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Victoria Station from Buckingham Palace、Westminster Cathedral、And via the Westminster Abbey will head to the Elizabeth Tower。Although it may be some people unfamiliar because Elizabeth Tower、I think it can be understood hear that Big Ben。2012Elizabeth II's reign official name to the 60 anniversary of the year has been changed to Elizabeth Tower from Big Ben。

That from Buckingham Palace toward the Big Ben through the Westminster Cathedral。If you want around the place was the main London、Across the street from Buckingham Palace to Piccadilly Circus、Leicester Square、It may help to go to Big Ben through the Covent Garden。But、This time, the I guess I should go to the south side of London to the main。It is also less time because they must ride in the 8 o'clock train、Yes because quite around hard I south side even think of trying to keep to go to one of the now。

From Buckingham Palace south of the spool-loaded into the palace grounds outside。We will walk along the right side of the road to the palace。Straight ahead until the end of the road turn left at the breccias advertising Place Street started to come across the boulevard。

Turn left this scenery is visible。By the way, here is which is the maximum of the Terminal Station Victoria Station entrance London。

Cardinal Place entrance。Business hours are 9:00Not yet store is open because from。The Tteyuu Cardinal Place、3That of office buildings and shopping district of commercial comprehensive facility that is configured from One of the building。51,000Against m² office district、9,300M² of commercial premises、What construction cost is 200 million lbs! ! And was built in 2005, it has been in good condition unbelievably。

Well Innovation we will go to here of the direction 🙂

Nostalgic and vodafone! Predecessor Ya ne of you know J- Phone。Carriers disappeared almost a figure from the country in order to Softbank's acquisition of J- phone in Japan。Still it is active in Europe。Just really London ♪ in crowded Ballmer London bus


Cardinal Place seems to each building is connected by a corridor。Even so, I wonder lonely anyone without a vibrant because no 😥 and turn around behind the ......

Westminster Cathedral。Not 's temple is the "Cathedral"!

Head temple this length ーーーー have tower (the name I St. Edward tower) is characteristic of the UK Catholic Church。Inside the arch is a beautiful Byzantine style。Business hours are 9:30Since the put not ...... but、In fact, I so had studied in previous United Kingdom Have you ever entered into at that time 😛

Admission is free。It's parents was also wearing a hat in together at that time、The man was told to remove the hat。Apparently、Like not a man unless remove the hat in the UK Catholic in the Cathedral。after、5, you can climb to the St. Edward tower height of 83m by paying pounds。

Directed to this destination Elizabeth Tower and after the Westminster Cathedral ('m not a temple!)。That on the other side just across the street”House of Fraser”British department store that。Relatively reasonable places like John Lewis Toka Toka Debenamuzu like a young man was also on target。Well, now the time is of course open Masen

Purring pull while about 5 minutes a suitcase。Oh Aa Ferris wheel can be seen! Whether there is not a London Eye? !

Arrived at Parliament Square。Westminster Abbey, which has finally come! Not 's Cathedral is the "temple"! The Westminster Abbey and the earlier of Westminster Cathedral、And Palace of Westminster Houses of Parliament and purchase decisions in mind that all of different things。

This temple is against the Gothic style、Previous Cathedral Byzantine style, such as、Many different things、Furthermore, since the Westminster Abbey is a temple of the UK church、Completely different from the United Kingdom is the head temple of the Catholic Westminster Cathedral。If you make a mistake it is scolded for those eager Muslim 😆

Another angle。And quite whether it can be seen that it has continued in the back。

Westminster Abbey is、Along with the Palace of Westminster has been a World Heritage Site。Venerable place where coronation and the Royal wedding of the king is carried out。Successive kings and Newton、If there is a tombstone, such as Shakespeare、It is that there is a great honor to be buried here。

In fact, completely financially independent management。In other words、Ise Shrine something like that referred to in Japan that have not received any assistance from the country and the Church of England。Since the admission fee of 20 pounds (2017 current:60Years of age or older、student、Family discount available) and fairly your high How can please give paid not spared 😀

It should be noted、In advance if you're going to admission ifOnline ticketSeems a good idea to buy the。Need I do not because there is a risk that lined up in the ticket purchase it's around noon And the weekends and efficiently buy weekdays。

This is adjacent to the temple of St. Margaret's Church。Here that Winston Churchill was wedding。Toka's popular blue stained glass tourists in and watch。This is by all means the person who is your time so put free。Because Some fine people who are resting lying down in the church before the lawn。

Here Parliament Square as the beginning of this Lincoln、Nelson Mandela、Mahatma Gandhi、Winston Churchill, etc.、A lot of bronze statue of the great man! Winston Churchill image is not oriented in the direction of Parliament、Great image from which eleven are installed counterclockwise。In fact Toka's first woman scheduled to image is added here to Millicent Garrett Fawcett in 2018 (Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett)。The person who was instrumental in women's suffrage、People Raicho Hiratsuka like a say in Japan。

It should be noted、right now、Since Nelson Mandela of removal is being discussed、I might soon no longer possibly。

Elizabeth Tower that star performer appeared Big Ben! The world famous Houses of Parliament and the clock tower in the United Kingdom of attractions that everyone knows。The time is 7:40So pedestrian traffic is small。We have guards that Katsui the gun is the gatekeeper。Scary 😥

This watch, such as the small bell is made every 15 minutes、Bell is a mechanism in every hour。And it begins with the familiar "Keane corn Khan corn ......" in the classroom chime of schools in the song to become a noon Japan "Westminster bell"。Probably the most familiar classical music for the Japanese。 

There is Victoria Tower。Ah、Or Big Ben's was supposed to be unified to the Queen of the name in the Victoria Tower and Elizabeth Tower in that it has renamed the Elizabeth Tower 🙄 In fact, now the name in 1900 before I was was the name I this Victoria tower even before King Tower you went become。

UK Parliament is not extend to the north and south along the River Thames、The north side of the Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) House of Representatives on the side of assembly hall、Senate assembly hall has been placed on the south side。

that? A lot of strange black clothes。I wonder what are you doing?

Black clothes to fill the road。There was no time to ask a question but unfortunately as it is to the nearest station of Westminster station。Here the station was very to walk with a suitcase because there is no slope on the up-and-down is intense 🙁

Now、Also come you is this a temporary farewell this time。It should be noted、Since the meet again in the next article and black clothes us spoilers at that time!

Elizabeth Tower-of-night

Although it introduced in at a later date of the article、Night London。Time is 23:30I think that was around。Is light up I'm beautiful because security is not very good walking around at night in moderation。

Next time will head to Liverpool from Euston Station。


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