the outside they've done already only enjoy the Illumination。

Even so, there are many people though it is night。It's everyone is enjoying London。

Let's across the street from it helped towards Leicester Square Station。

Casino will spread around Leicester Square。that? I wonder if the old days there was so many casino?

casino、casino、casino。In particular, the Hippodrome (HIPPODROME CASINO) is famous as the largest casino UK。Since the casino of course open 24 hours a day。However, even the more than 21-year-old has limited the admission Allowed。Even so, there are many people。It has also fallen a little rain。

Quickly arrived at the Leicester Square station。It's 1 station in Piccadilly line from Piccadilly Circus Station、We arrived immediately because the scenery is fun。

Shall we head to Trafalgar Square and south of the Charing Cross Road (Charing Cross Rd) and south from here。

We arrived at the National Gallery。A large scale at the National Museum of Art。Also、The entrance is hard to understand a little but there is also the me this back in the National Portrait Gallery。The I portrait is that of a portrait、Socci it has become a Fine portrait only。

Trafalgar Square is spread in front of the National Gallery。Those made to pray for victory of the Battle of Trafalgar。The past, there is also that William IV was a navy born、It seems to have called me William IV Square。Daytime but few people because the night attracts so many people。Because it was the first time came at night、Naa silence full of sense of Trafalgar Square is also a quaint。

The famous Trafalgar Square wonder if this lion image? So as to surround the Nelson's pillar is located four animals。When Why say whether Lion、Toka because the symbol of the British Empire at the time was a lion。

Soon arrived at the Covent Garden and north again from Trafalgar Square。Already Christmas mood here too。

During the day, it spreads stalls full as I have not come out already shop。by the way、It is here that Sara was going to shopping in the famous World Masterpiece Theater "Princess Sarah"。

Let's take a little entered because as placed in。

Covent Garden was deserted that what(Lol)Handmade antiques and the Apple market that the ornaments are opened。It was a valuable experience because I think that it is not seen medium-s is the density of the small apple market so far 😀

Also I wonder if you have closed restaurants? We're reducing the people at night compared to the Leicester Square。

Indeed Where to go from here does not go。I was wanted to see also the British Museum of the night to security also evil likely this time will return from here to Heathrow Airport。


Now、London tourism in this is the end。The following are either Germany or Russia。Sure you either?

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