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From the hotel's Heathrow Airport、Busy morning towards the Liverpool Virgin train at Euston Station in the morning 8。The kana Let's stop by at Buckingham Palace and Big Ben before that。

Breakfast is early asked to a simple breakfast at the hotel out。Riding on the front of the hotel bus to the central bus station。

Down to the basement to ride the elevator when you get to the bus station。

The UNDERGROUND But today was through yesterday become indebted。Proceed in the First to the ticket vending machines。

This is an automatic ticket vending machine。Normally I hope also bought a ticket to London、It is better to buy the Oyster card。Because、Oyster card it's something like a Suica as referred to in Japan、Is terrific discount rate。

For example,、If you from Heathrow Airport in Zone6 go to London in the Zone1、If you buy the ticket in cash £ but it 5.7、That's Oyster card £ 5。Slightly Furthermore, since the early morning's moves as of this time during off-peak hours £ 3。You do not have a hand you do not use this 🙂 with respect to feeLondon Underground's official websiteIn can be confirmed。

Moreover、In London it has decided upper limit value of the ticket price in one day、With the Oyster card、It is up to a certain fee but pay-as-you-go (that I pay by the amount of use)、How that also will be free with what times and later reaches a certain fee。further、Since the London bus is not possible to ride by paying cash in now、The only use the Oyster card。

What a 14-month-lingual? ! It switched to the Japanese display if English is not good person to touch the Japanese national flag of the monitor downward。And also wrong not to buy an ordinary ticket! On Oyster card you can buy with a credit card、Before returning home you can refund this automatic ticket vending machines。Always refund some people want to take home the Oyster card to Memorial。Since only the information in even if the refund disappears because you card itself Mochikaere。

after、While this I thought since I returned from abroad、It is a good idea to charge a little longer in the Oyster card。Because、Cash come back at the time of refund of the Oyster card。In other words、Simple ATM Once you have the emergency refund on the spot when the cash is needed。Moreover commission also does not take most、It can be directly cash the credit card、Like a good thing。It is a little trick :lol: 

Get off the platform。None that get lost on the train ride because it does not come only Piccadilly line to Heathrow Airport。

Here Heathrow Airport Terminal 1、2、3 Station。Softening miscellaneous?

Morning at 6 platform。We vacant。

The nearest station of Buckingham Palace I know Green Park station but、We will walk from the front of the Hyde Park Corner Station。The truth is no Unfortunately time this time I wanted to museum hopping off at South Kensington。It will ride much Well 18 station。About 1 hour。

We vacant As you can see。

Also free train。Ride was the is was a clean vehicle this time、I also ran the old vehicle of much older 7-seater。Glad to have mood minus the per softening。

Contact、Softening of interesting advertising discover 😀 "Which characters also include a only one station is not included in the word 'mackerel (mackerel)'?" The answer is thing called "St John's Wood."。Or because they omitted the Saint and St。Still, it is interesting I have only a few characters are used in almost all of the subway station name。

Hyde Park Corner arrival! The morning, yet are wet a little ground。Indeed the city of fog London。It is Naku' a way I thought!

Now、Route this red line passes through in this article (... I do not even as much as I root)。I like coming from the back of Buckingham Palace。The positional relationship of each of the attractions also tried to write for clarity。I Thames river that flows next to the Big Ben。

Immediately visible this monument out of the station is Machine Gun Corps Memorial。That's Japanese、Machine Gun Corps Memorial、Kana to become the? Alias ​​David boy (The Boy David)。In casualties of the monument of the machine gun corps of the First World War、It is David boy image of height 2.7m standing in the middle were killed in the war。

Here is the equestrian statue of Wellington generals。In the in office all war undefeated、Is the coach broke the famous Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo。Image of the generals be located in places in London、There is also in front of the Royal Exchange。When Why say whether Exchange、Toka because I prevent the market crash of government bonds by active during the war of Wellington generals。Tremendous influence 😯

so、Here is the Wellington Arch。It is the Arc de Triomphe for the previous Wellington generals。£ but it can also climb on top in about four、Indeed this time did not open 😥

New Zealand War Memorial is to have been built so as to block the sidewalk (New Zealand War Memorial)。New Zealand-born architect John Hardwick-Smith and sculptor、Which was produced by Paul Dibble。If you are symbolizes the New Zealand and United Kingdom bonds、Remember their native New Zealand people even while walking people、As English people remember ties with New Zealand、Dare Toka was built in the middle of the sidewalk。

Commonwealth Memorial Gates When this arrives in the Buckingham Palace from Constitution Hill (Commonwealth Memorial Gates)。The Buckingham Palace I'm there are three gates、I wonder if the most famous of the Admiralty Arch (Admiralty Arch)。Maybe a place not visited so much tourists。

You are here map。Place where the left edge of the Green Park is now。Go straight to Constitution Hill from here will head to Buckingham Palace。Distance kana 1 km little。In fact, a little hard because the trailing purr a suitcase 🙁

Looks toward immediate left into the palace of the premises the Royal Air Force Bomber Command Memorial (RAF Bomber Command Memorial)。RAF is The Royal Air Force stands for。World War II at the time of the 55,573 people who were killed during the mission crew of the monument。Canada not only English people in the victim、Czechoslovakia、Toka is also included crew members, such as Poland。I wonder there are many monuments on around here is war。

Intently straight ahead on the sidewalk。Without hesitation because it is straight, tree-lined avenue。Fallen leaves have littered on the ground since the morning。Perhaps people of cleaning would to clean up during the day 🙂

Green Park to be wrapped in the morning of fresh air。Hitokko unexpected not have one person。It will calm me this kind of landscape。Fall into like a entered into a story illusion。

Finally arriving Buckingham Palace! Buckingham Palace in the UK of the head of state's residence、7Like the general public is being carried out is limited to the period of September 24 days from 26 days a month。When I visited did not put Unfortunately, because it was November。

The image that exudes a good feeling steeped in Asahi。Queen Victoria monument that before have been built in the Rotary palace(Queen Victoria Memorial)。Queen Victoria、1837Year from June 20 until January 22, 1901 is known as the Queen of the reign was the UK's most glorious era as the Queen of England。Golden statue means a victory、The foot of the statue, it has means courage and loyalty。

Overall view of Buckingham Palace。Have stained the thin red purple was to take photos in just a good feeling。I wonder the picturesque 😉

How you can wanted to take also photos from the opposite side、Medium 's Do not cross not。I found finally the crosswalk!

This is probably the best shot angle。Palace is a palace as seen from the front yard。Here Hey is why the famous Changing of the Guard formula is carried out。


Buckingham Palace ~ of ~ night

So much trouble that even in the night of Buckingham Palace here。London is a poor decent security night、Especially near the palace I think not so much come because the pedestrian traffic is small。Here is on the main gate Admiralty Arch near Buckingham Palace monument。

Light-up Buckingham Palace! Time is It is about 0:00 of midnight。It was pretty scary to be honest(Lol)Actually it provides Show me your passport to suspicious disguised as a police officer Black、Toka Show me the contents of the wallet、Was or been told that strange 😐

Next time I think I want to go from here to Big Ben!


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