The courier service of the Holy Land of the witch of Tasmania middle! - "Los village" tourism ① ~

Hobart, on the one hand is located in the south of the island in the largest city in Tasmania、Tasmania's second largest city Launceston is located in the north of the island。Although the two places that I think to be a base for tourism、Ross village towards this (Ross Village) is right in the middle that。Tasmania Island'm throat of the middle!

Although this is the loss village、In fact, very famous as a courier of the Holy Land of the witch、We also often tour to stop by this loss village from Japan。actually、I also encountered a Japanese tour in this country village (laughs)

so、Although in general, this loss village I have many people to visit in one day tour and car rental Hobart and Launceston onset、I tried to visit in the long-distance bus。

It Why?、I wanted directed from Hobart to Launceston、Day tour that would return to the departure point there can be no。And、So there was no choice of car rental because it does not have a driver's license。

Well、Because I think the same kind of circumstances of many people in its own way with me、This article is the Do if the reference of the people 🙂


Kiki's Delivery Service of the Holy Land "loss Village (Ross Village)" place of

Ross village about 120km to the north from Hobart。It is about 90 minutes by car。Not a first not possible with such a distance Nde bicycle Toka walk、Do you become not only rely on the automobile。By the way, unexpected is no such thing as train in Tasmania。Go hard place where do I ...... Nante


Long-distance stop in Hobart of the bus "Redline"

Long-distance bus stop in Hobart is easy to access not so much away from the center。To introduce in this article, but's a red line route、It's just that I wanted a little hanging out because there was a time until the departure time of the bus 😆

so、That is Launceston bound long-distance bus of want you to take care is the red line (Redline) not come out only three per day。And、The fact that the number is small, there is also the fact that much increase the residence time of the loss village ......

this time、Of the morning most 10:15Hobart onset 11:55I was riding the bus in Los village wear、The next bus to Los village 16:30To schedule sense of calling。In other words、Residence time is a whopping four hours and a half? ! I not become the punishment game like a situation mid-called long-term stay in the country town that this loss Village、It was accepted thought that my stupidity did not have the other driver's license 😥


Hobart city to Redline bus stop

10:15So do we celebrating the bus stop before、Walk in the Hobart city in the morning。First, from the Tasmanian Supreme Court (Supreme Court of Tasmania)。

Some people that I thought "Oh?"。Because、Whether what it's Japanese sensation Tteyuu Supreme Court because it is one of the country。

Actually、Is referred to in Australia's Tteyuu "Supreme Court of ~" is not represent that of the state-level top court、The top court of the country of Australia is likely to be referred to as the "High Court of Australia" under the name of the Australian High Court。The Australian High Court is apparently located in Campbell。

St. David park next to the Supreme Court (St. David’s Park)。It is considerably larger than the Franklin Square。Pet of the walk is fresh something that is prohibited。

Park spread that are in place and firmly。Fewer people since the early morning。For a while I enjoyed the green。

Now、Or let's about time toward the bus stop。

Liverpool Street towards the north exit the park to (Liverpool Street) along the red line of the terminal of。I have gathered some people have another bus arrived in front of the building。If Ne hurry。

No -。This was really fails。But bus tickets were purchased in advance on the Internet、The seat was not able to enjoy the window out of the landscape not sit by the window in ...... Thanks it was first come, first served basis。

It should be noted、Tickets of Redline isOfficial websiteIn is available for purchase。I mean、Not buy probably the day tickets possibility is high likely。The bus was fully booked even on this day。

Prior to check-in at the reception so I had booked on the Internet。This receipt will be the ticket。

One that can be taken at the moment the people of the window had been sleeping。this is、Town of Oatlands (Oatlands) which is much in the middle of Hobart and Ross village。It was really a small country town。


I will carry over to the next article is the introduction of loss village because it has become a little longer article ~

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