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Numazu famous as one of the superb view point Suruga Bay Numazu SA that NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu。NEOPASA will read the Neopasa。Just because like are also doing this time Love live Sunshine of events Chaimashou this opportunity to introduce!

Now、NEOPASA Suruga Bay arrived in Numazu。I hate the service area ......、It is strictly speaking NEOPASA。Official website of NEOPASAIf you quote some from、

"NEOPASA (Neopasa)" is、Based on the new concept advanced and、Facility scale so that the best user experience to our customers a wide variety of needs、Business conditions and facilities located、It is a commercial facility that created from scratch with a new design concept up to the orchards plan。

And、NEO is "new and advanced"、"PA" PA is of parking、SA is that of the "SA" of the service area。And NEOPASA is a five in total、As their concept the following。

name concept
NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu Resort Mind
NEOPASA Shimizu Car Life Community Park
NEOPASA Hamamatsu Landscape with sound
NEOPASA Shizuoka Heart Full oasis
NEOPASA Okazaki Okazaki accommodation and forests of the entrance

Although I have visited all of the above、It is Numazu Suruga Bay still the best of love is。It views is good!

Alright、This NEOPASA and was able to visit from outside of the Tomei Expressway、This time, we have entrance from outside。further、You can also enter and exit if the ETC-equipped vehicles from here to the highway。

And I got out of the car to the inlet。that? Is something strange banners。

Ah、I This is an event introduction of Love live Sunshine。2017It sounds like you're doing until September 3 year。If the fans do not miss!

I found these kind of things before entering into the。I Dog Cafe。Also consideration that slowly can break you were friendly pet。Indeed Resort mind!

There are Information Center Once inside。From a two-story, but First of all the first floor。

Kore is there on the first floor of the middle。I No But we are attached to the eye(^-^;Considerable audience during already was like have become goods shop of Love live Sunshine is。Weekdays (though there is in the summer vacation) Yet it amazing。Wonder will happen Toka Obon。

On the side is such MAP。Is this would be the so-called Holy Land pilgrimage MAP。Tourist destination from Numazu Station to Uchiura、And tall bread and Jutaro oranges have also been introduced。

This is amazing ...... all of the live Sunshine Mini。Moreover, 400 yen once? ! By the way there was to be such the same way as the back。

In the same way as the normal service area there is a souvenir shop。And big is the scale。Specialty of Shizuoka Prefecture not only Numazu is equipped a lot。Jutaro oranges and dried fish of course and to、Shrimp of Yui、Egg pudding、Nekonbu soup etc.。There is also a tasting!

This is the local agricultural products direct sale place。Raw wasabi when saying the Izu! Toka shiitake mushrooms to other、Furthermore, we also sell to flower。Bisshiri also the face of the people of producers towards the back!

Pasha photos because there were interesting things。Seems Fuji specialties that contains the bean jam Tteyuu Fu Fuji。Look-alike wonder if the Akafuku?

Cute animal cookie here that was sold in bakery。Fun just looking 🙂

Nana There was what to Ghibli corner? ! Are you in the middle must have My Neighbor Totoro Mei!

This is the familiar Totoro。Difficult to why shooting in landscape。

Conditioned food court。There is also water server、Here other water、hot water、Genmaicha、Also drink such as roasted green tea。Anchor visible in the center of the screen slightly above (anchor) would do what a hell。

Now、Next to the second floor。

Is in the middle of the wall to go up to the second floor banners of Love live Sunshine Bisshiri!

Immediately welcome anime characters and up the elevator。It has me listed only character of the swamp 😛

In addition your name I thought Bura ...... is。Blu-ray of&It was the announcement POP of DVD 😀

Here was TSUTAYA I thought or bookstore ......。Moreover, collaboration with Starbucks coffee shop。It is a book cafe to read a book with a cup of coffee。

It was a such a mark Speaking。I No this was that the book cafe。

Stuffed towards the back in addition to the Standing picture of 9 characters。It seems things or different type than the guy that lying was ever seen。I There is a note not to touch。

This is a restaurant。The most exclusive shops in perhaps NEOPASA。Its name is "Soranoterasu"。Since the bouillabaisse is not ask serious Toka 2,980 yen 😯

FUJIYAMA COOKIE。I wonder if your local Suites? Well worrisome more than that but I'm a hedgehog stuffed。

Each 2,480 yen There are two types of business well 😀 Aqours Zen multiplied by the animation fish dishes and meat dishes。When Nowak one of the luncheon mat of Love live Sunshine (a total of three) each time to ask this one article。In addition shaved ice is nine at 880 yen each。Presented one type of Puromaido to each ask one and。

Summary、Three Aqours Zen is to collect all (2,480 yen × 3 = 7,440 yen)、It a total of 15,360 yen of the nine shaved ice (880 yen × 9 = 7,920 yen)(^-^;It's so amazing。

The end is this on the second floor。Let's go out!

Suruga Bay! !

This scene is look at the moment that got out! The reason This is what is in Numazu NEOPASA Suruga Bay is popular! Overlook until towards the Osezaki 😀

Like this is the east。It is it looks Kanukiyama and the city of Numazu。Now does not have stopped only one tourist bus has become full it is usually。Nde current time is a weekday early afternoon。

There is also a telescope。100Circle is the array seen a certain period of time to put。Come If you want to look at the landscape and carefully!

so、I wonder if I can not climb up to another place a little high、The discovery that there is a road was overlooking restlessly with! Let's take a walk along the side of the TSUTAYA。

Observatory !

Such is given here ...... that I did not know there is, but I had visited about two times in the past、It had been completely overlooked until now。Out Toka more easy-to-understand guide map or rather?

We will up the narrow stairs。There is one top? !

Arrive at the Lookout! There were already some preceding visitor。Ah ~、I'm not a guy that there is a feeling of opening without a roof even saying Lookout。

Bell has been installed。It seems moreover Naraseru。But it did not rung :-D Whew、In or Let's take a look at most of the spectacular views in NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu。 

Oh Oh Oh Oh! The view is good I just became the first floor high! !

More than was the NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu。Finally、Is rid put a photo of Suruga Bay your tea plantation was back from just outside the NEOPASA。

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