Arrival in Los village! First walk - "loss village" the village tourism ② ~

Finally arrived in Los village。It seems there is a bakery that was the courier of the model of the witch here。To come from Japan、Once you transfer in Sydney and Melbourne to Tasmania。From there to the middle of the island by car。Nante come hard place where you but ......


Map of Los village

As it can be seen if you look at the scale、A very small village。Here I want to praise myself was also stay four hours and a half (laughs)

Bus is red on the map arrow、Arrival and departure at the gas station。On the right side bakery loss village of rumors and north the street。And In this article introduces the whole kidnapping and town、Bakery next time loss Village。Around the person of the female prisoners prison to the next、Finally, we will introduce the loss Bridge and Ross Unification Church。


IN to Los village across the Ross Bridge

Ross Bridge of the entrance of the loss Village。Distance to the Launceston and Hobart to have been carved in miles on both sides of the bridge。”To Hobart Town LXIX Miles”I and。I wonder if this is Tsu people can read how many miles? ? Here Arabic numerals course!

L is I means 50 in Arabic numerals。so、As X you know everyone is after 10、And IX 9。In other words、Gonna be 69 miles to Hobart。1Or mile is a place I 1.609km since 111.045km。Quite far。Now、To Launceston”XLVIII”I have written I、Please and this is try to derive on whether their own become a number!

Look to the other side of the Ross Bridge Ross Unification Church。For there was introduced in the last article of loss village Mars。

Bus getting off! Now、It is why crush four hours and a half of the time while rolling the suitcase here。


Ross village of Four Corners

Intersection, called the loss the village of Four Corners (the Four Corners of Ross)。Temptation to each corner”temptation (the Ross Hotel)”、Savior”salvation (the Catholic Church)”、Recreation”re-creation (the town hall)”、Punish”damnation (the old jail)”And but is placed as a symbol。

so、Monument photos war there in the middle of the intersection (War Memorial)。Something seems that remember the Second World War。

Now、Let's go to the other place。

The right of the building loss hotels。It is a loss hotel that symbolizes the temptation of Four Corners。

Garden of Ross。It seems OK apparently entered。

Chairs and tables were also available。Finished around immediately because so widely nor。

Square with the public toilets that are parallel in village office of Los village。Are on display is somehow strange Gallery。

Village office this is that the loss village of Town Hall。Curtains do not think only the Closed date has been closed all。


Tasmanian Wool Center (Tasmanian Wool Center)

Tasmanian Wool Center。Not sheep of Speaking of Australia、Here are sold a variety of products using wool。

entrance。Something but the mystery of the object are glimpses ...... in front of the door

Had been hardened the whole body with products that are sold Could 🙂 here sheep。

Store。After all, like clothing is the main。


Church Street (Church Street)

Here is the main street of Los Village Church Street。There is a bakery that was the witch courier model of this along the road。

Bakery on the right side! Unfortunately here is a bakery that was the courier of the model of witch Masen。

Post Office in Los village。Is a small。

There was a map of the loss on the way。Well I do not do anything in such a feeling。Four hours and a half is too enough ......

St. John's Anglican Church (St John's Anglican Church)。As the Church of Church Street name There are also two。Ah、The first one is a small church located in the Four Corners。

Shop in Los village。...... it is you did not open today but I do not know something

Here seems to elegant shops (Elegant Gifts) ......。Well、There was no me what to buy 😆

This is Cafe & Gift。Guy, such as a coffee shop and a shop were combined。Even so, Ross village of cafes rate and shop rates high too。


Next time loss village most of the tourist attraction "loss village bakery," a!

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