Visitors at the Yui shrimp festival and 30 minutes by car -

Also, but I wanted the introduction of Numazu this time、Since I wrote the NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu article、Let's wrote about the shrimp festival of Yui in the momentum! Actually I, but I was going to post an article in accordance with the holding period of the next year 😀

Do you know the shrimp? Shrimp twice a year in spring (March end-June start) and autumn (end December to end of October) is has become a season、There is a feature that is landed during the night。

Shrimp other Suruga Bay、Sagami Bay and it seems to be inhabited in Tokyo Bay、100% Suruga Bay production is domestic shrimp for only Shizuoka Prefecture only have been observed fishing in Japan。Is there a such as Taiwan production If you do not particular about the domestic。But、Again Suruga Bay production is delicious sweet!

2017Year of May 3, 8:00From 14:00It is what ...... until it actually did not know this information。Shrimp festival has been performed to happen to this day If you just stop by to Yui thinking of buying a shrimp。Really huge amount by chance、It was Miracle 🙂 Naa anxious me this Sakura Yui。

Shrimp festival of Yui that uses a public institution such as a train so crowded very Gil。However、Because today, as described above I did not know that it this day I have come by car。so、Somehow we were able to stop in this Yui elementary school。It seems to be a temporary parking lot。Parking is there is memory, such as was around 500 yen but it is not clear。It's good to not have to introduce the access way is? It's Yui Station of the Tokaido Line if the train、Just get off at Yui of the Tomei Expressway if by car。You'll never get lost because the signs are out if me up there。

Because on the way to Yui Port like a there is a free market Let's stop by! Also to say a dry landscape。

It respectable gate!It is histidinol Institute。Now let's bother you 😀

There was a flea market in front of the entrance of the temple。Demonstration of magic products The most interesting among them! Things that show me the magic in magic items made by hand。Like apprentices's your teacher had demonstrated this year、Your teacher Ms. had been watching in the next。It was delicious unbelievably disciple。Because it was 100 yen in the three thank you I got amused also I bought including 🙂

It is the entrance of the building。Emergency rush!

Building, of course shoes strictly prohibited。There was also a paid service that drink green tea。It also has a quaint to slow in the Japanese-style room with a view this kind of dry landscape 😮

Mimamori Jizo。I am somehow happy face。

It will head to the venue of the shrimp festival and after the temple。Shops will begin to appear from just around the corner to the right。

Suddenly have more people 😯 is a participant in the Minna shrimp festival!

The name of this street is "Yui shrimp Street"。Manma That's。

Come crowded more and more closer to the venue。Increase the number of stalls in the shoulder。We will proceed sew between the crowd is from around here。

Yui fishing port or left! Seems Yui Station of JR Tokai and straight。In other words、Confluence of here car and train。

When you pass through under guard

Harbor in front of the eyes! Let's take the slogan of the location of "It's an earthquake! 'S tsunami! It run away!" First to the left。Since there seems to beach of oysters and Shitaya immediately First from there。

Sakuraebisoba。Now and I wonder if you line up to eat! !

What this matrix ......

Resigned。I gave up because ...... here also crowded but I was trying to Yolo to the toilet 💡

Direct sale place is it seems to be a good night。Shrimp is seems to focus on buckwheat。Soryassokka Irya and can Andake matrix。

Ah、I not a previous advances from here。So back up to the slogan of "It's a tsunami! ..."、Let's go to the right direction of the venue!

It's something was really matrix can be seen。I'm still of person is that?

It was after all a person's matrix。Here it seems to end。Hmm? Present? ? Datte'm giving away at what gifts or heard When the shrimp free? ! Although I knew later、The shrimp festival of Yui by handing out gifts to four times a day for free、The two of them shrimp、And two more times raw Shirasu、That of the。I wonder there is no patience to line up in the ...... indeed this matrix Hmmm

Proceeding by me。This is of the Self-Defense Forces mascot character "Shizupon"。Title is、Head of Sales and cheerleader of the Self-Defense Forces Shizuoka regional cooperation headquarters。The children had to commemorate taken in conjunction with this。The body oranges。Both hands tea、Feet Toka means the black halves。Shrimp seems to me rushed to the support of the festival 🙂

Tanks were also there。This is also popular with children! In particular wonder if boys were many。To receive man after all this kind of is。

Finally arrived、Shrimp is the festival of the venue! ! It is arranged here for is the customer's paid 😉

Catching of fish。Children were playing。It's good like this experience。Ah ~、By the way, we are also doing experience on board of shrimp。Moreover, 200 yen fee only! ! Although a limit of more than elementary school students comes with、I enjoyed the sunny day。

The I poster of Yui Sakura is whether this guy! ! Was surrounded by popular at last we found 😀 children。Yui is the town loose of belonging characters Chamber of Commerce but、Or something are participating in the loose in cheeky characters Grand Prix。

You children are put something in the cheeks of Yui。It was this after commemorative photo。

It is a concert venue。Just it did place which is showing off a solo guitar song。Points that can be rest sitting in a little hot but chair。

I、It would be a great success? Also no wonder because visit many from outside the prefecture。What today of the estimated number of visitors seems to have been 70,000 people? ! The population of Yui is considering that I 8,500、About 8 times the people of the people who live Hey is not coming from outside 😯

I packed all-you-can corner? Tea aside、Great I shiitake mushroom filling all-you-can。

Landscape from Yui Port。- the body that was accustomed to busy day-to-day in the city is healed 😳

Ah、We are caught in a police car。The person who was looking to stop the car so that the concert is performed under that guard must have been done in Chukin。You know the feeling、Let's enjoy the shrimp festival properly observe the traffic rules!


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