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United Kingdom is from this time。That the First still from London。

Heathrow Airport Speaking gateway to London。And was very notorious airports is that this Heathrow Airport。In particular、Dari series of refusal of entry、Or lost luggage、Correspondence is bad or etc ......

However、Very pound weakening of this visit to London in the middle of the Toka United Kingdom to euro leave! Although immigration had a premonition that it would have become loosely、In fact, this time entered the United Kingdom、Once to leave to Germany、2 days apart do not know that the re-entry immediately to the United Kingdom and schedule。It seems there is a tendency that the check is severe at the time of re-entry in this kind of short-term、A little pounding。We decided to prepare the answer in advance by assuming a lot of questions。

Since this time headed to London from Kazan、Airlines using the Russian Aeroflot。The airlines arrive and depart at Terminal 4 of Heathrow。Quite the way JAL、Good convenience because arrive and depart in Terminal 2 in the case of ANA。

Now、In nostalgic mood as the plane headed to Heathrow Airport。Is the country that I was studying because United Kingdom。Indeed the first time in 10 years。The or exciting has changed in any feeling 😀

Plane landed at the airport、It will head to immigration, but ......Far!

Divided into EU passport and the rest of the world from quite walking。Actually I'd like to put a photo、Unexpected sorry because it was shot ban。And、Came is your turn side by side in a matrix of immigration。

If you would like to from Conclusion、"You came what was to?" Unsatisfying ended ...... Heard question is "How many days to stay?" Or more。I guess would be the effect of the pound's depreciation。Immigration It was loose。

so、Here Terminal 4。The following 4 means to leave to London。

  1. taxi
  2. Heathrow Express
  3. subway
  4. bus

taxi、Heathrow Express、If you use the subway will go directly to London from Terminal 4。You must go to the central bus station which is once in Terminal 2 If you want to use the bus。Although the cheapest way is to be going because the subway from here even、To 1 night in the hotel once near Terminal 2 due to arrive late at night。Aimed at labeling of the Heathrow Express When you arrive at Terminal 4。

It landed on the platform using an elevator。In fact, the Heathrow Express。Use time and booking time、And charge or round-trip or one-way isDrasticallyto change!

First of all charges in the case of buying the usually、One way £ 25 (off-peak time zone £ 22)、Round trip £ 37。When you buy in the car without buying a ticket in advance £ 5 because it is plus to buy before you always ride。It should be noted、Peak time of the weekday "7am – 10am or 4pm – 7pm」。

A variety of discount is applied from here。To begin with、In the case of boarding during off-peak hours to more than a day、What book online one-way £ 15、The round trip will be £ 25!

further、14Day or more before、30Day or more before、90Day or more before、There are discounts and reserved。You can go in one way £ 5.5 at the maximum。For more informationHeathrow Express's official websiteA It has been refer。

Let's summarized in the following table (as of August 2017)

  Peak (one way) Peak (roundtrip) Off-peak hours (one way) Off-peak hours (round trip)
Normal 25 37 22 25
14Day or more before 16.50 12.10
30Day or more before 14.30 8.80
90Day or more before 12.10 5.50

※ unit amounts pound

※ peak time weekday "7am – 10am or 4pm – 7pm」

the reservationHeathrow Express of the official appBecause it is convenient to do with whether people plan to go London is not a loss should install。

Now、The next train after 12 minutes。Do not wait a little? A little hanging out to kill time the platform。

Yes。This is the terminal 4。

Platform in the non smoking。Electronic cigarette also seems to NG。Maybe because difficult to distinguish from ordinary tobacco、Whether such because there is also a thing of the nicotine-containing、can not understand。

Train came! Or all right but the left side of the light is turned off? What is written on the floor "MIND THE GAP"。But in the announcement may be referred to Watch your step meaning "Please be aware of the feet when the ride"。

The vehicle will pass。It looks beautiful in Rashiku limited express train。Let's boarding as a result of the train of the door is open。

Since this time is few people can take to clean the interior of the state。Seat in the reclining seat、Also it comes with a yellow seat cover at the head。

Here Luggage Storage。You have this kind of space it is also equipped with firmly because it assumes the movement from the airport。Except、Note that the lock is not applied as Toka Narita Express。Since the overseas there are many Sri、It would be better to their luggage had been sitting in the place glaring。

Of course, the toilet is also equipped。It Well it is a 15-minute less than be in London go to the city。

First class is from here。It is a paid area。It is fulfilled not get inside because it does not buy a ticket unfortunately。

It had arrived immediately to the Terminal 2。Here Terminal 2 and 3。Heathrow airport is there to Terminal 5、Only you're away, respectively 2 and 3 I have a close。

Toward the Central Bus Station (Central Bus Station)。By the way, the bus station is very close to the subway (London Underground)。

In the elevator If you have a large carry bag。Heathrow airport escalator is a carry bag ban。

Elevator is OK If all goes in the direction of the arrow that says "Please use lifts"

Ticket office as soon as the Heathrow Express and go up the elevator。Those who would like to go in the Heathrow Express to the city because there is still time regrettable to buy a ticket here、Let's go back to again platform。

Central bus station straight here。

Heathrow Express ticket purchase possible also in the automatic ticket vending machine。Tickets You can buy with a credit card is essentially a London。

Here is a branch point of Terminal 2 and Terminal 3。Central Bus Station turn left because it is in Terminal 2。It's seems to Europe that there is a chapel。Friendly making for those who of religion。

Take the moving walkway。It is quite far from here、It would use the sidewalk several times。

Here is the end of the communication passage。From here to the terminal 2。

It looks to the left subway。And here there is a soon turn to the right elevator goes up to the top and use it。

Ready-to-people of the bus waiting when the elevator opens Zurari! Would people probably use a late-night long-distance bus。Meantime look for the bus of the hotel bound to get out。

Bus that uses this time is this。People to stay in the vicinity of the airport is a good idea to examine the bus stop to get off in advance。Heathrow Airport bus、Then you do not know the name of the bus stop, which stops。Only a "hundred street" does not have a car guide。Also、Although from the airport to a certain extent is the fare is free、And when it is more than there would become a paid。The hotel in advance so that there is no Norisugoshi、Or towards the travel agency it would be a good idea to see where to get off and the number of bus。

Next time you go to the city by subway from Heathrow Airport。

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