Mihonomatsubara - Japan new Sankei、Japan's three one corner of the large Matsubara -

In June 2013, I visited Miho no Matsubara, which was registered as a constituent asset of Mt. Fuji World Cultural Heritage.。I came to Yui at the Sakura Shrimp Festival, so I decided to stop by 🙂

By the way, what is Miho no Matsubara?、Certified as one of Japan's three major Matsubara。Details of each are as follows。By the way, as a general common sense, the three most scenic spots in Japan are added.。

Japan's Three Great Matsubara Miho no Matsubara (Shizuoka) Niji no Matsubara (Saga) Kehi no Matsubara (Fukui)
New Three Views of Japan Miho no Matsubara (Shizuoka) Onuma (Hokkaido) Yema Creek (Oita)
Three most scenic spots in Japan Matsushima (Miyagi) Miyajima (Hiroshima) Amanohashidate (Kyoto)

Kehi no Matsubara (Kehi no Matsubara)、Yabakei is dangerous、I read!

The route I walked this time is the red line in the above figure.。The parking lot was full, so I decided to park it in a temporary parking lot.。Miho no Matsubara is very crowded、It is hopeless to stay in the parking lot closest to Matsubara 😐 If you have time, you may want to drive further to the other side of Kamagasaki。To the vicinity of Cape Fukiai。From there, Mt. Fuji looks bigger!

The temporary parking lot is free! It's a little far、There is a guide map like this。Let's head to Miho no Matsubara on the left。

Proceed through the residential area。Such a quiet residential area may be good。but、The influence of the building due to the sea breeze、Is the damage caused by the tsunami scary?。

It came out signboard。I'm worried about the path of God, but first of all, it's the main Miho Hagoromo pine.。Fold right!

If you cross that forest, you should have a magnificent view :lol: 

Enter the pine forest from here

Proceed through the pine forest、move on、move on! !!

A stone monument and something that looks like a square appeared。Now、What is the stone monument?

A stone monument written about Miho no Matsubara。It is written that Mrs. Eraines Juglaris of France flew around the world and performed and died at a young age.。Elaine was a Western dancer、The result of pursuing the ultimate dance art without getting tired of it、It seems that it was Japanese Noh that I arrived at。Then, aiming to complete "Hagoromo" that can be understood by the West、At the end, he collapsed while wearing a feather coat during the performance and died at the age of 35.。It is said that he kept thinking of Miho no Matsubara until he died、It ’s a very attractive place.。

Ryohei Suzuki once said on TV, "What is amazing to see is not a World Heritage Site.、What is amazing to know is a World Heritage Site! You said something like、By knowing, Miho's view of Matsubara will change completely.。

This is a shop。There are soba noodles and ramen。It feels like a complete set of noodles。

Contact、Is that in Suruga Bay?

After passing through the pine forest, the sandy beach spread all at once! Be careful not to get sand in your shoes.。

Each person has a great time on the beach。Some people are sitting、Some people take pictures、

Some people are playing with hang riders! Some people were fishing near the Tetrapod.。

Wow ... I can't see Mt. Fuji 😥 It's cloudy before I knew it。Hmm? But when you look closely, you can't see it。

Discover Mt. Fuji, which is faint and blurry! Mt. Fuji that can be seen clearly is also good、This kind of blurring is also nice!

Haguruma Shrine is on the coast。This seems to be the palace of Miho Shrine that will be visited later。The god who descended on the pine tree in Hagoromo heads for the shrine from here through the path of the god.。

When I return to the forest ... Wow、Great person。Just being registered as a World Heritage Site。If Senbonhamamichi in Numazu was registered as a World Heritage Site, it would be so crowded.。

A monument when it was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site。Of course English is supported。

Then walk the promenade to Kamagasaki。The child will guide you on the information board 😛

Which way should I go?。Then on the road of pine forest!

Hakushu Kitahara's poem。This person was also visiting here。

Follow the narrow path。People often use bicycle rental。There aren't many people here。Maybe everyone is on the sea road。

Also, Hakushu Kitahara's poem。And it seems that you can join the sea road from here。A little more to Kamagasaki!

There are a lot of white stickers on the pine。Guess something to manage the pine。Because it is registered as a World Heritage Site、I wonder if I have to make some kind of conservation plan。

Further narrow path。

Ah、toilet。Apparently I walked 500m from Hagoromo no Matsu。

arrival! Scenic spot Kamagasaki! It seems that Kamagasaki is a place where Fuji and pine trees are in beautiful harmony on the Hagoromo coast.。but、It's a little cloudy today and unfortunately I can't see Mt. Fuji clearly.。

Outline of the natural park and explanation of prohibited acts such as collection。

Let's follow the manners and go sightseeing。I mean。

Now in、This is the coastal area of ​​Kamagasaki。Let's go to the sandy beach!

Discover the angler!

I went up to Tetrapod。It was pretty big and I had a hard time 😮

Mt. Fuji from Tetrapod ... I want to call it, but it's cloudy than before and I can't see Mt. Fuji at all (laughs), so I gave up and returned to the pine forest.。Let's have a nice day when we visit next time。

Now、From here, head to Miho Shrine。It's easier to understand after returning to Hagoromo no Matsu.、Shortcut from here! This is the road behind the toilet。

It seems that this is Hagoromo East Park。

Go straight through the residential area。No longer pass by anyone。Just the back road。

500If you walk about m、Almost there! Torii of the shrine!

I'm arriving。This is the holy place where God is。

It is written as Miho Shrine。Is this the official name?。Generally it is Miho Shrine。

Well common description。The main deity is Takami Omi (Oonamuchinomikoto)。Takami Omi is the name of the god who first unified Japan in Izumo.。I was surprised that the famous god was enshrined so far.。

Let's go to the main shrine。

Eating and drinking is strictly prohibited。Good manners!

This is the main shrine。I put in a 5-yen coin and worshiped。

Well、Easy delivery、Is it not related to parenting or child treasure?。Through 🙄

Leave the shrine and return to Hagoromo no Matsu。On the way back from this god's way。It's on the right side。Don't walk in the middle。Because the center is where God walks。

Pine forest on both sides。There are some pine cones,、The caretaker was picking it up。I manage it carefully so as not to spoil the scenery.。

Cars are lining up。It looks like they are lined up to enter the parking lot。Is it better to use a temporary parking lot?

goal! Finally arrived Hagoromo no Matsu entrance。

The entrance on this side looks like this。There are various information boards。

Hagoromo Hotel。The hotel is right in front of Miho no Matsubara。The location is good

The entrance to Hagoromo no Matsu from the way of God。There is also a drinking fountain。

Now、Climb here to find the UNESCO monument! I walked quite a bit, but it was fun! I want to write an article about Mt. Fuji someday。

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